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The Cynthia (Bragdon) Cameron collection

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Receipt for purchase by Masters Martin and Perkins 1800


februry 17 day 1800
Master Marton and pirkins dr

to me for work I began the 17 day of february the first weak was 5 days 5
febury the 24 day that that weak I was 6 day6
march 4 day that wak I was thear 5 days5
march 10th that weak6
march 17 day the weak5
march 24 that weak6
march 31 I sed till the first2
march the 1 day 1800
conduct to 2 crowns
march 8 day 1 dalor6.0
march 14th one dalor6.0
march 29 to cask5.0.0


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