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The Cynthia (Bragdon) Cameron collection

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Note from Adam Boyd regarding payment to Wesley Burnham, Jr., 1802


June 10, 1802David Story Dr. [debtor] we we setled the was 5 dolars and 75 sents Iow [owed] to me5.75
August 11to goeain to town for you after plank 2/ dolars2.00
to halin tim [timber] to the prige [bridge] three load2.00
to one day helpin put your freams [frames] abord of Captian sire Burnham2.06
June 20, 1802Jonathan Story 4[th] when we rakined oup reconed up] found Iow [owed] to me 2 dolars2.00
to one loag [log] you had after wards hid 3/.50
to Goean to the hamblet [Hamilton]1.17
to halin the cea[--] oup to paw B-.17
Decemmber 13Credet for beaf3.85


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