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The Cynthia (Bragdon) Cameron collection

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Receipt for labor by Adam Boyd, 1801


1801 Adam boyd Dr. [debtor]
[wor]k at 2/6 a day5.0
holin two load of bords and plank [--] mil to your hous 3/ a lod6.0
to 1 days work soin [sowing?] 4/4.0
day to 1½ days work 3/
to 3 days work 3/9.0
July 12 day 1801[an]d bords that we brot from [--] haf min [half mine]
[hoghead] of fatt that we left to the [--] min
and 4 tubs and 2 berels [--] with one head you bored to the [--]
[--] that Calep [Caleb] sold with oil [--] haf you are to pea [pay] me
goean [going] to Newbery haf you are [--] for 3/6
bie Cages you and Tery Braiand[?]
fish[?] that we left to the Est. [--] 13 berells haf min
of the boundy[?] is 5 dalers
April 23 1801Credet to Adam boyd
to pick to due the boat
[--] for the boat masts 1/6
to ½ bushel of soult[?] at 1 doler a bushel


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