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The Cynthia (Bragdon) Cameron collection

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Receipt for James Burnham, 1802


August 10 day year 1802 James Bur[nham] dr.

to my self and oxen and amt halin in load from the meder [--]rain4.0
to oxen and and cart and d[--]
to holl [--we] load from the meder30.0
to oxen one day and cart you had your self to hall hea from medew
to hog a goen in the marsh0.10.0
to hors a goean in in the marsh0.20.0
to 1 days work with your Crousa[?]0.0.0
to one haf day you cow in the marsh1.0.0
Credet to James Bur
to 2½ days work in the feald 4 shilins a day1.6.8
to one day in the marsh   6.8


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