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The Cynthia (Bragdon) Cameron collection

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Receipt from Abel Low, probably for Wesly Burnham, 1808


to half bushel meall quarter tee [¼ lb tea] 2 year to balance.76
to 1 lb butter 1 quarter peper 1 quart mollas..34
to cheses 2 lb half at 11 cent a pond.27
to cash 50 cent.50
to 1 quart mollas halfe pond candels.23
to 3 lb half shuge [sugar] half dozen eggs.41
to 1 quart mollas 1 pint rum 1 yeard tobaco.26
to 1 pint n rum.13
to 1 lb and half yearn14.00
to 1 lb buter yeard tobaco bread.25
to 1 peak maeall 2 quarts mollas 1 quarter tee.84
to 3 half lb floere half dozen eggs[--]
to half bushel corn at 4/6 half lb butter [--][--]
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May 17th 1808 Mr Able Low
floer 3 lb half beared 6 cents.23
new rum 1 pint pins tootaeto[?] 4 cent .12
half lb coffee 1 lb butter two lb half beef.41
3lb half chees beard [bread?] 8 cent.31
to 2 quart molleses yeard tobaco.90
to 1 lb butter quarter tee yeard tobaco beard.48
floer 3 lb half quarter [lb] sulfer.17
1 quarte mollese 15 cent beard 8 cent.23
to 2 yeards cloth 2 quats molleses2.00
to 2 [--] endego [dye].50
to meal 3 half lb suger half dozen eggs.55
to on pint of rum.50
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to 1 quart moles to 1 lb buter.25
to flnel[?] that Lucy had 10/101.80
to 1 lb shuger 2 quarts 4 lb pork.95
to half lb butter
to 1 pound of candles .20
and batens.13
to one pint of N rum.09
to 1 lb and half buter to cash 1 doler1.18
to 1 quarter tee 1 yeard tobaco.23
to 10 pound of pork at 8 cents a pound.80
to 2 pints of molases.25
to one foot of wood.83
caffea thirty 31 sents.31
½ cord of wood [struck out].80


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