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The Cynthia (Bragdon) Cameron collection

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Receipt from Steven Boardman for purchases by Wesley Burnham Jr., 1807


Nov 3 1807 Steven Bordman Dr W-B-Jr [Wesley Burnham Jr]

to goeon to mill to Jesse Burnham.11
Nov 5 dayto ½ days work.40
Nov 7 dayto one days work sickles afers[?].78
Nov 20 dayto 12 bushels of sand at 4 sents bus.50
to ½ days work.40
to mendin basket.12
December 8 dayto cillin your pige.25
Dec 24 dayto sawin wood and cutin out your beef and sum things als [else].75
to goeon down to Mr hardes [Hardy's] for you.17
to fishin your gun from town and and arent that you sent two   .25
April 5 day 1808to ½ days work.33
to a basket you had.25
to helpin cilin your hog.25
April 14 dayto one dyas work.67
May 112to one days work bildin waf [wharf].75
to a p cant ax a days work 40 sents  .40
[back of page]5.95
Janury 4 1809to cillin your pig.29
to putin to bords round the shop
and putin oup the pool [pole] to hang hive on.32


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