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The Cynthia (Bragdon) Cameron collection

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Receipt for Steven Boardman, 1807


Nov 3, 1807 Steven Bordman Dr

to goean to mil to Josea Burnham.17
Nov 5to ½ day work.40
Nov 20to 12 bushels of sand at 4 S a bushel.50
Nov 7to one days work to seckles apear.73
to a ½ days work.40
to mendin a basket.12
[-- day killing your] pig
to sowin [sawing] wood and [--]
and sum other things els
to goeain down to Mr Hardeas [Hardy's] after beef.17
to fishing your gun from town and
a arent [errand] I did for you
April 9 day 18083.74
to ½ days work.33
to haf bushel basket you had.25
to helpin cill your hog.25
April 14 dayto one days work.67
May 12to one days work waol [wall?] to the Eaind
of the shop and leain the brig
to 2/3 of a day work.40
Jan 4 day 1809to cillin your pig.29
to putin bords round the shop and
putin the paul [pawl] oup to hang hids on
Janury 28to ½ days work a makin a lader.25
to one days work a sawin wood cordin wood.50
to makin two potheads and hog[--].12
to cordin oup wood.25
[--] days ½ days work
[reverse side of page]
Mar 27to one days work sawin wood.50
April 12 dayto ½ days.33
May 19,20to two days work1.34
Sep 12 dayto ½ days work a digen tators 4/ S .33
Sep 20 dayto one days work a pickin aples.67
Sep 26to makin sider cleain out your well.67
helpin home the sider and beatin out
flax sead and help spread the flax
Nov 4to cilin your pig.25
Nov 16 dayhoul roks one day.90
Nov 17to ½ days work.29
Nov 22to one days work leasin[?] roks.42
Nov 29to sekely apears.33
Dec 23to one days work on flax.42
Dec 26to one days work on flax.42
Dec 27to 1 days work on flax.42
Jan 5, 1810to one days work on your flax.42
to cash I let you have at your shop.50
to cash I let you have towords the boots.30
to weaven four yeard of cotin woolin
at 6 pence a yard
[--] of [--] thread.83


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