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The Cynthia (Bragdon) Cameron collection

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Bill to Wesly Burnham 2nd from Mr. Boardman for shoes


Mr Westerly Burnham 2d to Mr. Boardman Dr

1807to mending one pr of shoes over look when we recond$ 0.46.0
Sept 10to making one pr cloath I had alls & tho[?].75.0
16to mending one pr shoes for wife.29.0
Oct 10to mending boots 3/9d.62.5
Nov 14to one pr shoes 11/1.83.3
17to one pr shoes for him.83.0
Jany 2 1808mend one pr girls shoes.25.0
mending one pr shoes for wife  .40
February 1mending one pr for yourself 3/.50.0
May 10to pork 1/10.30.0
13one pr tops for your wifes shoes.17.0
July 20taping & laying one shoe.30.0
August 1to mending one shoe.20.0
11to one pr for your wife1.50.0
Sept 13one pr of shoes for yourself  1.75.0
7 15 his accompts was  7.15.0
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Contra Cn
Sept 10 1807by weaving [--]$ 00.33.0
Nov 5by going to mill to [--] and ½ day work
by [--]ing pig
Dec 7by one day work
20by ten bushels of sand 4 ct.40.0
Janry 2d 1808by half day work .20.0
May 5by half day work
by half day work
December 5by cash of Abel Low 9/
January 3 1809by killing my pig
due on this3.00
to sundries per bill3.46
to sundries per bill 8.34
Wesly Burnham 2d th[--] bill


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