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The Cynthia (Bragdon) Cameron collection

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Bill from Capt. Jonathan Story, 1807


Credet to Captin Jonathan Story March 17, 1807
to 1½ bushel of petteors at 2/ shilins a bushel0.50
to one yoke of oxen haf day.20
to one lood of wood for pluging your boat2.50
to one bushel of corn at one doler a bushel1.00
Janury 4 day 1808to ½ bushel of corn at one doler a bushel0.50
to five foot of pin wood at 22 shilins cord2.22
Jan 25to a sheep 15 shilins2.50
Febury 2to one lood of pin wood we called2.25
Febury 8to one lood of pine wood Mr pirknes had2.25
feb 15to ½ bushel of corn at 1 doler a bushel0.50
feb 25to one lood of pin wood2.33
to ½ bushel of petteors0.17
Mar 14to one lood of pin wood2.50
to 2 pound of pork at 14 sents a pound0.28
April 2to ½ bushel of petteas0.17
to five foot of wood Mr pirknes had2.22
Ap 3to ½ bushel of corn0.50
April 19to ½ bushel of petteors.17
May 6 dayto your team a haf day0.83
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Cpt Jonathen Story Dr
March 17 1807to goen over the pound with you one day.50
to makin your masts one day.67
to cilin 2 hoag2 and makin a main bom.67
to makin plugs and pluging your boat2.50
to seven days and ½ work at Cape an
at 4 shilin a day
April 19 1808for 49 days work in the winter at 9 dolers a month9.34
to 3 days work after rok weed the hull [whole] is 18.75


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