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The Cynthia (Bragdon) Cameron collection

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Receipt from Enoch Low to Wesly Burnham Jr. for purchases, 1810-1811


June 6th 1810 Wesley Burnham Junior Dr.

to 14 lb of fish 3s/.50
28thto 1 pint of rum /7d.10
July 20thto 1 glas of rum /2d.03
August 2to 7 lb of coffee 1/6.25
20thto 1 jug /6d.08
Sept 2to ¼ lb [--]lum /3d to gil of rum /3d tobacco 1.09
to 7 lb of floure 2/8.44
10to one skain of cotton yarn /9d to 4 nedles /2d.14½
13to one gill of rum /3d tobacco 1 cent 1.05
to one gil of rum /2d to pint of rum /7d.13
Oct 2tp ¼ lb of tea 1/4 to ½ lb of cotton @ 1/4d.56
to making a ring for a bottle.16
29thto 1 pint of rum of rum /7.10
to 3½ of floure.22½
Dec 7to bread /9d   .12½
18to one pint of rum /7d to /3d cents of rum tobacco.14
January 22 1811to 11 lb of sparib [spare ribs?] /5d per lb.77
26to ¼ lb of tea 1/2d 1 pint of rum /7d.30
Feb 161 pint of rum /7d 1 file /9.22½
½ pint of rum /3d.05
To meding a pair of ton[--] 1s 1 pint of rum /7d   .18
to rum and sum tings 6 ¼ pints chalk /9d.34
to ¼ bushel of beans 3/4d   .62
Received pay for this bil [signed] Enoch Low April 26, 1811


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