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The Cynthia (Bragdon) Cameron collection

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Bill to Moses and Francis Marshall for mariner's wages, 1810


Ipswich March 20 day 1810
Mr Moses and Francises Mashalls Dr to me for eight monthes work abord the sloop alirt a costin [coasting] bisness we begun the 20 day march for 16 dalors a month till the 4 day of June and then 18 dalers till the 10 day of September and then 15 dalers till dan gaean [going] theat was the 20 day of November.
the hull [whole] of my weages came to one hundred and twenty six dolers and fifty sents


December 12 day 1810 credet to Moses and francises Mashals fifty two dalers and 73 sents

daw to me73.83


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