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The Cynthia (Bragdon) Cameron collection

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Receipt from Moses & Francis Marshall, about 1805


Eight lb pork1.93
to cash2.00
to cash.07
to cash3.00
to cash.25
to cash paid porietors [proprietors]1.68
to cash20.00
to cash.25
to twenty one ln beef 7½1.57
to cash.75
to brandy.80
to cash.12
to cash1.12½
to one kittle .25.25
to cash.33
to cash6.00
to cash2.00
to four bushels corn 90 ea3.60
to washing.12
to cash3.00
to beef1.00
to horse and shoes.75
to tin ware.60
to washing.14
to cash.50
to washing a shirt.08
to cash1.00
to hosptle[?] money1.60
to one ouder[?] from your wife   5.00


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