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The Cynthia (Bragdon) Cameron collection

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Bill from Adam Cogswell to Wesly Burnham Jr.


Adam Cogswell Dr [debtor] W. B. Jr

the calf I ciled at 1/6 apeas
2 calf you had at widdow Betsy Story.50
2 calf you had of Parker Burnham .50
and I had to goea and git them both.16
2 calf Ben Burnham and I had to goea and git them both.66
1 calf you had of the widday Deborah Burnham.25
12 lambs you brote the fust tim
12 the 2 time that I biled
9 the 4 time you com and drove away the[m] out of the 12 three of them
3 lambs I cild the widdow Deakens
for cilling lambs I ask 7/ pence apeas


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