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The Cynthia (Bragdon) Cameron collection

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Credits to Moses and Francis Marshall, 1810


Moses [&] Frances Mashels credet 1810

April 4 daycredet to cash4.00
Ap 15to 8 pounds of pork 1 shilin pound1.33
to 6 cakes of bread at 1½ cake.08
May 23 dalers in cash3.00
to cash.25
to washin 1 shirt.06
June 2credet to cash20.00
June 4to cash.25
June 13credet to cash homes.75
cash pade caneback.80
to washin one shirt.06
July 12cridet to cash6.00
pade Mr Homes for shoes1.00
to 20 pounds of beef 8 pound1.60
to 4 bushels of corn3.50
to cash let me have3.00
to cash lete me hav1.00
[reverse side of page]
to 2 qurts of sider I pade to bath.17
to 12 sents pade for milk to packens flats.12
to 2/6 dr to me for work I did to bath on clabers[?].42
to 75/ dr to to me Norton.75
42 capen.42


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