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The Cynthia (Bragdon) Cameron collection

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Credits and Debits for Wesly Burnham Jr.


[written in left margin] this is [--] to me Wesley Burnham Jr
Gorge Norton Dr to Danel one day and oxen one day
David Burn[ham] Jr dr to my self one day and oxen one day
Benjamin Bur[nham] dr to oxen one day
Jessi Story dr to 1 day myself and oxen one day
Jacob Bur[nham] dr to 2 days and 1/3 of a day and 1/2 a day you had the oxen
Wesly Burn[ham] dr to me one day and the oxen one day steairs[?] one day and plow 2 days dr to Daniel one day

[reverse side of page]
[written in margin] this is due a to these names from me Wesly Burnham Jr
Jessa Story cr to your oxen and cart one day and hous [horse] one day
David Burn[ham] Jr cr to your oxen 2 days and hous 3 ouears [hours]
Jorge Norton cr to oxen and danel one day and plouea one day
Credet to picked[?] 2 days and stears 2 days
Benjamin Bur[nham] cr to plow one day
Cr to Rory to Jesea Story ½ day
cr to Jacob Burnham for oxen 2 ours
credet to Iacch[--] Burnham for cart and oxen ¼ of a day


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