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The Cynthia (Bragdon) Cameron collection

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List of creditors


I wrote this in bushels one and sow to those names
[note in margin] this I had gave to ous[.] I codent thrat that ther was so g[--]d to me and sow sorrow for my lous and trouble that I met with[.] I thank them and that is all that I can doe.

one bushel
Danel Burnam1
Moses Foster1
Isaac Elon½ centle of fish
Nathan Bur[nham]½
Assa Low½
Zacchus Cogsel1
Mark Bur[nham]cash 1 doler
Nathel Homes1
Benjamin Andrews½
John Smith1
Jacob Burnam1
Jacob Cog[w] ell1
David Burnam1
Jacob Andrews½ 1/3
Danel Wheler1
Sier Burnam1
Joseph Story½ 1/3
Parker Bur[nham]1
Benjamin Bur[nham]1
Sier Poland1
Mr Mears½
Isaac Wooure[?]½


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