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The Cynthia (Bragdon) Cameron collection

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Shipping record of Wesly Burnham Jr., 1804


[Left side of page]
July 1 day we sat ou[--] for home and got [--] the river the 2d day
3 day we went out [--] the wind SW
6 day we got home to Cape ann
July 10 day we went out for Canaback [Kennebec] 12 day we goot thre the 14 day and got oup to Cobsea the we[--] loded 1100 bords 2000 shin [shingles] 2000 clabords 15 day out for hom we went out the 18 day and got thr 19 day
[Right side of page]
Abel Low / [--] to days work I lost [--] the
Wesly Burnham Jr his hand / steal not this book for fear of shame for hear I stand the [--] name WB Jr / April 1804
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April the 27 day / I went to work this [--] for Mr Abil Low
[Right side of page]
we sald the 3 day of May / [--] com hom 18 day the first trip [--] nerry greagus[?]
[--] trip we sald the 22 day May [--]gaset fouls and com ho 4 day of June we brout 1150 bords and 1900 thous shingles
we saled the 7 day June to Wisgaset fols we got there the 9 day we came home the 18 day brot 1300 [bord] 1900 thousand shiling
[--] we sat 25 June out cape to wisgaset. we got in 26 and got oup to the fouls [Falls] the 27 day.


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