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The Cynthia (Bragdon) Cameron collection

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Letter from Hannah Burnham to her husband, Wesly Burnham, Jr.


August the 6th day
Kin and loving husband I emberes [embrace] this oppertunety to rite to you hoping thes lines will find you well as thea[?] leve me now I heard you was well lest weeke but you did not send me a leter and I thote you wold think heard [hard] if I did not send you one but I head [had] no paper without stiling [stealing.] our frinds are well[.] I hope you will not forget me but doo r[ite] me the frist chance you have[.] I hope you are more comosed [composed] in mind then you was wene you wes at home we must think for the best and striv to live contend [contented] if we cean [can.] I have nothing new to rite and so no more at present but I remene your loving wife till death Hannah Burnem of Ipswich


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