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Essex, Mass. - Vital Records - Deaths

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Vital Records Index - Death Surnames (1843 - 1855)

    Index of Deaths
  1. Surnames
  2. Names
  3. Parents
  4. Places

Allen Clancy Godfry Horsfield McKenzie Procter
Andrews Cogswell Goldsmith Jerrett Mears Richardson
Annable Cole Goodhue Kinsman Morgan Riggs
Blood Connelly Gorton Knowlton Noble Robinson
Boardman Crowell Gosby Lakeman Norten Rook
Bowers Day Gray Landall Nutter Runlett
Boyd Dennin Griggs Langdell Parrey Runnels
Brown Dodge Guppy Laramoore Peirce Sargent
Burnham Emerson Ham Lee Percival Shelden
Burris Eveleth Hardy Loveland Perkins Snow
Butler Farley Harlow Low Pickett Stone
Butman Foster Haskell Lufkin Poland Story
Callahan Frisbee Hayden Lynch Pray Synett
Carey Gage Holmes Marshall Prince Wells
Choate Giddings Hooper

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