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Essex, Mass. - Vital Records - Marriages

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Vital Records Index - Marriage Surnames (1843 - 1854)

    Index of Marriages
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Aikens Cole Griffin Kimball Moody Shute
Allen Crafts Griggs Kinsman Morse Smith
Andrews Dodge Hardy Knight Noble Spaulding
Annibal Edwards Harvey Knowlton Norten Spofford
Bergen Farnell Haskell Lakeman Nutter Stanwood
Blowers Farnum Herrick Landall Osborn Story
Boyd Fealds Hill Lane Parry Tibbits
Bray Foster Holmes Lee Pearson Troy
Braynard Friend Hooper Littlefield Perkins Tuck
Brown Giddings Howes Lombard Poland Tucker
Burnham Giles Huntoon Loveland Procter Wade
Butler Goldthwait Jackson Low Quinby Watts
Butman Goodhue Jeffs Lufkin Richardson White
Choate Gorten Jenkins Marshall Riggs Whitehouse
Claibourne Gott Jewett McKenzie Sargent Wiggin
Clifford Grant Johnson Mears Shepherd Young
Cogswell Gray

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