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Old Burial Hill in Hanson

This is an excerpt from a typed document regarding the history of Hanson, which was written in preparation of the sesquicentennial celebration in Hanson (1970). The document can be found in the Historical room of the Hanson Public Library.  This selection that I have transcribed regards the smaller cemeteries in Hanson, with special note of some of the small family plots scattered throughout the town.  It notes several graves which are no longer in existence, and also some burial plots that have no markers and may have been forgotten.

Old Burial Hill in Hanson (Cont.)

                It is also said that in the earliest times, folks used to bury their deceased relatives on their farms, there being no cemeteries laid out for public use. In winter they would use palces dug out of a hill and stoned up. The bodies were laced therein until they would be taken out and buried in their private burial ground.
                Small private burial lots are still seen in and about town but not used. One is on a knoll at the bend on the road just west of Poor Meadow Brook. It is thought to have been connected with the community church, built in 1788, just across the road. Stones in this old cemetery are on the “Crystal Springs” farm owned (1960) by E. Allen Anderson.

                                                Died             Age
Miss Drusilla Hobart                March 3, 1793        16 yrs. 11 mo.
Isaac Hobart                June 12, 1832
George C. Hobart        June 30, 1826        1 mo. 5 days
Thomas Hobart            1794
Jane Hobart                    Oct. 15, 1797        65 yrs. 9 mo.
Joseph H. Harding            July 22, 1852        2 yrs. 13 days
Alpheus C. Harding        July 4, 1879        58 yrs. 1 mo. 20 d.
Hannah C. Harding        Jan. 29, 1899        75 yrs. 6 mo. 5 d.
Barzilla E. Rider            Sept. 8, 1825        4 yrs. 4 mo. 21 d.
Ezra Rider                        Oct. 28, 1826        43 yrs.
Mary Foster (Mrs.)            July 18, 1826        26 yrs.
Elisher D. Sherman            Oct. 21, 1832        68 yrs.
Ruth D. Sherman (Mrs.)    Oct. 4, 1836        74 yrs.

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Old Burial Hill in Hanson (Cont.)

            Another is found between the railroad tracks and the houses on Main Street, about in the rear of the late Elliot Wade place. It was called the Monroe private burying ground, originally in an open field surrounded by a heavy dense forest of pine trees and the burial place of the wife of Henry Munroe, Sr., who with several children died of smallpox in 1759. Later half an acre was appropriated for the use of inhabitants of the vicinity. George Munroe died 1820; Mary Munroe, wife of George, died 1839; Benjamin Munroe died 1824; Abigail, wife of Benjamin, died 1836. This cemetery was also used by the Bisbees. The last person to be buried here was Mr. Cyphus Howard, the father of Channing Howard who owned a store in Bryantville.
            Another small private lot is on Hudson Street, Halifax, and is near the road, on a corner of the field once owned by Cyrus Monroe.
            Still another was located on Franklin Street, just north of the Pox House R.R. crossing on the right-hand side. A house used to stand in this vicinity many years ago called the pox house where small-pox patients were cared for. Those who died of the dread disease were hastily buried to prevent the spread of the plague.
            On Indian Head Street, quite a distance from the highway, in a field, only a short distance from Maquan Pond is the Howland Cemetery. This private plot once used for a burying

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ground by old settlers that lived nearby. There are three stones in a pine grove - all in good condition.

                                                                Died      Age
Lewis Howland                                       1846      40 years
Pamelia, widow of Lewis Howland        1869      64 years
Susan F., daughter of the above               1866      16 years

             On Main Street to the right, almost in Bryantville Square, are two tombs where the members of the old-time Thomas families used to be interred many years ago. Since the public burying grounds have been establishd, these tombs are no longer of any use.
                                                    Died      Age
Rebecca Thomas, born 1810      1879
Marcus Thomas                           1881     71 yrs.
Louisa, their daughter                  1904     70 yrs.
Levi Thomas Tomb 1832
Lydia, his wife
Children: Sally, Levi, Heman, Marcus, Nathaniel, Thatcher, Elija, Benjamin

          The Stetson Cemetery near the railroad at the Walter Estes Bog is in poor condition. There are few slates in an upright condition and the entire area shows the result of reckless destructiveness. The oldest grave is:
                                                        Died         Age
Jacob Chapman died of small pox   1777
John Stetson                                    1776      45 years
Abel Stetson                                    1810      54 years
Joel White                                       1822      66 years
Margaret, wife of Joel                       1821   65 years
Samuel Howland                              1815

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Old Burial Hill in Hanson (Cont.)

                                                                    Died         Age
Sylvanus Everson                                       1872      86 years
Lydia, wife of Sylvanus                              1851      58 years
Lucy, wife of Israel Thrasher                        1856      31 years
Soviah White, widow of Bethuel White      1859      81 years

The Stetson family were Pembroke people.

       There are also three other tombs in town; one on Winter Street, called the Macomber tomb, one on Doctor Pierce's land and one of West Washington Street.