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"A List of Polls and Rateable Estate Real & Personal, for the Town of Haverhill in the County of Essex, Taken in the year 1741. . . "1
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"By the running of the new line between Massachusetts and New Hampshire, in 1741, nearly one-third of the population, territory, and property of the town of Haverhill, fell to the north of the line. When to this is added the large portion set off for Methuen, in 1725, we find that more than one-half of its stock of all those elements which combine to make a first class New England town, had been taken from Haverhill within the short period of fifteen years. It was, indeed, a great change in its condition, and prospects, and must have been felt most seriously.

"Soon after the State line was run, the town instructed its selectmen to take an exact list of the polls and estates on the north side of the line, which was done.2 '. . . This list contains only those living in that part if town that falls into N Hampshire Province according to Mr Mitchels Line.'

Spelling was retained from original list, arrangement was changed to alphabetical.

Adums, James, Jur.

Adums, James

Anderson, Samuel

Annis, Abraham

Atwood, John

Bartlet, Christopher, Capt.

Bartlet, Nathaniel

Beartoe, Joseph

Boyd, Arter

Bradlee, John

Bradlee, Jonathan

Brown, Samuel

Callis, William

Carlton, Edward, Jr.

Carlton, Richard

Chambers, William

Chase, Abraham

Cheney, Thomas

Christy, Peter

Christy, Thom

Clements, Obadiah

Coborn, Jonathan, Jur.

Coborn, Jonathan

Copp, David

Copp, Josiah

Copp, Moses

Crawfford, Thomas

Currier, John, Jur.

Currier, John

Davison, Thomas

Dow, John, Jur.

Dow, John

Dow, Peter

Dow, Timothy

Dusten, John

Dusten, Jonathan, Jur.

Earwine, Joseph

Easman, Peter

Easman, William

Eaton, Samuel

Emerson, Benjamin

Emerson, David

Emerson, Ephraim

Emerson, Roberd, Jur.

Emerson, Stephen, Jur.

Emerson, Timothy

Emery, Humphry

Emery, Jonathn

Flood, Richard

Follensby, Thomas

Ford, Roberd

Forsh, Askebell

French, John

Gatchell, Nathll

Gile, Sanuel

Gill, Ebenr

Gill, Joseph

Gill, Moses

Gilmore, James

Gilmore, Roberd

Gilmore, William

Gorden, Micael

Graves, James

Graves, Samuel

Hale, Edman

Hall, Thomas

Hancock, William

Harriman, Leonard, Jur.

Harriman, Leonard

Harriman, Mathew

Haseltine, Henry

Heath, Bartholomew

Heath, Benjamin

Heath, Caleb

Heath, David

Heath, James, Jur.

Heath, James

Heath, John, Jur.

Heath, John

Heath, Joseph, Jur.

Heath, Joseph

Heath, Josiah

Heath, Nathll

Heath, Nehemiah

Heath, Richard

Heath, Samuel

Heath, William

Herriman, Abner

Herriman, John

Herriman, Joseph

Hogg, John

Hogg, William

Horner, Thomas

Hunkins, John

Hutchens, Jonathan

Jackman, Moses

Johnson, Jonathan

Johnson, Micael

Johnson, Nathaniel, Jur.

Johnson, Stephen, Jur.

Johnson, Stephen

Johnson, Timothy

Johnson, William

Johnson, Zacariah

Keley, Alexander

Kent, John

Kezar, John

Kimball, Jonathn

Kimball, Samuel

Kimball, wid. Mary

Kinnicum, Askebell

Knight, Nathaniel

Little, Daniel

Little, George, Jur.

Little, George

Little, Joseph

Little, Samuel

Macfarten, James

Mackcafee, Daniel

Mackcafee, Heugh

Mackcafee, John

Mackcaster, John

Mackcurdy, Roberd

Mackfarten, Paul

Mackfortin, Walter

Mackmaster, William, Jur.

Mackmaster, William

Merrill, Jonathan

Merrill, Nathaniel

Miller, John

Mills, James

Morrison, Holbert

Muzzee, John

Noyse, Timothy

Page, Caleb

Page, Edmund

Page, Eliphalet

Page, Jonathan

Page, Joseph

Page, Timothy

Patee, Peter

Patee, Richard

Patee, Seth

Patterson, Samuel

Perry, Obadiah

Pettingall, Benjamin

Pike, Heugh

Pollord, John

Poor, Daniel

Pope, Thomas

Reddel, Robert

Richards, Benjamin

Roberds, Jonathan

Smiley, Francis

Smiley, Heugh

Smiley, John

Smith, Benajmin

Smith, John

Smith, Nathaniel

Smith, Samuel

Smith, Thomas

Stevens, John

Stevens, Jonathan, Jur.

Stevens, Jonathan

Stevens, Joseph, Jur.

Stevens, Moses

Stevens, Nathaniel

Stevens, Ortho

Stevens, Samuel, Jur.

Stevens, Samuel

Stevens, Wait

Stevens, William

Stinson, John

Stone, Benjamin

Trussel, Moses

Tucker, Lemuel

Tucker, Moses

Tucker, Nathll

Wackfarlee, Nathll

Watts, John

Webster, Israel

Webster, John

Webster, William

Wheler, Banjamin

Wheler, Jonathan

Wheler, Stephen

White, James

White, Nicolas, Capt.

Whitiker, Daniel

Whitiker, Jonathn

Worthen, Samuel, Jur.

Worthin, Samuel

Worthin, Thomas





"Following the list, is a certificate, signed by Joshua Bayley, Justice of the Peace, setting forth that the selectmen were duly sworn to perform the duty assigned them, on the 9th of December, 1741.

"The relative extent and value of the portion which fell to New Hampshire on the settlement of the boundary line, may be seen from the following, which we copy from the last page of the above document:--"



Without NH Line

Within the Line


Without NH Line

Within the Line




















125 1/2


















"The following list of names, includes all in that part of the town south of the new State line, and east of the West Parish line: or in other words, all those in what is now the First, the North, and the East Parishes.3 The are copied from a document, entitled

"The Town Rate for the East Part of Haverhill a List of That Part of the Tax made By the Assessors of Haverhill on December the 10 1741 for Benjamin Gale Constable and Collector of said Part of the town to Collect and pay into The Town Treasury"3

Appleton, Samuel

Ayer, David

Ayer, James

Ayer, John, Jur.

Ayer, Samuel

Ayer, Timothy

Ayer, William


Badger, Joseph

Badger, Joseph, Jur.

Bartlet, Christopher, Capt.

Bartlet, Jonathan

Bartlet, Nathaniel

Bayley, Joshua, Coll.

Beartoe, Joseph

Belknap, Ebenezer

Belknap, Moses

Belknap, Obadiah

Black, James

Bly, James

Bond, Joseph

Boynton, John

Bradbery, Barnabas

Bradbery, James

Bradbery, John

Bradlee, John

Bradley, Daniel

Bradley, Isaac, Jur.

Bradley, William

Brown, Samuel

Bryant, Andrew

Buck, Ebenezer

Buck, Jonathan

Camball, Elexander

Chandler, Josiah

Chase, Abner

Chase, Abraham

Chase, Ezra

Chase, Humphrey

Chase, Jacob

Chase, John

Cheney, Thomas

Clement, John, Jur.

Clements, Benjamin

Clements, John

Clements, Moses

Clements, Obadiah

Clements, Samuel

Cogswell, John

Cogswell, Nathaniel

Colbey, Ebenezer

Colbey, Isaac

Colbey, Richard

Copp, Josiah

Currier, Caleb

Currier, Ruben

Dalton, Isaac

Davis, Daniel

Davis, Ephraim

Davis, John

Davis, John, Jun.

Davis, Moses

Davis, Robert

Davis, Samuel, Jur.

Davis, William

Diamond, Thomas

Dodg, David

Dow, John

Dow, Peter

Dow, Samuel

Dow, Stephen

Dow, Timothy

Duston, John

Duston, Samuel

Duston, Thomas

Earwine, Joseph

Eaton, Job

Eaton, Moses

Eaton, Samuel

Eaton, Timothy

Edwards, John

Edwards, Nathaniel

Ela, Daniel

Ela, Israel

Ela, Jacob

Ela, John

Ela, Samuel

Emerson, Daniel

Emerson, Ephraim

Emerson, Jabesh

Emerson, Joseph

Emerson, Mehitebal, widw

Emerson, Nehemiah

Emerson, Richard

Emerson, Robert

Emerson, Timothy

Flynt, Edward

Follensby, Thomas

Follensby, William

Foster, Abiel

French, John

Gage, John

Gale, Benjamin

Gatchell, Nathll

George, Gideon

George, John

George, William

Gile, Daniel

Gile, James

Gile, Samuel

Green, John

Green, Nathaniel

Green, Peter

Grelee, Benjamin

Grelee, Joseph, Jur.

Hale, Edmand

Handcock, William

Hanniford, Zachariah

Hardy, Timothy

Harriman, Abner

Harriman, Joseph

Harriman, Joshua

Harriman, Leonard

Harriman, Leonard, Jr.

Harriman, Matthew

Harriman, Richard

Harriman, Stephen

Haseltine, Benjamin

Haseltine, Henry

Haseltine, John

Haseltine, Jonathan

Haseltine, Jonathan, Jur.

Haseltine, Nathan

Haseltine, Timothy

Hastins, George

Hastins, Robert

Hastins, Robert, Jur.

Hazzen, Moses

Hazzen, Richard

Heath, Bartholomew

Heath, John, Jur.

Heath, Joseph

Heath, Joseph, Jur.

Heath, Josiah

Heath, Nehemiah

Heath, Samuel

Heath, William, Jur.

Heaton, John

Herrick, Daniel

Herriman, John

Holgate, James

Howard, John

Hunkins, Robert

Hunkins, Robert, Jur.

Hunkins, Thomas

Hunt, Samuel

Huse, Stephen

Hutchens, David

Jackman, Moses

Johnson, Cornelius

Johnson, Daniel

Johnson, Daniel, Jur.

Johnson, John

Johnson, Jonathan

Johnson, Joseph

Johnson, Marverick

Johnson, Nathaniel

Johnson, Nathaniel, Jur.

Johnson, Samuel

Johnson, Thomas

Johnson, Thomas

Johnson, William

Kelley, Joseph

Kelley, Joseph, Jur.

Kezer, Ebenezer

Kezer, John, Jur.

Kimball, Abner

Kimball, Abraham

Kimball, Mary, wid.

Kimball, Samuel

Knolton, Nathaniel

Little, Thomas

Little, Thomas

Lufkin, Jonathan

Marsh, David

Marsh, Jonathan

Mchard, James

Merrill, Nathan

Mingo, Thomas

Moody, Benjamin

Mores, William

Morgin, Moses

Morrowson, Bradbery

Morrowson, John

Mulikin, Joseph

Otterson, William

Page, Abraham

Page, Abraham, Jur.

Page, Cornelius

Page, Ezekiel

Page, Jeremiah

Page, Joshua

Page, Lewes

Page, Nathaniel

Palmer, Joseph

Pearson, James

Pearson, James, Jur.

Peaslee, Amos

Peaslee, Nathaniel

Peaslee, Robert

Pecker, Joh, Capt.

Pettingall, Benjamin

Phersen, Nathaniel

Pike, Heugh

Pollord, John

Rideout, Rowland

Roberds, Hannah, wid.

Roberts, Jonathan

Rowel, Philip

Saltonstall, Richard, Col.

Sanclar, George

Sanders, Jacob

Sanders, James

Sanders, John

Sanders, Nathaniel

Sawyer, John

Shepard, Jonathan

Shepard, Samuel

Simons, John

Simons, Jonathan

Simons, Nathan

Simons, Nathan, Jur.

Simons, Samuel

Smiley, Francis

Smiley, Heugh

Smiley, John

Smith, Nathaniel

Smith, Samuel

Smith, Samuel, Jur.

Springer, Henry

Springer, Jonathan

Stanwood, Philip

Stevens, Jonathan

Stevens, Moses

Steward, John

Stone, Benjamin

Sweat, John

Thompson, Edward

Toney, Robert

Townsend, William

Tucker, Nathaniel

Tyler, Jonathan

Tyler, Joseph

Walker, Nathaniel

Webster, Grant

Wells, John

White, John

White, John, Jur.

White, Nicolas, Capt.

White, Samuel

White, Samuel, Jur.

Whitiker, David

Whitiker, William

Whiting, David

Whiting, John

Whittier, Ebenezer

Whittier, Elizabeth, wid.

Whittier, Joseph

Whittier, Thomas

Willsom, John

Willson, Ezekiel

Willson, John, Jur.

Willson, Joseph

Willson, William

Woodman, Nathaniel

Woodward, Jacob

Wooster, Benjamin

Worthen, Samuel

Worthen, Thomas

Young, Israel

"We have not been able to find a list of the Polls in the West Parish, in 1741. The nearest we can get, is 1745. But as, in all probability, very few changes were made in that part of the town in the interim, and as we are now desirous to complete, as near as may be, a list of all the Polls in the town at this period of its history, we give below the names in that parish for 1745. They are as follows:--"4

Ayer, Jacob

Ayer, Peter, Decon

Ayer, Simon

Ayer, William, Doct

Bayley, Amos

Bayley, Ebenezer

Bayley, Humphrey

Bayley, Jeremiah

Bayley, Thomas, Lut

Bayley, William

Borman, William

Bradley, Joseph, Dec

Bradley, Neamiah

Brown, Ebenezar

Buck, John

Carleton, Edward, Cor

Carlton, Peter

Chase, Nathaniel

Clement, Nathaniel

Clement, Nathaniel, Jr.

Clement, Samuel

Cook, James

Corliss, John

Corliss, John, Jr.

Corliss, Joseph

Corliss, Thomas

Currier, Samuel

Duston, Jonathan

Duston, Nathaniel

Duston, Nathaniel, Jr.

Eatton, James

Eatton, Jonathan

Eatton, Thomas

Emerson, Ithamor

Emerson, John

Emerson, Jonathan

Emerson, Jonathan, Jr.

Emerson, Joseph, 4th

Emerson, Joseph, Jr.

Emerson, Joseph, tr.

Emerson, Mical

Emerson, Obadiah

Emerson, Peter

Emerson, Samuel

Emerson, Stephen

Emerson, Timothy

Emery, Joshua

Gage, Samuel

Gage, Stephen

Haines, Jonathan

Haines, Joseph

Haines, Thomas

Haseltine, James

Haseltine, John

Haseltine, Nathaniel

Hasltine, Philip, Capt

Hasltine, Samuel, Dec

Heseltine, Jeremiah

Heseltine, Joseph

Hilton, Benjamin

Hutchings, Joseph

Hutchings, Nathan

Hutchings, Samuel

Hutchings, Samuel, Jr.

Ingalls, Eldad

Kezzer, John

Ladd, Daniel, Ens

Ladd, Daniel, Jr.

Ladd, John, Ens

Ladd, Timothy

Marble, John

Marble, Jonathan

Marble, Nathaniel

Marble, Samuel

Marsh, Epheram

Merriel, Nathaniel

Merriel, Ruth, wido

Merrile, Joseph

Messer, Timothy

Mitchel, Andrew

Mitchel, James, Cap

Mitchel, John

Mitchel, Phillip

Mitchel, William

Nimock, James

Ordiway, Edward

Page, Thomas

Page, Thomas, Jr.

Patee, Beniamian

Silver, John

Silver, John, Jr.

Silver, Samuel

Smith, John

Standley, Mathew

Standley, Samuel

Stward, John

Varnon, Baracrah

Watts, John, Jr.

Watts, Samuel

Webster, Ebenezer

Webster, John, tr

Webster, Jonathan

Webster, Nathan

Webster, Nathaniel

Webster, Samuel

Webster, Stephen

Webster, Stephen, Jr.

Webster, Thomas

Whiteier, Samuel

Whiteier, Stephen

Williams, Daniel


1. George Wingate Chase, The History of Haverhill, Massachusetts, 1861, reprinted 1997. pp. 310-312
2. "The immediate cause which prompted this action, was the fact that those on the north side of the line refused to pay taxes any longer to Haverhill,--or even those of the current year."
3. George Wingate Chase, The History of Haverhill, Massachusetts, 1861, reprinted 1997. pp. 312-314
4. George Wingate Chase, The History of Haverhill, Massachusetts, 1861, reprinted 1997. pp. 314-315

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