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Early Settlers of Haverhill

Drawing from various sources, Lin Wright developed this list of earliest settlers of Haverhill, including the dates they appeared, the town from which they came, and their death or moving date.  The goal is to establish descendancy lists from each of these early settlers.  I invite your help in this effort.  If you have at least a four-generation descendancy list for any of these early settlers, please contact me (Terryl Whitaker Pilon) with the information and I will create both a page and a link to it.

The column headed "appeared" in the table below is the first date the person appeared in Haverhill records. The column headed "removed" is the date he left town and the place he went or death if it occurred in Haverhill.






John Ayer, Sr. 1646 Salisbury died 1657  
John Ayer, Jr. 1650 Salisbury Ipswich 1679 son of John, sr.
Peter Ayer 1650+ Salisbury Boston  
Robert Ayer 1650 Salisbury died 1717  
Thomas Ayer 1650 Salisbury died 1686  
George Browne 1650 Salisbury died 1699  
William Butler 1646      
Mathias Button 1650+ Boston died 1672  
John Carleton 1650+ Rowley died 1668  
John Chenarie 1650      
Edward Clarke 1650+      
Job Clement 1644   Dover NH bef. 1655 son of Robert
John Clement 1650+   died 1659 son of Robert
Robert Clement, Sr. 1643 Salisbury died 1658  
Tristram Coffin 1642 Salisbury Newbury 1648  
George Corliss 1645 Newbury died 1686  
James Davis, sr. 1646 Newbury died 1678  
James Davis, jr. 1650+   died 1683 son of James, sr.
John Davis 1646   Dover, NH son of James, sr.
Thomas Davis 1642   died 1683 brother of James, Sr.
John Eaton 1648 Salisbury died 1668  
Thomas Eaton 1650+ Salisbury died 1708 son of John
John Favor/Fawne 1641 Ipswich Salisbury  
James Fiske 1646 Newbury Groton  
Samuel Gile/Guile 1647   died 1683  
George Goldwyer 1649   Salisbury  
Thomas Hale 1646 Newbury Salem  
John Haseltine 1650+ Rowley died 1690  
Bartholomew Heath 1646 Newbury died 1681  
Daniel Hendrick 1645   Boston  
William Holdridge 1646 Salisbury Salisbury 1659? after 1667?  
John Hoyt 1650 Salisbury Salisbury/Amesbury  
Christopher Hussey 1645 Newbury Hampton NH land only?
John Hutchins 1650+ Newbury died 1685  
John Johnson 1650+ Charlestown died 1708 son of William
Joseph Johnson 1650+ Charlestown died 1714 brother of John
Stephen Kent 1650+ Newbury Woodbridge NJ 1670  
Daniel Ladd 1646 Salisbury died 1693  
Christopher Lawson 1649 Exeter NH Kennebec ME 1650  
Thomas Linforth 1648 Rowley died 1672  
Richard Littlehale 1643 Newbury died 1663  
Joseph Merrie     Hampton NH by 1650  
Abraham Morrill 1649 Salisbury Salisbury land only?
Joseph Moyce 1649 Salisbury Salisbury in town records; prob. never resident
Richard Ormsby 1649 Salisbury Rehoboth 1663  
John Page 1650+ Hingham died 1687  
Henry Palmer 1645 Newbury died 1680  
Joseph Peasley 1646 Salisbury Amesbury 1656  
John Robinson 1641 Newbury Exeter NH 1651  
Henry Savage 1644   Portsmouth NH 1655  
Hugh Sherratt 1642 Ipswich died 1678  
Richard Singletary 1650+ Salisbury died 1687  
Robert Swan 1650+ Rowley died 1698 son of Richard
Abraham Tyler 1643   died 1673  
John Ward 1642 York, ME died 1693 Rev.; son of Rev. Nathaniel
William White 1642 Ipswich died 1690  
Thomas Whittier 1648 Salisbury died 1686  
Nathaniel Wier 1645 Newbury Nantucket land only?
John Williams 1642 Newbury died 1673/4  

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