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Haverhill Land Holders, 1650

This page is a slight adaptation of page 72 in Chase's "History of Haverhill."  While not a census, it does give an indication of the families living there at the time.

This year there were forty-three freemen in town, nineteen of whom had taken the oath of fidelity. The following table contains the names found in the records of 1650 and previously, with the year in which the name first appears: and also the valuation of each manís property, according to the vote of November 6, 1643. Neither the date or valuation should, however, be considered as more than an approximation to the truth : ó

John Favor, *
John Robinson,
John Ward, **                             £ 80
Tristram Coffin,
Hugh Sherratt,                                 50
William White,                                 50
Thomas Davis,
John Williams,                                 80
Abraham Tyler,                               60
Richard Littlehale,                            40
Henry Savage,
Job Clement,
Christopher Hussie,
Daniel Hendrick,                           120
Henry Palmer,                                 60
George Corliss,
Thomas Hale,
James Davis,                                 200
John Ayer,                                    160
Daniel Lad,                                  £ 40
Joseph Peasley,
John Davis,

Thomas Davis,                              100
Thomas Davis,                              100
James Fisk,
William Butler,
Bartholomew Heath.                     140
Samuel Gile,                                   40
Thomas Linforth,
John Eaton,                                    80
Thomas Whittier,                            80
George Goldwin
Goodman Moice & 3 Sons,
Abraham Morrill,
Christopher Lawson,
Richard Ormsby,                            70
Win. Holdridge,
Robert Ayer,                                  80
John Ayer jun,                                80
Thomas Ayer,
John Chenarie,
George Browne,                             80
John Hoit,
Goodman Hale.


The following table contains the valuation of those to whom house lots were laid out at various times, but whose names do not appear previous to 1650:ó

Robert Clement, Sen,        £ 50                                   Thomas Eaton,            £ 40
John Clement,                      35                                   Edward Clarke,              40
Matthias Button,                  60                                    Robert Swan,                 30
Steven Kent,                     200                                    John Haseltine,                40
James Davis Jr,                 130                                    John Johnson,                  90
Peter Ayer,                         60                                    John Carleton,                 90
Richard Singletary,              60                                    Joseph Johnson,              50
John Huckins,                   480                                    John Page jun,                 40

* Names against which no amount is placed, are those of persons for whom we can find no record of a house lot being laid out. Some of them, if not all, probably purchased the right of others to lands.

** We do not know whether these pounds were the English pounds sterling (sixteen ounces of silver) or the pound of Troy weight (sixty-two shillings) but presume they were the latter. If so, each pound was equivalent to $5.83.

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