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Bradford, Haverhill, Methuen Area Source Material
Haverhill Vital Records to 1850.   E. David Ladd, Lin Wright, Bill Prokasy, Kathy Parkinson
Bradford Vital Records to 1850.   Lin Wright, Bill Prokasy, Kathy Parkinson
Methuen Vital Records to 1850Bill Prokasy, Kathy Parkinson
Essex County Vital Records to 1850Cherryl Ball, Myra Chiles, Jeanne Kline

The History of Haverhill, Massachusetts by Benjamin L. Mirick. Pia Nichols
The History of Haverhill, Massachusetts by George Wingate Chase. Pat Blackwell, Cherryl Ball, Kay Ostertag
Cemetery Inscriptions Prior to 1800 from Haverhill....  Cherryl Ball
Cemetery Inscriptions Prior to 1800 from Bradford, MA. Old Burying Ground  Cherryl Ball
Cemetery Inscriptions Prior to 1800 from Groveland, MA. Ancient Burying GroundCherryl Ball
The Academy and High School, Haverhill, 1890.  Pia Nichols
A record of Haverhill and Bradford Men and Women who died in WWI. Pia Nichols
Haverhill in WWII, 1946. Pia Nichols   Cherryl Ball
Bradford: A New England Academy, 1930. Pia Nichols
Haverhill and Bradford Personalities, ca. 1947/8?. Pia Nichols

Massachusetts and New England Source Material
Old Families of Salisbury and AmesburyFavour Slater  Liz SchmidtPia Nichols, Kathy Leigh, Jean Olsson
Historical and Genealogical Researches. . . Merrimack Valley, 1857-8. Pia Nichols
Pioneers of MassachusettsKathy ParkinsonEdSallie, Naida Preckel, Maryellen Canfora, Gail Klahs
New England Marriages Prior to 1700. EdSallieLin Wright, Maryellen Canfora, Gail Klahs
Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England.   Lin Wright, KathyParkinson
Immigrants to the New World 1600-1800Bonnie Weber
Informative Illustration of the City by the Winding Merrimack...Haverhill   Cherryl Ball
Complete Book of Emigrants 1607-1776Bonnie Weber
New England Families 1600-1800Bonnie Weber
Planters of the Commonwealth  Maryellen Canfora
New England Captives Carried to Canada Between 1677-1760Pat Blackwell

Selected Genealogies: Book Lookups and Web Pages
Bodwell Family Home Page
Chase Gleanings--Descendants of Thomas Chase and Aquilla Chase of Hampton, NH  Cherryl Ball
Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Clements Jan Clements
My Family The Colbys Web Page
Genealogical Record of the Corliss Family of America by A. W. Corliss  Bill Prokasy
Guile-Gile-Guiles Genealogy Web Page
The Hartshorn Families in America by Derick Hartshorn  Bill Prokasy
Haverhill Whittier Club   Cherryl Ball
The Haverhill Emersons: Revised and Extended by Jane Emerson James  Bill Prokasy
The Hendrick Genealogy by Charles Hendrick  Bill Prokasy
Bartholomew Heath of Haverhill, Massachusetts... by Valerie Dyer Giorgi, 1994. Lin Wright
The Ladd Family by Warren Ladd.  Bill Prokasy
Merrill Memorial, 1928. Pia Nichols
The Ancestry of Samuel Blanchard Ordway by Dean Crawford Smith, 1990. (Chase, Corliss, George, Heath,
             Shepard and others). Lin Wright
Descendants of John Page
The Peasleys and Others of Haverhill, 1899. Pia Nichols
A Passel of Peasley's by Lanphear.   Jean Sanders  
The Stickney Family: A Genealogical Memoir of Elizabeth and William Stickney Web Page
Descendants of Richard Swan by Whittier and Whittierland   
Cherryl Ball
Some of the Descendents of Mr. Edward Woodman Who Settled at Newbury, MA,1635  Cherryl Ball

We welcome your help should you have reference material of relevance to Haverhill, Bradford, and/or Methuen and can volunteer to do lookups. 
Contact  Terryl Whitaker Pilon with the reference work(s) you have and it (they) will be posted.  If yours duplicates what other volunteers have, then I'll simply add your name and email address.  

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