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Winter 2006-2007


Newsletter of the Greater Lowell Genealogy Club


Upcoming Events:

December - No meeting.

Happy Holidays!


January Meeting:  January 20, 2007, 1 PM to 3PM- Pollard Memorial Library, Lowell.

The January speaker will be Barbara Mathews, a certified genealogist and will be giving her speech " Not Quite Right: Learning to Recognize Errors". 

February Meeting:  February 17, 2007, 1PM-3PM- Essex Society of Genealogists, Lynnfield, Ma.  - Researching Irish Ancestors, by Judith Lucey, of NEHGS.


March Meeting: March 17, 2007, 10AM– 1PM.– Field trip to the LDS Family History Center, 110 Concord St, Nashua, NH.


April Meeting: April 21, 2007, 1PM – 3PM , ChelmsfordLibrary.  Our own Barbara Poole will present “Using Google for Genealogy Research”


May Meeting:  May 20, 2007, 1PM – 3PM, Pot Luck Picnic   for the second year in a row will be held at Roland and Laura Bedard’s house at 6 Logan Court, Hudson, NH.

January Meeting:

January’s meeting will again be held at the Pollard Library. With the possibility of bad weather, we think downtown is a better choice for all.  The speaker for the meeting will be Barbara Mathews, a certified genealogist.  She will be lecture about recognizing errors.  Since we’ve all found some errors, this will probably be a very interesting subject. (PS – if you haven’t found any errors, you should definitely attend.)


February Meeting:

For those researching Irish ancestors, we are again joining the Essex Society of Genealogists in Lynnfield, MA.   The meeting will begin at 1:00 PM with lunch at 12:00.  The topic will be "Researching Irish Ancestors" by Judith Lacey, NEHGS. Our club members can visit the Lynnfield Library (9-1) first at 18 Summer Street, then go next door to the meeting at the church.  When you go down the stairs, tell the greeting committee you are a guest.  You may bring lunch.  They offer coffee and desserts (a small donation accepted).

The Lynnfield Library has a genealogy room with a very nice assortment of resources.   Not only are there books covering all of New England, but also New York and Canada.  The stacks are open, so you can take anything and make copies (.15 each)

Directions:  Take Route 3 south to 95/128 north.  Get off at Lynnfield/Wakefield exit.  Take a right and follow Main Street through town for approximately 2-3 miles.  At the center of town (a tiny shopping complex on left), take a right onto Summer Street at the old cemetery.  The library and church are on the left next to the town green.   You can park in the church lot or on the street.


March Meeting:

Field trip to the LDS Family History Center.  For those who don’t wish to drive the distance, we will be meeting at the Tyngsboro park and ride lot at 9:30 AM.  We will wait until 9:45 before we leave. 


Directions to the Park and Ride lot: Take Route 3 North to Exit 35, Tyngsboro/Dunstable Route 113, take a left off the ramp



President – Diane Laferriere  -

      978-649-3855 –

Vice President  - Maureen Famolare –

       978-663-6491 –

Secretary – Laura Bedard

603-598-0834 -

Treasurer – Karen Jeffers – 978-663-3664

heading east towards Tyngsboro/Lowell.  The parking lot is about 200 feet on the left. 


Directions to the center:  US 3 North to exit 7E.  Go straight through the two sets of lights.  Turn right onto Concord the third set of lights.  The Family History Center is at the rear of the church on the right side of the road about 1/3 of a mile from the lights.

Please email the club at or call a board member if you plan on meeting in Tyngsboro, so we know for whom to wait.


April Meeting:

Our own Barbara Poole has agreed to present her course on “Using Google for Genealogy Research”. Barbara has presented this course for the Chelmsford Library in the past and it was well received, so we are lucky to have her present it to us.  If you are just beginning to find you way around a computer or even if you’re not, Barbara will show us there is more to Google then just a search engine.


May Meeting:

Our second annual Pot Luck picnic will be at Roland and Laura Bedard’s home.  For those who couldn’t attend last year, we had a great time.  Lots of great food and good conversation.  More information to follow in the next newsletter.


Note from the President:


As many of you know, I have been involved in the GLGC since it began in 1996.  Over the past 10 years, I have split my time between genealogy and everything else.  Working full time and raising two girls with my husband has meant being flexible.  I once heard someone say, “Work smarter, not harder;” to me, that means I must use my time as productively as possible.  That is what I would like to do for this club during the next year.


We have a very exciting year planned, and I hope you will join us for all meetings and functions. Don’t forget that all meeting information is available on our website:  http://www.rootsweb.



I would like to thank Maureen for her dedication as our former President, and for committing her time to serve now as our Vice President.  My continued gratitude to Karen Jeffers our Treasurer, and congratulation to Laura Bedard our Sectretary.  A special thanks goes to Barbara Poole, on whom I frequently rely.  Barbara’s knowledge of and contacts with the Genealogical community is a huge benefit to this club.


Thanks to everyone who continues to attend meetings; without you, there would be no club.



Diane Laferriere



Past Happenings:

September Meeting:

Our first meeting of the year, held at the Pollard Library, was well attended and very interesting.  Susan Fougstedt, a librarian at the Pollard Library, brought us all up to date on the genealogical holdings of the library.  Items of interest include: indices in hard copy of the Lowell Sun, Currier and Sunday Telegram, which are on microfilm; the 1836 directory of mill girls; and  Lowell directories of the 1832 to present .

Present at the meeting:  Mary Latham, Barbara  Poole and Bill Cheetham, Robert and Iona Henderson, Barbara Bond, Nancy Paquin, Eileen Larry, Diane Shields, Yvonne and Ed Miller, Terry Masson, Susan Fougstedt, Maureen Famolare, Karen Jeffers, Daine Laferriere, Peggy Leedberg


October Meeting:

Our pot luck dinner was a huge

success as usual.  It felt good to be back at the Stony Brook Fish and Game Club in Westford.  For those who are new this where the original pot lucks were held.  The hall is just the right size and Stony Brook is very accommodating.  We had plates of delicious food including Yvonne’s famous tourtiere pie, which is a French Canadian meat pie, and Ed’s baked beans (yum).

For dieters we even had scrumptious no fat brownies made

by Barbara Poole.  (For those new members or anyone else we still have some cookbooks with Yvonne’s recipe in it.  The books are $5.00)

Members in attendance:  Ed O’Toole, Bob and Iona Henderson, Diane Shields, Yvonne and Ed Miller, Terry Masson, Maureen Famolare, Karen Jeffers, Mary Latham, Barbara Poole and Bill Cheetham, Diane Laferriere, Peg Leedberg, Mehmed Ali, Don and Madeline Pattershall, and Roland and Laura Bedard.


November Meeting:

Our November meeting was held at the Chelmsford Library.  We were lucky to have Naomi Smith and Joan Croteau, two presenters from the LDS Church in Nashua.  We found them very interesting especially the information regarding the Family History Library Catalog on 

To get there go to web site click on library tab, then click on family history library catalog.  You will be able to search various topics.  You should spend some time on each of the topics and see what you find.  You will get a list of books.  By clicking on the title of the book you want, you will get the Title, Author, Notes, Subjects, Call Number, Format, Language, Where it was published, its physical content, and the edition.  If you want to read the book, you can try inter-library loan at your local public library or you can purchase it. 

Present at the meeting:   Linda Redfearn, Don & Marilyn Stevens, Peg Leedberg, Bob Henderson, Mary Latham, Priscilla Greene, Diane Laferriere, Maureen Famolare, and Karen Jeffers.


From Our Members . . .


Tip from Yvonne Miller:

On the pre-1850 censuses, men of the same name referred to as Sr or Jr weren't necessarily Father and Son. These designations were often used to distinguish between two different people of the same name in the area - Sr for the elder, and Jr for the younger. (from newsletter)


Meeting a 6th cousin

by Barbara Poole


I had the good fortune to meet with fellow club members, Edna & Fred Barnes of California.   Fred is a native of Lowell and resided here until December of 1951, at which time he joined the Air Force.   Fred and I are 6th cousins, and this was the 4th time we have met over the past seven years.  Fred and Edna donated a book Thomas Barnes of Hartford, Connecticut+ 1,766 Descendants, 1615-1994, which they authored, to the Lowell Library.  When I saw the book, I was so happy, because  it provided some very important information for me.  Immediately, I wrote Fred a note.   He then wrote back, not only because he was glad to receive a nice complement, but because he's a native of Lowell!  From that day forward, we have been in contact, sharing some genealogy and just corresponding in general.   They even located some information on my direct Poole ancestor who was born in California, which I didn’t have.  You just never know what will happen when you write somebody.   

Since their 1994 Barnes book sold out, Fred and Edna authored another book, The Genealogy of Thomas Barnes of Hartford, CT(1615-2001).    This updated two volume edition has been purchased by 37 genealogy libraries.


I met Fred, and Edna the weekend of his 55th Lowell High School Reunion in Lowell which he helped organize.  The Reunion was so successful they were able to donate the remaining revenue to the Lowell High School band.  It's unfortunate they missed our September meeting by two weeks.  So. . . you just never know what will happen when you write somebody!!


A member has asked the following question:  How do you obtain records from an old funeral home?  How can you find out if older records were disposed of or transferred to the new owner?  We know you can find the original funeral home from death or burial certificate, but what is the next step to finding the new funeral home if the old is closed?  

So, if anyone can give us an answer or hint of an answer, please contact  Maureen or Karen so we can publish the answer.


New Members:


Barbara Bond,  Dracut, MA

Nancy Paquin, Hudson, NH

Donald and Marilyn Stevens, Dunstable, MA

Robert W. Etzel, Jr., Lynnfield, MA



Tidbits from Barbara Poole

Magazines: The new and the old


At the September club meeting, I brought some magazines I had received free from the FGS (Federation of Genealogical Societies) Conference held in August, in Boston for 4 days.  All 4 magazines were current editions and were familiar to me, but none of which I subscribe to.  Some of the club members enjoyed looking through them and even pulling out the inserts to order a subscription.  When I got around to reading them recently, I realized how different they were from one another.  The magazines were Everton’s Genealogical Helper, Family Tree Magazine, Ancestry and German Life.  I thought I would give a little input on how the first three differ from one another. 


Everton’s Genealogical Helper, has been around for about 50 years, had over 176 pages of articles, queries and surname index.  What I really liked was the large print, a calendar of upcoming genealogy events throughout the world, a Beginner’s Corner section, review of books, and the major topics are on the cover with page number.  Their website is and you receive 6 issues a year for $27.  This is a little less than the cost in 2000.   This is an old publication with a new editor and the Heritage Quest magazine has been combined into the Genealogical Helper.


Family Tree Magazine (not affiliated with FTM software) also comes out 6 times a year for $24.  Their website is  The two state research guides are nice (for Texas and Rhode Island), but at that rate, it will take years to complete this series, or maybe not, since I don’t know when the series began.


Ancestry Magazine was very impressive, and I will subscribe to it.  The glossy pages, nice color pictures, articles (although rather short…maybe to hold your attention), and few advertisements are the pluses.  The contributors are well known in the genealogical community.   Their web site is and click on store tab; I had to type magazine in product box.  Their price is similar to the others, 6 issues for $24.95.   I especially enjoyed the article on the Evolution of Family History, a 10 year history.  Some interesting things that began in 1996 were: there were 100,000 websites and 14% of Americans using the internet;,,  and Cyndi’s List began.  Other milestones during the 10 year span to date were included, now jump to 2006 where there are over 11.5 billion web pages and 77% of Americans are now online.


Recently, I found some old copies of three magazines (1994-2001), they were Everton’s Genealogical Helper, Heritage Quest, and Genealogical Computing.  Obviously some of the articles are outdated, but some still pertain today, such as: Source Documentation: Is it Time to Change the Standards (pertaining to the internet); Genealogy Made Inexpensive; State and Federal Census articles.  I wish I had seen the 7 page article about Albany, NY area Churches and Synagogue Vital Records many years ago, what a useful source that would have been for me.  I also wondered what happened to a Lexington company that in 1994 made Quinsept, a “software that works for generations.  The most exciting genealogical research system available.”  Sure glad I didn’t buy that!


There are now two new genealogy magazines focusing on using the internet for research.  In a past newsletter, I discussed Internet Genealogy magazine (where you can download a free copy).  My fourth issue arrived a few weeks ago.  I continue to like this magazine; however, I love Digital Genealogist, a magazine that just came out.  Digital Genealogist will be in PDF format, so you print what you want.  They are offering a free issue, and it prints out at 42 pages, go to and check it out.  I loved the first issue of Digital Genealogist for a few reasons.  First, it is very easy to read & is colorful and second, it is nice to know some of the writers personally.  I see Joshua Taylor every time I go to NEHGS and Laura G. Prescott will be speaking at our club in 2007.  So now you can download two free issues, or print just the pages that interest you.

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