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Burials of St. Peter's Cemetery 1900 - 1913
Lowell, Massachusetts

 From the research of Walter & Karen Hickey. The index below is just partial, the full index, which includes age at death, undertakers which handled the deceased's arrangements, and source information is available here. Please right click the link and choose save as, the file is in an xlsx format.

This past January & February Walter ran a two part series about St. Peter's Cemetery over at LowellIrish in which he details the history of St. Peter's as well as his and Karen's research. Go on over and give it a read and tell him thanks!

Lowell's Other Catholic Cemetery: St. Peter's (Part 1)
St Peter's Cemetery Part 2: The Little Black Book

This index is also available at St. Patrick's Cemetery.
 Name First Name (Maiden) DOD Father Mother Spouse
Adams Henry T. 8/29/1907 William Lillian Tyler
Adams not given 8/30/1908 Arthur Rose Gramond
Agusta Carolina V. 4/1/1903 Joseph Diolida Agusta
A'hearn Peter 1/20/1902 Joseph A Sarah McDonald
Alagian Mary (Sareklian) 4/13/1909 Sarkes Mary Loolajian  George
Alexakos Stillborn 3/26/1907 George Catherine Neofotistie
Allen Margaret 6/27/1910 Thomas Bridget Toohey
Anderson Joseph 3/7/1903 Anthony Mary Smith
Andrews Elizabeth 8/22/1910 Anthony Elizabeth A. Clayton
Aranjo Rosa (Salome) 8/5/1912 Joaquin Rosa Thomas William J.
Areia Maria L. 4/14/1903 Joseph L. Francisca Candida
Armstrong James H. 1/16/1911 James unknown
Aubertine May E. 10/5/1910 Norman Nellie Droney
Bancroft Joseph 4/7/1906 Irving Anna Watson
Barr  William F. 9/7/1903 William Mary Rogers
Barry Mary (Murphy) 6/15/1902 Patrick Margaret O'Neill John
Barry James  7/5/1911 unknown unknown
Bauer not given 11/10/1908 John Etta Dunbar
Baver Stillborn 6/3/1904 John L. Etta Dunbar
Baxter Margaret (O'Loughlin) 1/18/1901 John Mary Finnerty
Baxter Catherine (Powers) 3/20/1905 Edward  Sabina Joyce Joseph
Bell Morris 4/26/1904 George Margaret O'Leary
Bellows Ellen (Rooney) 8/14/1910 Thomas Ellen Diskin Brigham
Berry Susan (Doherty) 8/21/1901 Daniel Mary Neal or O'Neal James A.
Berry William N.B. 7/20/1911 David J. Rose Dougherty
Berry David J. 11/7/1911 Abraham J. Susan Doherty
Bettencurte Emilia 2/27/1902 John Carlota Conseisdo  
Bibeault Joseph 10/22/1907 Joseph Marie Bibeault
Bidrowski Karolina 8/31/1902 Andre Anna Wasik
Borek Lofija 12/7/1904 Pawet Merey Dziehon
Bouchard John 8/27/1902 John Margaret McCarthy
Bouchard Margaret (McCarty) 10/17/1907 John Margaret McCarty John
Bouchard John 4/19/1908 John unknown
Bovaski Frank 7/16/1902 Ignac Mary Jarkoka
Bowery Stillborn 1/12/1909 Thomas F. Julia Danahy
Boyle Peter  5/8/1910 Peter unknown
Bradley James  7/11/1903 James Margaret Mullen
Bradley James L. 2/6/1908 James Mary Maguire
Bradley Jennie 2/6/1910 James Mary Maguire
Bradley Margaret Gertrude 6/2/1910 James Mary Maguire
Branco Arthur 7/16/1906 Joseph F. Mary Mandes
Bray George 4/1/1903 George Elizabeth Hogan
Breakey Stella 5/18/1901 William Elizabeth McCarter
Breen Bridget 10/26/1901 Patrick Sarah Dolan
Breen William 6/15/1902 Hugh Ellen McMahon
Breen John 5/28/1910 Hugh Ellen McMahon
Brianowski Yon 4/27/1902 Samuel Ana Dambrauskinte  
Broderick Catherine (Riley) 3/26/1904 Patrick Mary (unknown) James
Brooks Catherine 11/15/1910 Michael Ellen Murphy
Brydon Thomas E. 12/15/1903 Mathew Mary J. Rogers
Buckley Patrick 2/14/1902 Hugh Ellen Gaffney
Buja Stillborn 9/21/1903 Paul Katarzyna Gajcwslo
Buji Katavzyna (Gajewski) 9/21/1903 Frank Katavzyna Brejir
Burns Stillborn 10/16/1902 Charles Elizabeth Roark
Burns Stillborn 4/8/1904 James Agnes Delaney
Burns Peter  12/21/1909 Stephen Julia Farrell
Cahill Thomas F. 6/29/1901 unknown unknown
Callahan Elizabeth 6/3/1901 John Nora Nash
Callahan John 4/12/1902 James Mary Linehan
Camara Arthur 7/9/1903 Arthur Isabella Mendres
Camara Stillborn 2/14/1904 Sam Isabelle Mandies
Carey Catherine (McCarthy) 10/5/1903 Dennis Catherine Healey Daniel
Carey Daniel 9/18/1907 Daniel Julia McCarty
Carey George W. 9/5/1908 Daniel Julia McCarty
Carey Mary Agnes 9/9/1909 Daniel Julia McCarty
Carll not given 8/12/1908 Charles B. Ethel McKinnon
Carmara David 1/23/1910 Samuel Isabelle Mandes
Carmara Mary 3/17/1910 Samuel Isabelle Mandes
Carmara Nora 6/2/1912 Samuel Isabella Mandes
Carney Stillborn 1/14/1903 Matthew N. Ann Troy
Carter William 4/13/1911 Henry Emily Bradford
Casey Mary (McCarthy) 8/2/1910 Denis Mary Crowley Patrick
Cashman Stillborn 5/14/1909 John Nora Burns
Cassely Francis 7/4/1910 Francis Catherine Baxter
Cassidy Margaret (Connolly) 7/3/1901 John Annie Sullivan Thomas
Cassidy Mary 7/5/1901 Frank Margaret O'Neil
Cassidy William 8/3/1904 Frank Margaret O'Neil
Cassidy Thomas  4/22/1912 John Mary Cassidy
Cassidy Mary (Brennan) 1/22/1914 William Ann Gallagher Thomas
Castles John 1/11/1908 John J. Mary J. Sheehan
Caswell Mary (Manion) 8/2/1901 unknown unknown George
Catterall Mary (McCann) 4/4/1906 John  Mary O'Donnell John T.
Catterall Catherine 12/21/1909 John T. Mary Connor
Cattrall Thomas  6/12/1904 John Mary McCann
Chappell CecilaB 12/21/1901 Francis Catherine Hennessy
Chappell Catherine (Hennessy) 8/23/1906 Martin Rose McDermott Francis
Chikloux Apaulina 10/16/1903 Vichoe Marie Votail
Ciaglancki Stillborn 5/4/1906 Andrew Mary Felencki
Cielakiwiez Grinoffa 11/19/1903 Peter Bromistava Mrooka
Clancy James E. 2/2/1910 Patrick Margaret Gilligan
Clark Stillborn 4/8/1904 John Mary Kane
Clark Catherine (Brawley) 8/19/1909 Henry Bridget Loftus John
Clarke Henry 4/21/1901 John Catherine Browley
Clarke John 6/18/1915 John Bridget Navin
Cody Stillborn 2/20/1902 John J. Margaret Nevins
Cokol Stillborn 5/28/1903 Joseph Mary Tabcak
Conaton Bridget (Gately) 12/10/1902 Patrick Catherine Norton
Conaton William H. 1/19/1909 Peter Bridget Gately
Conceicao Inos 6/27/1901 John Inos Maria Dias
Condon Daniel 4/27/1909 Daniel Mary Mahoney
Condon Michael M. 7/14/1911 Michael Kate Welch
Conley Thomas  2/9/1902 Michael Mary Flaherty
Conley Jane 4/8/1904 Michael Mary Flaherty
Conley Edward 2/1/1908 Edward  Annie Lannon
Conley Mary 6/11/1910 Michael Mary Flaherty
Connelly Mary (Plunkett) 5/1/1903 James Jane Plunkett John
Conniff Francis J. 10/27/1909 Thomas F. Bridget Galvin
Connor EdwardC 12/9/1900 Michael Sabina Roland
Connors Margaret (Kerrigan) 2/22/1901 Thomas Margaret McCormack John
Connors Stillborn 4/15/1904 Thomas Lizzie McMullen
Connors Catherine (Moran) 4/7/1911 unknown unknown John
Connors Mary (Mitchell) 4/20/1912 John unknown Thomas H.
Corbett Daniel 9/2/1906 Thomas Julia McCarthy
Corcoran Peter T. 6/7/1912 Thomas Mary Curley
Corman Margaret (McNulty) 1/2/1914 unknown unknown Andrew
Correia Antonia 6/27/1901 Antonia [sic] Maria Morselina
Costa Simao 1/9/1912 Joseph Jennie Jesus
Costello Patrick 4/26/1901 Walter Catherine Loftus
Costello James E. 12/5/1902 Patrick Catherine Bird
Costello John J. 5/16/1904 John Mary Hinchy
Costello Mary 7/14/1904 Patrick Winnefred Reid
Cotta Maria 9/1/1902 Manuel Mariana Cotta
Cotta Palmira 2/1/1904 Joaquin Joaquinia Augusta
Coughlin John 1/25/1903 Michael Mary Spooney
Coyle Theresa 3/1/1903 John Mary Collins
Coyle Mary F. 1/3/1908 John Mary Collins
Coyle William F. 3/27/1914 John Mary Collins
Craven Stillborn 3/23/1903 Owen Mary Hession
Critchley Joseph P. 4/12/1903 Michael Margaret Spain
Critchley Margaret (Spain) 10/27/1909 Joseph Mary Kenney Michael
Crofton Katie 2/22/1903 Rollins Caronus Nearhov  
Crowley William P. 9/5/1901 Jeremiah Margaret Crane
Crowley Jeremiah 3/19/1912 Jeremiah Ann Levitt
Cryan Margaret T. 8/17/1908 Joseph Sarah Donlan
Cudworh John William 11/13/1905 Amos Isabella Harding
Cudworth AmosS. 9/20/1908 Joseph Martha Smith
Culley Sarah M. 8/18/1910 Edward  Katie O'Connor
Cullin Stillborn 3/9/1909 not known Maggie Cullen
Cummings James  8/5/1910 Martin Mary Shannon
Cummings John 7/9/1912 Mark Maggie Shannon
Cunha Manuel 4/23/1903 Manuel Mary Candia
Cunha Manuel 11/28/1903 Frank Marie Silva
Cunha Frank 6/29/1904 Frank Marie Silva
Cunha Denlinda 7/7/1904 Manuel Gelermine Augusta
Cunha Antonia 11/13/1905 Frank Mary Silva
Cunha John 11/6/1906 Frank Mary Silva
Cunial Virginia 3/5/1902 Joseph Francesca Thomas
Cunningham Isabel G. 1/24/1904 Clarence Minnie Gillespie
Curran Stillborn 9/29/1901 Peter Margaret Henry
Czaban Stillborn 12/23/1901 Jan Anna Ganbuza
Czezwski Stillborn 6/20/1904 Anthony Frances Fitzgerald
Daley John 8/6/1901 John Bridget (unknown)
Daley Mary Elizabeth 2/14/1908 William H. Julia Hurley
Dalton Stillborn 1/18/1903 Thomas Mary Pine
Dalton Stillborn 5/8/1903 John Mary E. Flynn
Dane Frank 12/11/1902 Frank Cecile Garvette  
Davis Stillborn 11/1/1912 William Katherine Williams
Delaney Stillborn 12/22/1910 John A. Helen Sullivan
Denver Helen 5/13/1904 Edward  Mary E. O'Brien
Devanney Bridget (Morris) 4/24/1903 Lawrence Mary Casey
Devlin John 4/27/1903 Patrick Bridget McCluskey
Devlin Mary 8/7/1904 unknown unknown Arthur
DeWild Francis 9/12/1910 Paul Mary Falvirot
DiGangi Jennie 1/18/1910 Mario Josephine Galanio
Doherty Stillborn 4/10/1908 Peter Viva Doherty (sic)
Dolan Stillborn 1/27/1906 John Susan McInerney
Dolan Lauretta 6/27/1910 Thomas F. Mary A. Bonan
Dolan Stillborn 10/30/1910 Thomas F. Mary A. Rowan
Dolan Edward 1/21/1913 John J. Susan McInerney
Donnelly Michael J. 9/6/1901 Michael Mary Mahoney
Donoghue Stillborn 11/25/1908 Patrick Mary Talty
Donoghue Roger 12/25/1908 Jeremiah Bridget Rourke
Donoghue Jeremiah F. 7/31/1910 Florence Lizzie Hearn
Dowd John 7/13/1903 Patrick Mary Scanlon
Doyle Theresa (Corcoran) 2/25/1901 unknown Ann Ferry Charles
Doyle William 11/8/1901 William Kate Shea
Doyle William W. 7/19/1903 Francis Lizzie Breen
Doyle Mary M. 9/30/1904 Francis F. Elizabeth Breen
Draucuin John 7/28/1904 Wizemiec Karalyne Ecinki
Drury Alice (Long) 12/24/1902 George Margaret McCaffery George
Drury George F. 8/11/1911 John Anna Collins
Duffy Stillborn 4/13/1904 William F. Mary Queenan
Dunn Frederick W 1/23/1902 Bartholmew Adelaide A. Caldbeck
Elias Rose M 10/24/1901 Mansur Mascheal Abda
Elias Peter May 11/8/1901 Mansur Msahae Abdoo
Engelica Maria (Soares) 9/1/1902 Venesee Rozie Engelica
Ermer Lillian May 3/19/1904 Christopher Katie A. Murphy
Espinola Angilo 7/16/1903 Joseph         Custodia Candida
Espinola Manuel 2/26/1909 Constantine Candida Silva
Fagan William 11/28/1902 Thomas Rose Reeves
Farrell James F. 4/3/1909 Henry Christine Matthews
Farrell Nellie F. (Wallace) 9/1/1909 Nicholas Katherine Flynn James F.
Farrell Winnifred (Dooley) 1/10/1910 James Catherine Blake Christopher
Farrington Theresa A. (Kennedy) 3/25/1907 Edward  Eliza Mayo Peter P.
Farrington Francis 5/1/1907 Peter Teresa Kennedy
Feeley MaryEllen 9/12/1907 William Elizabeth Lipper
Feeney John 9/17/1902 Patrick Winifred
Feguera Joseph 7/22/1907 John Mary Eurich
Fieney Stillborn 2/3/1904 John Kiscjida Unboinczak
Fiorilla Stillborn 10/18/1901 Nicholas Mary Camara
Fitzgerald Stillborn 5/3/1901 John Lizzie Leary
Fitzgerald John Joseph 9/19/1904 Patrick Nellie Walsh
Fitzgerald Stillborn 10/29/1908 Patrick Nellie Welch
Fitzpatrick Margaret 3/3/1902 Timothy Mary Cronin
Fitzpatrick James  5/30/1904 Timothy Mary Cronin
Fitzwilliams Stillborn 10/10/1910 unknown Delia Fitzwilliams
Flaherty John Francis 4/26/1908 Daniel Bridget Roach
Flanagan Thomas  3/18/1906 Thomas Mary O'Rourke
Flannagan Mary (O'Rourke) 9/12/1906 Patrick Mary Thyne Thomas
Flood Sarah J 10/10/1901 Thomas Delia Martin
Flower Mary G. 2/16/1904 John G. Carolina T. Silva
Flynn Rosa 9/6/1902 William Esther Barton
Flynn James G. 11/11/1905 John O. Ellen Slattery
Flynn Stillborn 5/4/1906 William H. Augusta Barker
Foley Mary E. 9/20/1907 John Maggie McCrenn
Foley Thomas H. 2/14/1914 Bartholemew Julia Murphy
Forman Stillborn 9/30/1903 Winfield Agnes Bertran
Foster Thomas  5/10/1902 William Margaret
Foster Annie 2/12/1907 Thomas Mary Sullivan
Fox Lizzie L. 4/4/1904 Patrick Catherine Curry
Fox Catherine (Curry) 11/19/1906 Thomas unknown Patrick
Foy Mary (Sharray) 6/16/1901 James Mary (unknown) John
Foy Edward 5/3/1907 John Mary Murray
Foy Celia (Mulroy) 5/24/1911 Patrick Annie Flaherty James
Frain Daniel F. 10/12/1903 John Mary Duffin
Frain Alfred 11/7/1903 John Mary Duffin
Fralick Madeline 4/29/1901 Daniel Abbie Collins
Frates Mary A. 2/20/1901 John Mary Frates
Frawley Mary 12/14/1915 David F. Catherine Haggerty
Furtado Stillborn 7/22/1901 J. Joseph Rosa
Galvin Martin 8/1/1901 Michael Mary Connor
Garlick Mary E. 2/7/1905 Frank Margaret McDermott
Garrity Mary 6/26/1902 unknown Kate Garrity
Garrity Mary A. (Curtis) 4/20/1903 Michael Alice McAnenney Stephen
Garrity Joseph 2/20/1904 Joseph Catherine McMahon
Gettings  Stillborn 11/10/1908 James Winnifred Healey
Gibbons Alexander H. 5/21/1911 Alexander Amy Robinson
Gibbons Anne (Daley) 7/3/1911 John Bridget Grennon Alexander
Gibowllo Jochonna 7/26/1904 Andro Franciszka Smith
Gill Joseph F.J. 10/29/1901 Joseph F Rose Silva
Gilligan Sarah (Gorman) 12/30/1901 James Margaret McQuade Thomas F.
Gilligan Thomas F. 9/27/1906 unknown Winnifred Kierce
Gillogley not given 12/22/1908 Frank Mary Guilfoy
Golden Jane 6/13/1902 Peter Mary A. Hughes
Gomes Albert S. 9/14/1912 John S. Katherine Silvarina
Gookin Francis A. 8/8/1902 John J. Elizabeth Farrington
Gookin Charles  8/3/1903 John J. Elizabeth Farrington
Gorman Elizabeth (Baker) 1/4/1901 Conrad Elizabeth Hunt Richard
Gormley Hugh 4/2/1901 James Margaret McQuade
Grady Ann T. 4/18/1901 Michael Mary A. O'Day
Grady Mary (O'Day) 7/19/1910 Patrick Susan O'Tool Michael
Greening Rose A. 4/4/1905 Patrick Sarah Philips
Greening Joseph 6/2/1908 Patrick Sarah Philips
Griffin James J. 8/20/1909 unknown unknown
Gszik Antoinette 7/25/1902 Michael Mary Goler
Guthrie Nora 9/17/1903 John Minnie Droney
Hall Annie 12/16/1902 John unknown
Hames John 3/16/1904 Frank Maria Kenney  
Hamilton Stillborn 12/9/1901 Charles Hannah Sullivan
Hamilton Hannah (Sullivan) 12/11/1901 Michael Mary Regan Charles
Handy Letfy (Handy) 2/18/1901 unknown unknown
Harding James M. 4/14/1914 John Isabella Douglas
Harrington Ellen (Kerrigan) 1/14/1902 Martin Bridget Riley Daniel
Harrington John 8/22/1902 John Georgia Cossette
Harrison Mary (Riley) 10/4/1903 William  unknown William
Hayden Francis   9/18/1903 John Mary Muldoon
Hayes Harold J. 9/26/1902 Daniel Katie Carey
Hennessy Ellen (O'Neil) 5/5/1901 Jerry Mary Sullivan Patrick
Hennessy Cornelius 9/5/1901 James Nora Lowney
Heslin James Henry 11/8/1909 John Mary McCabe
Hickey Stillborn 3/4/1902 William Annie Keegan
Hickey Stillborn 12/11/1903 William Annie Keegan
Higgins Helen 9/7/1903 Thomas Celia O'Donnell
Higgins Annie J. 6/29/1906 Michael Annie Doherty
Higgins Catherine (Kilmartin) 5/26/1908 Martin Mary Gilbride
Hiland Charles H. 8/12/1901 Michael F. Bridget Travers
Hoanian Stillborn 3/23/1913 Kirkor unknown Vartis
Holden Alice 8/22/1903 Peter Mary McGrey
Holland Stillborn 6/16/1902 Thomas Sarah McPherson
Homen Mary 7/23/1904 John A. Mary Nasimento
Homen Manuel 7/29/1910 Frank Maria Severin
Hop Stillborn 4/21/1901 Wojick Anna Wezobek
Horn Stillborn 7/1/1903 Frank Margaret Laran
Houge William F. 10/21/1913 John J. Jennie V. Flannagan
Houlighan Thomas  7/29/1903 William Margaret Hogan
Houlighan Joseph 7/29/1903 William Margaret Hogan
Howard Sarah (Abbott) 4/17/1907 John Sarah Watson Edward
Hughes Stillborn 4/22/1911 Joseph Ellen Walburton
Hutchinson Stillborn 11/8/1903 William Annie Henry
Hynes Stillborn 11/24/1909 James Ellen McKenna
Ingolsby John 5/6/1904 Thomas Ellen Marsterson
Jacintha Louiza 5/15/1901 Manuel Ermina Jacintha
Jacques Joseph F.J. 4/3/1901 Jean B. Maria Desrosier
Jefteas Stillborn 6/17/1908 Louis Ellen Maniszotus
Jesus Henrique 9/11/1903 Joseph Sinhormha Mello
Jezus Jeznina (Correia) 3/28/1904 Antoina Aledena Linares John
Johnson Anna J. (Whitaker) 12/10/1902 Henry Anna Doherty Charles H.
Johnson Ellen V. 6/15/1903 Arthur   Mary McCarthy
Johnson Rose 10/17/1903 John Mary Carpenter
Johnson Stillborn 8/29/1907 Frank Mary Carden
Johnson Elizabeth C. (O'Neil) 9/18/1907 Samuel Mary Boyle Brent
Johnson Jack 7/25/1909 George Eliza Littlewood
Johnson Anna F. 4/10/1911 Arthur Mary G. McCarthy
Johnson Stillborn 4/13/1911 Charles N. Annie Sharkey
Johnson Mary A. (McCarty) 11/7/1912 Dennis Catherine Hewley John F.
Joubert Rosanna   1/24/1904 James Hanna Coyle
Joubert Anthony D. 11/24/1905 James Hanna Coyle
Joubert Helen 1/29/1910 James Hannah Coyle
Joubert James  11/27/1912 James Hannah Coyle
Joy  Stillborn 7/5/1904 Echelbert Annie Ross
Joyce JohnE. 6/4/1901 John Catherine Glennon
Joyce Catherine (Leonard) 4/9/1915 unknown unknown
Kane John J. 10/26/1910 John Bridget Toohey
Kantaka Anastasia 2/16/1908 Antonia Verenher Viensh
Karolina Fannie 7/3/1902 John Katarzyna Gawlik
Katrina Annie 9/5/1910 Albert Famehy Moses
Kazangian Victor 6/6/1905 Mugividick Mary Carpenter
Keegan Peter P. 7/17/1907 Peter Ann Boyle
Keegan Catherine 4/4/1910 unknown Nancy Boyle Peter P.
Kelley John J. 10/3/1901 John Mary Cluin
Kelley Mathew 11/25/1902 Daniel Johanna Sullivan
Kelley Elizabeth (Jackson) 4/1/1903 Lawrence Mary Short James
Kelley not given 6/17/1903 Eugene C. Annie Mahon
Kelley Michael J. 8/3/1903 Patrick Mary Kelly
Kelley James  11/23/1904 Patrick Mary Kelley
Kent Louisa 7/11/1909 unknown Louisa Kent
Kerrigan Margaret (Dorance) 4/21/1904 James Jane Danahy Robert
Kersey Blanche 4/30/1907 Alexander Catherine (unknown)
Kezangian Jacke 7/4/1903 Danbed unknown
Kierce John F. 9/18/1912 Francis J. Mary A. Guthrie
Kirkand Stillborn 7/15/1911 Sinclair Frances Delderfield
Kubacki Ludwin 9/10/1903 Feliks Aureloi Kotztyla
Labranche Joseph A. 8/25/1909 Napolean Louise Bibeau
Laffey Patrick M. 1/2/1911 Marlin Margaret Hanley
Lally Elizabeth 10/5/1908 unknown Mary Lally
Lamphier William 7/19/1907 Walter Mary O'Brien
Lamphier Philip 10/24/1909 Walter Marietta O'Brien
Lamphier Catherine 10/14/1914 Walter Mary O'Brien
Lamphil Veronica 8/9/1913 Walter Mary O'Brien
Lanigan Michael 7/5/1911 unknown unknown
Lannon Joseph 6/9/1907 James H. Bridget A. Kelley
Laverton Mathew 8/10/1911 unknown Margaret Laverton
Lawrence Emydio 7/26/1904 Frank Josephine Ardell
Lawrence Mary E. (Halpin) 9/24/1910 Patrick Anastasia Butler George
Lawson Joseph 2/19/1901 Joseph Herminie Leclair
Lawson Catherine 8/29/1902 Robert Margaret Curran
Lawson Margaret (Curran) 11/30/1902 Hugh Agnes McFee Robert
Lawson Robert 10/11/1908 Robert   Mary Fiske
Leahy Lillie 11/22/1911 Benjamin Sophia Barber
LeClare Mary 6/10/1907 Lewis  Mary A. Sullivan
LeDue Viola Lillian 4/23/1904 William F. Margaret Vallie
Lee Stillborn 10/6/1902 Michael Rose Corrigan
Lee Baby 9/8/1909 unknown Gertrude Lee
Leighton Viola May 11/5/1901 Lynn Cassie McInnis
Lewis Frank 9/27/1903 John Jennie Silva
Linhares Josepha M 5/15/1902 Jose Jacinta C. Correia
Lipper John A. 6/26/1904 John J. Minnie Brennan
Livsey Mabel 1/11/1906 Arthur Sarah  (unknown)
Lloyd Margaret (Lloyd) 6/30/1903 Owen Lizzie Murphy John
Lobao Grace T. 7/28/1902 Frank Annie Thomas
Logan Bernard 7/4/1911 Michael Anne  
Long  Elizabeth 10/16/1906 John unknown Quebec
Longley Mary E. (Crowley) 6/3/1904 Jeremiah Ann Levitt Frank
Longley William 2/23/1906 Frank Mary E. Crowley
Lucis Manuel 6/30/1903 Manuel Marie Lucis
Lynch Ann (Tully) 6/17/1902 Michael Mary Smith Patrick
Mahon Mary 8/2/1901 Patrick Mary Tiernan
Mahon Stillborn 5/27/1904 Patrick Nellie Tierney
Mahon Ellen 10/16/1904 Patrick Ellen Tiernan
Mahon Stillborn 5/5/1909 Patrick Mary Tiernan
Mahoney Stillborn 7/18/1901 Michael Delia Gleason
Mahoney Mary J 9/14/1901 John J. Mary J. Molloy
Mallo Julia 8/5/1906 Emedo Mary Julia
Maloney Ambrose 12/2/1901 Patrick J. Nellie McKeigne
Maloney Nellie M. (McKeigne) 3/10/1904 Patrick Bridget Brown Patrick J.
Maloney Marion G. 3/29/1904 Patrick Nellie McKeegan
Maloney William T. 2/2/1905 John J. Mary Molloy
Maloney Henry W. 2/10/1906 John J. Mary J. Molloy
Maloney Dorothy 12/14/1910 Michael J. Annie J. Garland
Manning John 5/14/1902 Jeremiah Nellie McNichol
Manning Stillborn 8/21/1908 not known Sabina Manning
Manning Stillborn 8/21/1908 not known Sabina Manning
Manus Rose A. 5/10/1905 Joseph Mary Perry
Marsh  Velrine 6/28/1903 Frank Mary Lantos
Marshall Loretta 5/17/1903 Robert Annie Payne
Marshall Stillborn 12/6/1907 Robert J. Annie Payne
Marshall Robert 3/16/1909 Frederick H. Catherine McAuliffe
Marshall Catherine (McAuliffe) 6/8/1914 John Johanne Delaney Frederick H.
Martin Edward 8/7/1903 Joseph Mary Ozen
Martin Joseph 8/12/1903 John Mary Jesus
Martin Delfina 8/17/1903 John Mary Veria
Martin Marion 8/19/1903 Hugh Lottie Batcheller
Martin Frank 3/27/1904 John Mary Jesus
Martin Delia 7/29/1904 George Bridget Pike
Martin John 3/7/1911 unknown Margaret Martin
Mathews Timothy J. 10/22/1907 Joseph Julia Sullivan
Matthews Bridget 10/23/1911 Joseph H. Julia Sullivan
McAlllister Gertrude 4/26/1910 John Jennie Langan
McAloon Michael 5/3/1901 James Hannah Slavin
McAloon Ann (Galvin) 6/12/1906 unknown unknown Michael
McCabe Maria G. (Fordan) 5/18/1902 Michael Mary Boland Thomas
McCabe Stillborn 10/1/1903 Frank  Louise Conway
McCabe Alice Gertrude 6/21/1913 Thomas Marie Foran
McCaffrey Eugene P. 4/16/1904 John Julia Berry
McCaffrey Bernard J. 4/19/1905 John Julia Murray
McCarthy John 10/27/1903 John Mary Slattery
McCarthy Catherine (Healey) 11/29/1907 Dennis unknown Daniel
McCashin Catherine (Barry) 3/25/1904 John Catherine Hanahan James
McCauley Catherine 7/13/1903 John Mary Healey
McClenney William 1/14/1903 William Margaret McDonald
McCluskey John A. 11/5/1903 John Mary A. Conley
McCormack Sarah 9/11/1902 Patrick unknown
McCormack Mary A. 8/22/1903 John Elizabeth McGilligan
McCormack John 8/5/1905 John Lizzie McGertigan
McCormack Mary (Devenish) 6/6/1914 William Sarah Nicholson Patrick
McCormack Joseph 7/26/1915 Patrick Devenish
McCormick Patrick 5/16/1909 Thomas Mary Fitzpatrick
McCready Florence E. 9/6/1903 James Elizabeth Burke
McCullen Joseph P 12/23/1902 Patrick Catherine Gorman
McDermott Rose 8/11/1903 Anthony Rose A. Conner
McDermott Catherine 8/13/1903 Anthony Rose A. Conner
McDermott Stillborn 5/3/1904 John J. Mary E. Quill
McElhill JohnJ 9/14/1902 Philip Katie McGaughey
McElroy Alice M. (McQuaid) 11/8/1903 Peter Catherine McQuaid James
McGann John T. 10/2/1903 Peter Margaret Griffin
McGee Stillborn 10/16/1901 James Rose Roark
McGinn Mary A. 2/20/1902 James Mary McCahey
McGlone Hugh 7/28/1913 Michael Mary Gallagher
McGookin William G. 2/3/1906 James Lidia Caswell
McGookin Catherine 10/11/1909 William J. Bridget Morgan
McGovern Thomas  5/29/1906 unknown unknown
McGowan Michael 7/5/1911 unknown unknown
McGowan Charles P. 2/15/1912 Hugh Maria Higgins
McHale Annie M. (Walsh) 5/16/1903 Martin Bridget Clark James F.
McHale Thomas P. 9/23/1908 Thomas J. Cora Puffer
McHugh Stillborn 4/19/1904 Edward  Rose A. Nugent
McHugh James A. 10/16/1912 James Florence Walker
McKenney Charles L. 6/25/1901 Charles H. Emily McCarthy
McKeon James E. 4/30/1903 James E. Margaret Byron
McKeon Mary J. (Shanley) 8/27/1908 James Mary McNulty James
McKinnon John H. 2/5/1909 William Jessie Fortune
McLaughlin Mary (Sheehan) 11/10/1908 Owen Bridget McSorley not named
McLaughlin Stillborn 1/4/1909 Andrew Adeline Baxter
McLaughlin not given 4/14/1912 Andrew Pauline Baxter
McLaughlin Stillborn 11/24/1912 Andrew Adaline Baxter
McLaughlin Stillborn 2/10/1914 Andrew Adaline Baxter
McLenney Ellen (Collins) 11/3/1901 Cornelius Ellen Hayes William
McLoughlin Ethel May 2/8/1904 Andrew Adaline Baxter
McMahan Michael 2/11/1914 John Margaret Kenny
McMahon John 8/21/1903 Michael Margaret Kane
McMahon John J. 6/10/1904 John M. Margaret Kenney
McMahon Margaret (Morrison) 10/15/1906 John Margaret Morrison John
McManus Frank 2/19/1912 John Margaret McManus
McNiff Mathus 4/1/1902 Peter Maria Henry
McNulty Stillborn 4/11/1903 James  unknown Teague
McNulty William 1/4/1904 John Mary Halpin
McNulty Mary E. 5/1/1905 James Susan Teague
McNulty Stillborn 6/26/1908 James Susan Teague
McNulty Nicholas G. 1/22/1911 James Susie Teague
McPherson Madeline 1/3/1902 John Mary Mackey
McPherson Angus 7/29/1902 Dougat Mary Anderson
McPherson Alice 1/18/1909 John Mary Mackey
Melcher Mabel (Lucier) 11/4/1911 Albert unknown Herbert
Mellen Cathaleen 6/9/1904 Francis J. Mary O'Hare
Mellen Mary (O'Hare) 4/27/1911 Thomas Mary Hardigan Joseph
Mello Frank 4/7/1903 Lewis [sic] Annie J. Silva
Mellor Edward Oliver 12/9/1908 George unknown
Mercier Mary Cecile 7/8/1909 Alfonse E. Amanda Gervais
Micot Helene 1/3/1904 Peter Kady Andonwikeo
Miller Henry C. 7/10/1903 Charles Bertha Wilkins
Minahan Helen 4/21/1911 Jeremiah Bridget Clancy
Mitchell Joseph 4/16/1901 William Susan Haggerty
Mitchell William 11/17/1902 William Susan Haggerty
Mitchell Stillborn 3/26/1907 William Susan Haggerty
Mizelane Manuel 6/19/1903 John Roza Emily
Moffatt Lizzie (Judge) 5/9/1903 Michael unknown Bernard
Moira John L. 9/22/1901 John Emily Deluteia
Molloy Stillborn 8/20/1903 Matthew   Annie Dempsey
Monahan Marion R. 1/23/1902 Thomas Mary O'Donnell
Monahan Perley 7/29/1903 Joseph Elizabeth McEntee
Monahan not given 12/25/1908 Michael Bridget McCarthy
Mone John 12/28/1903 Michael Catherine Meaney
Moon Stillborn 1/15/1913 George Josephine Dupuis
Moran Stillborn 4/15/1903 William Margaret Barris
Moran Thomas  1/4/1909 Nicholas Bridget Fitzpatrick
Morris Alice 6/19/1901 Walter J. Margaret M. Kearns
Morris James J 11/29/1901 John Ellen Coffy
Morris Ellen (Coffee) 3/16/1903 John Mary Coffee George
Morris Margaret A. (Kierce) 1/17/1907 Maurice Catherine Connors Walter J.
Morris Gertrude 11/13/1911 Frank A. Catherine Rogers
Morrison Edward F. 7/15/1911 Patrick Elizabeth McNamara
Moslonka Felekes 5/24/1902 Jonhn kataryno Yolen  
Moslonka Kotaryno (Yolen) 6/1/1902 unknown unknown Jonhn
Mulcahy Catherine (O'Connell) 9/11/1903 James Elizabeth Smiddy Edward
Mulholland John 6/4/1902 John J. unknown
Mulligan Stillborn 10/29/1903 Patrick Catherine McCabe
Murphy Mary 7/3/1901 John Ann Connors
Murphy Catherine (McNamara) 9/15/1902 Hugh Mary Sharkey George
Murphy Florence 6/23/1903 Michael Jennie Deressers
Murphy Stillborn 4/1/1904 William Sadie McCollum
Murphy Ellen E. (Williams) 1/16/1922 Patrick Julia McLaughlin James J.
Murray Annie (O'Connell) 12/30/1901 Patrick Mary McGrath Patrick J.
Murray Edward 3/13/1909 Edward  Julia Coyne
Murray Veracunda 4/21/1913 James H. Bridget Harahan
Nagle Stillborn 11/10/1903 Thomas Catherine Ellsworth
Nagle Richard 12/12/1909 Patrick Johanna Barrett
Nagle William J. 12/7/1914 Richard Abbie O'Connor
Nash Ellen (Welch) 8/29/1905 Edward  Ellen Lochran Edward
Nason Paul Edward 8/31/1908 Bynar Susan Newson
Neary William 6/29/1910 Nicholas J. Catherine Curran
Neary Michael 6/29/1910 Nicholas J. Catherine Curran
Neiland Joseph 6/28/1909 James Delia Critchley
Nelligan Ellen M. 7/31/1904 William Katherine Milane
Newson John G. 7/13/1904 George Catherine Garry
Noon Annie V. 6/17/1903 Thomas Anni Mullen
Noon Mary J. 6/13/1909 Thomas Annie Mullen
Noon Thomas  10/22/1910 Thomas Ann Mellen
Oates Jane (Queenan) 3/10/1902 Michael Rose Lynch John
O'Brien Ellen (Ryder) 8/17/1901 Thomas unknown Michael F.
O'Brien Stillborn 11/20/1906 Michael Margaret Earley
O'Brien Mary Ellen 8/8/1908 Michael Margaret Early
O'Brien Richard 7/14/1909 Timothy Mary Welch
O'Dowd John 3/26/1910 John Mary Gardiner
O'Hara Thomas J. 1/10/1905 Thomas J. Ida May Shanahan
O'Hara Bridget (Halpin) 6/2/1912 John Alice Tully Patrick
O'Hare Michael S. 1/9/1904 John Mary Toomey
O'Hare Ellen 1/9/1904 John Mary Toomey
O'Hare Michael  3/25/1914 Patrick Bridget O'Neill
O'Keefe John J. 5/4/1909 Timothy Sarah McElroy
O'Neil Celia 10/14/1901 Samuel Mary Boyle
O'Neil Michael 10/8/1904 Daniel unknown
O'Neill Mary (Boyle) 1/1/1905 Patrick Elizabeth Gilmartin Samuel
O'Rourke John J. 11/10/1910 James Amy Dolan
O'Rourke Bridget (Monahan) 4/9/1913 Michael Catherine Kilkenny Patrick
Oslesto Stillborn 1/10/1903 Antony Mary Mechatec
Oulighan Margaret (Hagan) 1/17/1901 John Mary Ryan William
Oulighan William H. 7/26/1905 James Jane Mitchell
Owens Mary 12/29/1903 Neil Sofie Maynard
Ozana Wiczntey T. 2/27/1901 Joseph Victoria Domagata
Paddock William 8/23/1903 John Annie Paddock 
Page Stillborn 10/4/1902 William Alice Phillips
Paparell Leo 12/22/1903 Joseph Philmena Spost
Paprowiez Paulina (Cabon) 11/24/1903 Joseph Katahrine Galuszka Anthony
Patrick Joseph 1/29/1904 James Annie Farrington
Pave Stillborn 1/21/1904 Antonio Mary Augustee
Perry Joseph 3rd 3/2/1901 Joseph Rose Isabel
Perry John 6/22/1902 Joseph Roza Isabella
Perry Maria 6/28/1902 Manuel Levisa Carolina  
Perry Annie 11/19/1902 Manuel Mary Tavarsh [sic]  
Perry Carlot 2/19/1903 Manuel Mary Perry
Perry Andrew 10/15/1903 John Georganna Emila
Perry Alexander 12/13/1906 Joseph Rose Lebelle
Perry not given 10/21/1910 Edward Ellen Graham
Pimental JohnF. 4/2/1903 Raul F. Dolfe Verre
Pink Mary Etta 6/30/1903 Charles Annie Donnelly
Pink Catherine 8/19/1904 Charles Annie Donnelly
Pink Stillborn 1/8/1907 Charles Annie Donnelly
Pires Antonio 4/29/1903 Luiz Maria Amelia
Pollard John Thomas 10/28/1901 James Delia McLoughlin
Powell John J. 2/19/1906 John J. Ann McGlone
Powell Daniel F. 10/25/1915 John Fannie Hillgrove
Powers Sabinna (Joyce) 12/5/1903 Patrick Sabinna Manning Edward
Powers Edward 3/17/1911 John Mary Kenney
Powers Jeremiah 9/18/1911 Patrick Margret Griffin
Provenca Nellie 8/9/1902 Joseph Gloria Bernardo
Purcell Mary A. (Young) 1/9/1902 Charles F. Mary A. Fleming Thomas
Purcell Thomas  5/9/1911 unknown unknown
Quailey Joseph L. 8/27/1902 Frank Jesse Silva
Queenan Stillborn 5/29/1901 Owen Margaret Rourke
Queenan Hugh 9/29/1902 Hugh Bridget Sutliff
Quinlan John 10/1/1901 John Mary Barrett
Quinlan Frederick 8/2/1906 John Mary Barrette
Quinlan Daniel A. 6/8/1908 Daniel A. Mary J. Gormley
Raffa Frank 10/31/1902 Jack Mary (unknown)
Ready Stillborn 5/29/1903 George Emma Trudeau
Real Michael N. 12/19/1903 William Rose McLague
Redmond Mary A. 2/1/1901 James Ann Sinnett
Redmond Ann (unknown) 3/2/1901 unknown unknown James
Reed Henry 3/5/1913 John Mary (unknown)
Reed Mary (Murray) 7/26/1914 John Mary (unknown) Henry
Reidy Ellen (Ryder) 1/29/1908 Patrick Ann McHale Patrick
Reidy Patrick 7/1/1908 Daniel Gubb White
Reilly Esther (Hurley) 8/10/1909 Timothy Ellen Canty John
Reynolds John B. 1/2/1902 John Mary Taylor
Reynolds Patrick 7/13/1903 John Bridget O'Connor
Reynolds William 9/13/1903 Thomas Mary Cassidy
Reynolds Patrick 7/15/1904 Bernard  Mary Kiernan
Reynolds Helen 1/11/1909 Thomas Mary Cassidy
Reynolds Joseph 6/26/1909 Thomas Mary Cassidy
Riley Stillborn 9/29/1901 Daniel Mary O'Neil
Riley Stillborn 7/8/1905 Daniel F. Mary O'Neil
Riley Jane 7/5/1911 Patrick Winnifred Hefferman
Robinson William G. 11/4/1903 Warren Fannie Holmes
Rocha Stillborn 5/13/1904 John J. Mary Silva
Roche Michael 12/28/1909 Patrick unknown
Rock Daniel 1/15/1910 Daniel unknown
Rogers Paul Glen 8/2/1903 Patrick Cora Patten
Rogers Stillborn 11/23/1909 James Rosetta C. Tucker
Roolen Stanislaus 6/18/1904 Valenty Emelie Sechezo
Roth Charles M. 7/17/1904 Michael Barbara Berger
Roth Rosie (Huntback) 12/9/1907 unknown unknown John
Rothwell Stillborn 9/30/1910 Edward J. Rose G. Lee
Rourke James M. 4/11/1907 John J. Bridget Monahan
Rowe  Mary E. 3/14/1906 Patrick Bridget Carbles
Rowen Estella May 12/27/1903 James B. Ada Brown
Rowen George J. 5/22/1905 James B. Ada Brown
Rozalia Culakieviz 2/13/1902 Peter Bronistava Mrooka  
Rusecki Joseph  8/17/1901 Michael Aitena Glebinte 
Rutledge Marion 8/11/1903 John Elizabeth McGilligan
Ryan Lillian 3/1/1909 John O. Catherine McKinnon
Ryan William F. 10/14/1910 William Mary McCarty
Ryan Michael J. 6/12/1912 Dennis Mary Ryan
Ryle Mary (Noon) 12/1/1901 Hugh Mary Horan John
Saggs Sarah 6/5/1904 James W. Katie O'Brine
Sargent Mary A. 6/21/1901 Thomas L Catherine Buckley
Sargent Thomas E. 9/6/1905 Thomas L. Catherine Buckley
Sargent Eileen 11/1/1907 Thomas L. Catherine Buckley
Scanlon Peter Francis 4/21/1901 Patrick Bridget Queenan
Scott Thomas  8/9/1913 Thomas unknown
Senior Mary 5/5/1901 James Mary Craven
Sexton John L. 1/13/1902 Peter Mary Lyons
Sexton Mary (Lyons) 9/13/1903 John Sarah Woods Peter
Sexton Francis Joseph 4/30/1907 William F. Mary E. Tighe
Sexton Stephen 5/22/1907 Stephen Mary Hennessey
Sexton Catherine F. 12/12/1910 William F. Mary E. Tighe
Shanahan Stillborn 8/23/1903 Daniel Mary A McGuire
Shanley James  4/27/1902 Charles Bridget Downs
Shanley Thomas F. 12/17/1910 Charles Bridget Downs
Shaughnessy John J 8/2/1901 John Mary (unknown)
Shay William M 12/1/1901 Peter Mary J. Bryer
Shea John P. 6/4/1905 Daniel Hannah Lowney
Shellon Michael 7/5/1903 unknown unknown
Shore Stillborn 1/18/1904 Joseph E. Ellen Foley
Shore Ellen (Foley) 1/24/1904 Bartholomew unknown Joseph
Silva John 2/26/1901 John Ida Silva
Silva Alick 6/3/1901 Alick Laura Silva
Silva Manuel 2/20/1902 Manuel Maria Candia
Silva Rose 8/11/1902 Bezil Casdota Joseph
Silva Nellie 8/12/1902 Bissell Casdota Joseph
Silva Jeserina (Cunha) 6/22/1903 Manuel unknown Joseph C.
Silva Tony 7/16/1903 Vital Mary Spinolas
Silva Stillborn 8/30/1903 Manuel Vegal Jackson
Silva Dennis 11/27/1903 Joseph C. Jennie Netto
Silva Margarita 8/24/1907 Caetano Anna Lawrence
Silveria Daniel 4/15/1913 Francisco Mary Silva
Smith not given 7/9/1901 John Mary Green
Smith John J. 11/15/1901 James Margaret Fay
Smith Stone 5/30/1902 Joe Mary Bezok  
Smith Mary 9/2/1906 Henry Margaret Stapleton
Smith Stillborn 3/9/1913 John Ada Asquith
Sobegak Sophie 7/10/1904 Spicous Patronela Tork
Socezak Petronda 11/4/1903 Franciszck Apolonia Pienkos
Souza Joseph 3/17/1902 Tony Annie Gitze  
Souza Antonio 7/4/1902 Antonio Josefina Silva
Souza Mary 9/21/1902 Frank Literia Nova  
Souza Maria 4/1/1903 Joseph Maria Jesus
Souza Amealie 7/26/1903 Tony Annie Jesus
Souza Arthur 6/6/1904 Antonio Rosia Candida
Souza Frank 7/13/1905 Frank Diletria Nora
Souza Frank F. 9/18/1907 Manuel F. Mary Silva
Souza, Jr Antonio 5/13/1907 Antonio Annie Goncalvs
Souza, Jr Victor 3/1/1911 Victor Flora Soars
Sponey Albert 4/3/1901 Albert Catherine (unknown)
St. Peter Stillborn 10/11/1907 Frank Mary E. Dudley
St. Peter not given 2/14/1910 Frank Mary Dunley
Stanek Karolina 6/12/1902 Michael Maryanna Froncek
Steel Alice L. 9/1/1901 Albert Alice Mcgrath
Step Stillborn 7/31/1903 John Fluffelia Mellis
Sullivan Eugene 9/18/1901 Timothy Eliza J. McKeirnan
Sullivan John J. 8/11/1902 James Kate Lowney
Sullivan Arthur 9/9/1902 James Minnie McHenry
Sullivan Patrick C. 10/1/1903 Patrick C. Mary Corcoran
Sullivan Stillborn 6/15/1904 Timothy Nellie Loughlin
Sullivan Stillborn 8/7/1910 Timothy L. Margaret Cox
Sullivan Timothy 10/6/1910 Patrick  Mary Cochran
Sullivan Raymond 7/18/1911 Joseph A. Annie McDowd
Sullivan William 3/25/1912 Timothy Eliza McKiernan
Sweeney Annie (Ronan) 11/8/1902 John Mary Ronan Denis
Sweeney Eugene 5/21/1905 unknown unknown
Swiertak Bronislaiva 12/4/1901 Adam Karolina Drygas
Szarek Marya 12/8/1901 Jozefa Kamierz Podgorski
Szarek Anna 12/9/1901 Jozefa Kamierz Podgorski
Taft Christopher 8/28/1903 Joseph unknown
Taraszkewicz Antiona 11/17/1909 Waclaw Lewonora Naudzez
Taylor Stillborn 10/4/1908 Joseph Margaret McLoughlin
Taylor not given 4/6/1912 John Elizabeth Quinn
Thanos Stillborn 11/10/1908 Thermestocles Mary (unknown)
Thibault Victoria (Lambert) 8/9/1910 Moses Philomene Lemaire George
Thomas Mary (Manning) 4/23/1903 John unknown Henry
Thyne Stillborn 2/20/1901 Martin Annie Coyle
Thyne Mary (Welch) 8/16/1902 Maurice Bridget McMahon Patrick
Thyne Patrick 3/3/1905 Patrick Kate Gorman
Tobin Stillborn 11/9/1903 Frank Abbie Watson
Tonks Leo 10/12/1903 Arthur W. Margaret L. McGauvin
Tonks not given 9/2/1904 Arthur Margaret McGauvran
Trowley John 12/10/1907 David Catherine Haggerty
Tully Anna 7/23/1904 Thomas Mary O'Connor
Tully Thomas  3/23/1907 Michael Mary Fury
Tuplin William M. 9/9/1909 John  Margaret Marks
Unidentified not given 8/28/1912 no information no information
Vera Frank 8/14/1903 Manuel Annie Esperitosto
Verville Jeannette E. 9/24/1908 Ernest Lovedia Comire
Vice Stillborn 3/9/1904 George Mary Averiet
Vieira Manuel 5/26/1901 Manuel Roze Jesus
Vinowiski Stillborn 2/1/1904 George Ave Navoski
Wagner Frederick 3/29/1904 John L. Besey Wagner
Walsh Stillborn 6/4/1901 Patrick Mary Murray
Walsh Mary 7/29/1901 James Ann Mullen
Walsh Luke 7/29/1901 Luke Mary McEtrich
Ward Raymond C. 10/26/1901 James H. Josephine A. Lareau  
Ward Dora M. 2/2/1907 William  Norah Savage
Ward Rose Agnes 5/9/1915 James H. Josephine Lareau
Webber Emma (Stanner) 10/12/1902 John Ornock Stanrond William
Welch Luke W. 8/12/1901 Luke Bridget Lynch
Wesson Johanna (Holland) 12/13/1901 James unknown William H.
Whalen Margaret 5/4/1904 John Catherine Dempsey
Whitman John 10/2/1901 unknown Mary Whitman
Wilbur Harold B. 10/4/1912 Herman Bridget Sheehan
Williams Hubert 9/24/1913 John Mary Bubrer Catherine
Williamson Stillborn 4/11/1903 Henry Dora Welch
Wilson Agnes T. 3/5/1902 Thomas Emma Gorham
Wojtowiz Stillborn 10/7/1902 Joachim Evy Snyt
Woods Stillborn 3/3/1909 Bernard  Catherine McCabe
Worden Stillborn 6/2/1911 Lenthier Pauline Rollins
Worwiak Stanislaw 12/11/1903 Jan Kunegunda Borek
Wrenn not given 4/10/1901 Patrick Johanna Oran
Yolen   Stillborn 4/21/1904 Adam Ewa Dusza
Yudel Albert 9/18/1907 Thomas unknown  Woodace
Zawiszir Julia 4/21/1904 Antoni Katurzyna Sopczok