This Noble / Gage Genealogy was submitted by Mrs. Barbara Clayton. All questions regarding this submission should be sent directly to Mrs. Clayton.

This was compiled, in part, from "Noble Genealogy" by L. Boltwood and from courthouse records, census and military records obtained from Montgomery County, Il and the State Archives in Montpelier, Vermont. I will include other resources, as various lines are explored.

Thomas Noble was born about 1632 in England and died 20 January 1704. It is mentioned by Drake, "History of Boston", page 331, as admitted on the 5th of January of that year, an inhabitant of Boston. That same year he moved to Springfield, Massachusetts. In 1664 "he had liberty granted him to erect a saw mill, on the west side of the Connecticut. Mr. Noble opened an account at the store of John Pynchon in 1653, falling into such debt that he was obliged in 1667 to make over to Pynchon, his house in Springfield and all his lands except a grant towards Windsor, "he then was ready to join those who were beginning a settlement at Westfield. The lands were granted to him, July 1666. Records show he was there as early as 21 January 1669 for a meeting at Warronoco, (Westfield). In his historical sketch of Westfield, Reverand Emerson Davis states, that Mr. Noble's residence in Westfield was about 2 1/2 miles east of the present center of town, on the farm, where his son Deacon Thomas Noble, afterwards resided. There, he doubtless lived in peace and quiet, until the commencement of "King Phillips War" in 1675. In this war, says Reverand Davis, "Mr. Noble was much exposed". "One night during family prayers, Gray Lock (an old Indian) stepped up and pulled the string and let the door swing open, and as soon as all was quiet, he would pull the string again". Mr. Noble was persuaded by his friends to move into town. Gray Lock, it is said "had several opportunities of killing most of his children at a shot, but did not want scalps as much as captives". Thomas Noble having been chosen constable of Westfield, records of Hampshire County Court show, that on the 7th of April 1674, "he was sworne to discharge ye said office, which in those days was one of honor and trust. He took the Oath of Allegiance to his Majesty 23 January 1678, joined the Westfield Church 20 February 1681, was made a freeman 12th October 1681 and at Hampshire County Court 26th of September 1682, took the freeman's oath. Thomas Noble married 01 November 1660 to Hannah Warriner,who was born in Springfield, Massachusetts 17th August 1643, the only daughter of William and Joanna (Searle) Warriner. She joined Westfield Church 11 November 1680. After Thomas Noble's death she married Deacon Medad Pomeroy. Medad Pomeroy was a blacksmith, town clerk, deacon and representative in 1677, 1683-1684, 1686, 1690 and 1692, a man of large wealth for the times and much influence. Children of Thomas & Hannah (Warriner) Noble were: John born 06 March 1662, Hannah born 24 February 1664, Thomas born 14 January 1666, Matthew born 1668, Mark born ?, Elizabeth born 09 February 1673, Luke born 15 July 1675, James born 01 October 1677, Mary born 29 June 1680 and Rebecca born 04 January 1683.

Matthew Noble was born abt 1668 and died in Sheffield, Massachusetts abt 1744, aged 76. He put himself under the watch of the Westfield Church 19 August 1694 and together with his wife, joined the same, 03 November 1728. In 1733, Matthew Noble issued the following warrant for the first town meeting in Sheffield, Massachusetts: "Hampshire ss Sheffield 11 January 1733. "To the Constables of the town of Sheffield, or Either of them Greeting". "In his Majesty's Name, you are required forth with to warn the free Holders, or Proprietors that are approbated settlers in the said town of Sheffield, that they meet at the House of Mr. Obadiah Noble, on Wednesday the 16th Day of January Currant, at ten of the clock in the morning; and signifie unto them that they are then and their Required to Chuse Town Officers to serve the Town Respectively from the Date of said Meeting, until the time of annually chusing Town Officers, which is in March next. This warrant is given under my hand pursuant to the Power and authority Directed to me by the General Assembly at Boston, to call said meeting to Chuse Town Officers & you are hereby Directed to make a return of said warrant unto myself at or before said time to me. Given under my hand the day above said:

Matthew Noble Matthew Noble married Hannah Dewey 10 December 1690, she was born 21 February 1672, daughter of Thomas and Constant (Hawes) Dewey. The time of her death has not been ascertained, though she was alive, 09 July 1745. Children of Matthew and Hannah (Dewey) Noble were: Joseph born 08 October 1691, Hezekiah born 14 May 1694, Matthew born 19 September 1698, Solomon born 23 December 1700, Capt. Elisha 09 February 1703, Obadiah born 19 October 1705, Hannah born 11 October 1707, Hester born 06 June 1710, Rhoda born 21 April 1716 and Rhoda born 17 April 1717.

Obadiah Noble was born in Westfield, Massachusetts 19 October 1705 and died in Sheffield, Massachusetts in 1786, aged 81 years old. He was early at Sheffield, the first town meeting having been held in 1733, at his home. "The Sheffield town records show that, on the 22nd of May, 1735, three barrels of Good Beare and twenty gallons of Rumb, were voted by the towne, for the use of those, who should aid in raising the first meeting house." "Such was the confidence reposed in the character of Obadiah Noble, that, at the same meeting, Obadiah Noble and Ensign Ashley were made choice of, to Dool out Drink to the laborers, when it is convenient and likewiss, to sell Drink to Strangers or town's People, and also to Receive the money." Mr. Obadiah Noble was the first white man who came to reside in Sheffield, Massachusetts. He was from Westfield and came and spent the first winter here with no other human associates, other than the Indians. In the Spring, he went back to Westfield and in June, his daughter, afterwards the wife of Deacon Daniel Kellogg, returned here with him. She was the first white woman that came into town. She traveled from Westfield, when about 16 years of age, on horseback, bringing a bed with her and lodging one night in the wilderness, in what is now the east part of Tyringham. Obadiah Noble married Mary (Callender) Bosworth, daughter of Phillip Callender of Sheffield, Massachusetts. Children of Obadiah and Mary (Callender) Noble were: Peter born 22 May 1734, Nathaniel born 23 October 1736, Obadiah born 06 September 1739, Zechariah born 16 April 1742, Ezekiel born 08 June 1745. Obadiah's will is dated 14 October 1785, proved 06 June 1786 naming his sons, Peter, Nathaniel, Zechariah, Obadiah, Ezekiel and daughter in law Susannah Fairchild.

Peter Noble was born in Sheffield, Massachusetts, 22 May 1734 and died in Whitehall, N.Y. September or October 1806, aged 72. He removed to Tinmouth, Vermont and thence to Whitehall abt 1783. In the French and Indian War, he enlisted in 1755, in the company formed by Captain Elisha Noble, his Uncle, to reinforce the army destined for Crown Point. He married 30 March 1757 to Abigail Eggleston, who is said to have been of Irish or Welsh descent. She was born in Westfield, Massachusetts, 22 March 1741, daughter of Joseph and Abigail (Ashley) Eggleston. His second marriage was to Margaret Webster, who survived him several years. Children of Peter & Abigail (Eggleston) Noble were: Mary born 13 Jan 1758, Solomon born 07 June 1759, Obadiah born 28 February 1761, Clark born 14 February 1763, Henry born November 1764, Huldah born 14 October 1766, Henry born 12 March 1768, William born 19 December 1769, Abigail born 14 October 1771, Electa born 24 August 1773, Peter born 15 September 1775, Lovisa born 09 April 1777, Henry born 13 December 1778, Paul born 07 February 1779 and Miranda born ?.

Solomon Noble was born in Sheffield, Massachusetts 07 June 1759 and died in Cornwall, Canada East abt April 1831, aged 71. He resided with his first wife, in Lansingburg, N.Y. and Ferrisburg, Vermont, but after her divorce from him, removed about 1803 to Cornwall, C.E. He was a farmer. Solomon married 05 June 1783 to Lucy Holcomb daughter of Jonathan & Abigail (Hilliard) Holcomb. She died at the house of her daughter Mira, in Rockford, Il, 16 March 1848, aged 81. Solomon's second marriage was to Dorothy Tuttle who died about 1853. Children of Solomon and Lucy (Holcomb) Noble were: Salome born 25 January 1786, Henry born 30 October 1788, Julia born 1792, Mira born 12 September 1798. Solomon and Dorothy (Tuttle) Noble had a son named Jacob born ?.

Salome Noble was born 25 January 1786 and died 09 April 1825, aged 39. She married 01 December 1803 to William Montgomery Gage, who was born in Danby, Vermont, 15 August 1780, son of Walter and Phoebe (?) Gage. Pvt. Walter Gage served in the Revolutionary War, serving the state of Vermont. He served under Captain Gideon Ormsby and Captain Stephen Calkins. See DAR Record Copy of Belinda Suzanne Clayton, National #784871 and see muster records of Pvt Walter Gage and Captain William Montgomery Gage, on file at the Vermont State Archives in Montpelier, Vt. Walter Gage's parents were William Montgomery and Mercy (Huddleston) Gage. William Montgomery Gage achieved rank of Captain in the Revolutionary War. See same records as Pvt. Walter Gage. William Montgomery Gage settled in Ferrisburg, Vermont. Children of William and Salome (Noble) Gage were: Deidamia L. born 01 November 1805, Chrislor J. born 02 November 1807, Harriet N. born 30 March 1809, Juliann N. born 15 December 1810, Horace L. born 19 Jan 1813, Horatio G. born 18 July 1815, James H. born 30 June 1817, Whitney C. born 24 March 1819, and Amos B. born 04 April 1821. After the demise of Salome (Noble) Gage, William Gage married Abigail Higbee of Chittenden, Vermont. She died 14 February 1879 and William Gage died 01 October 1856. The children of William and Abigail (Higbee) Gage were: Myra, Abigail, Walter, Orange and Salome.

Amos Barnum Gage was born 04 April 1821 in Vermont and died 11 November 1870 in New York. He married Susan Fonda, the descendant of Jellis Douws Fonda born about 1630 in Amsterdam, Holland and arrived in Beverwyck, New York in 1654. He married Hester Douwese Van Arentsvelt, daughter of Douwese Jansen deVries Van Arentsvelt, in 1660 at Albany, New York. See Fonda Family History written by Howard McConville at the Schenectady Historical Society. This is the same Fonda family that the late actor Henry Fonda descends from. The lineage was also researched by his daughter Jane Fonda and is on file in New York! Children of Amos and Susan (Fonda) Gage were: William Montgomery Gage born 11 November 1843 and died 23 February 1934 in Montgomery County, Il, James Horatio Gage born 28 June 1846 and died 22 July 1848, Amos Whitney Gage born 14 June 1860 and died 1920 and Effie Noble Gage born 12 December, 1857.

William Montgomery Gage was born 11 November 1843 in Cahoes, New York and married Mary Melissa Sides on 27 October 1878, in Montgomery County, Il. She was the daughter of Matthias and Sarah (Bost) Sides, born 27 September 1858 in Montgomery County, Il.. William Montgomery Gage engaged in the Mercantile Business for many years, but later turned to the trade of Carpentry. He was Secretary of the 1st Carpenters Union formed in Nokomis, Montgomery County, Ill in the late 1800's- early 1900's. He was a skilled cabinet maker. William Montgomery Gage died 23 February 1934 in Montgomery County, Il and he and his wife are buried in Nokomis Cemetery in Nokomis, Il. William and Mary (Sides) Gage were the parents of: Lulu Luetta Gage born 13 July 1880, Elmer Gage born 12 December 1881, Suavilla Edna Gage born 05 November 1885 and died 04 December 1890, and Curtis Burwell Gage born 29 November 1893 and died 03 July 1911 in a tragic drowning accident in Christian County, Il. Suavilla and Curtis are also buried in Nokomis Cemetery, but no stone marks their graves.

Lulu Luetta Gage was born 13 July 1880 in Nokomis, Montgomery County, Il. She married Warren Franklin Hulbert on 05 December 1898 in Nokomis, Montgomery County, Il. Warren Franklin Hulbert was the son of Warren Moses and Martha (Traylor) Hulbert. Martha Traylor was the daughter of Caleb and Martha (Duncan) Traylor. Martha Duncan was the daughter of Nimrod Duncan, who served in the Revolutionary War. Every generation's records from Martha Duncan to present are all found in Montgomery County, Il. Her parents are buried in Kentucky. Caleb Traylor was the son of James and Nancy (Cardwell) Traylor. James Traylor was the son of Humphrey and Sarah (Cousins) Traylor. Humphrey Traylor served in the Revolutionary War in the state of Virginia, seeing battle at "King's Mountain". Humphrey Traylor was a large land and slave owner in Henrico County, Va. History of the Traylor Family by Lottie Williamson Hines is on file at the Virginia State Archives in Richmond, Va. Every generation but Humphrey Traylor, are buried in Montgomery County, Il and all their records are found there. Warren Franklin Hulbert was born in Montgomery County, Il on 01 November 1876 and he died in Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Il on 20 August 1959. Lulu (Gage) Hulbert died 11 May 1960 in Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Il. Warren and Lulu (Gage) Hulbert are buried in Nokomis Cemetery in Nokomis, Il. Warren Franklin and Lulu Luetta (Gage) Hulbert were parents of: Suavilla Isadora (Hulbert) Clayton born 06 June 1900 and died 01 May 1970, Lloyd Warren Hulbert born 22 March 1902l, Howard Everett Hulbert born 18 February 1905, Everett W. Hulbert born 23 October 1906, Grace E. Hulbert born 25 January 1909, Edna Hulbert born 13 June 1911 and Ida Mae Hulbert born 15 July 1913. All were born in Nokomis, Montgomery County, Il.

Suavilla Isadora Hulbert was born 06 June 1900 in Montgomery County, Il. She married Charles Leo Clayton, son of the late Charles Henry and Martha Elizabeth (Bass) Clayton, on 08 June 1921 in Nokomis, Montgomery County, Il. Charles Leo Clayton was born 05 April 1900 in Montgomery County, Il and was delivered by his step grandfather, Dr. William H. Geddy, who served in the Civil War with Company D, 178th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Charles Henry Clayton was the son of Henry and Abigail (Chapman) Clayton. Henry Clayton was born in England and died at 26 yrs of age, from typhoid fever, in Oberlin, Ohio.His only child, Charles Henry Clayton was almost 2 years old and he was born in 1876. Martha (Bass) Clayton was the 8th great grandaughter of Robin the Elder, chief of the Nansemond Nation. Suavilla (Hulbert) Clayton died of a massive heart attack on 01 May 1970, in Shelby County, Il. She was on the phone with a neighbor and had went outside to get something from the barn and she never returned to the phone. Her husband, who went by Leo, died 23 August 1987 in Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Il. Both Leo and Suavilla (Hulbert) Clayton are buried in Nokomis Cemetery in Nokomis, Il. Charles Leo and Suavilla Isadora (Hulbert) Clayton were parents of: Paul Leo Clayton born 13 March 1923 and died the same day, Dale Everett Clayton born 01 August 1924, Charles Warren Clayton born 10 January 1927 and Carl Marvin Clayton born 31 March 1933. All were born in Montgomery County, Il.

Dale Everett Clayton was born 01 August 1924 in Nokomis, Montgomery County, Il. Dale attended Green Valley School, a one room school house from 1930-1936. He would later graduate from Hillsboro High School in 1942. Dale then attended University of Illinois until he was drafted, when WW II broke out. Dale served in the US Navy as a Radarman 2nd Class aboard the Escort Carrier, "The Nehenta Bay". Dale's brother Warren also served in the US Navy, as SSML 3rd Class, aboard the Escort Carrier "The Fanshaw Bay". Warren witnessed the signing of peace agreements with various Japanese dignataries aboard the Fanshaw Bay. Carl Clayton also served in the US Army, as a Pvt with the 61st Anti Aircraft Artillery Batallion. Dale was Honorably Discharged from the US Navy on 29 December 1945. On March 01 1945, while his ship was docked in San Diego, California, after extensive damage by a typhoon, he went home on leave and married his childhood sweetheart, Lavonne Merle Armentrout, the daughter of the late John and Myrtle (Eddington) Armentrout. John Armentrout was the 3rd great grandson of Christopher and Susannah (Gallet) Powers Ermentraudt. Christopher Ermentraudt arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania aboard the SS Samuel from Germany on 27 Aug 1739. See copy of "Armentrouts in America" 1739-1987 by Russell Armentrout on file in the Nokomis Library in Nokomis, Montgomery County, Il.. Myrtle (Eddington) Armentrout was the great, great grandaughter of William and Elizabeth (Mitchell) Eddington, who were born in Middlezoy, Somersetshire, England. See "Eddington Genealogy" compiled by Barb (Hays) Clayton in Nokomis Library in Nokomis, Montgomery County, Il, which contains records from Middlezoy, Somersetshire, England. Dale and Lavonne (Armentrout) Clayton were farmers most of their lives, Dale is in his late 70's at works 12 hr shifts at FS occassionally, runs a farmers market, from vegetables he grows and he and Lavonne are skilled wood crafters. Every Christmas, all nine children and grandchildren, get shelves, coat trees, stools, cabinets and cedar chests, just to name a few. Lavonne also crochets beautiful doilies, dolls and crafts. We cherish them both! Dale and Lavonne (Armentrout) Clayton are parents of nine children: Kenneth Melvin Clayton born 09 January 1948, Merle Everett Clayton born 28 April 1949, Olin Dale Clayton (my sweetie) born 20 March 1951, Anita Elaine (Clayton) Wahlsmith born 26 November 1952, Yvonne Marie (Clayton) Hicks born 21 July 1956, James Dean Clayton born 03 February 1959, Lester Norman Clayton born 13 July 1960, Gail Irene (Clayton) Kessler born 21 March 1962, and Janice Eileen (Clayton) Volentine born 29 October 1963. All nine kids were born in Montgomery County, Illinois and all nine kids attended Witt Grade School and graduated from Witt High School.The school just recently was closed. The photos of all nine kids now hang in the Witt Museum.

Olin Dale Clayton was born 20 March 1951 in Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Illinois. Olin was 1st married to Hazel Hedberg in Chicago, Il. They were divorced and no children were born from that union. Olin later married Barbara (Hays) Clayton, daughter of the late Dewey and Florence (Altevogt) Hays, on 06 Aug 1976. They met on 03 Aug 1976 and have been married 23 years. Barb was born 23 June 1958 in Springfield, Il. Barb's grandfather Otis Dewey Hays, served in the US Army during WW II. He died 23 May 1976 and is buried in Camp Butler National Cemetery in Springfield, Il. Barb's paternal grandmother was May (Thomas) Hays, she was the grandaughter of Howard Malcolm Blewett, who served the Confederacy during the Civil War, serving with the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, riding with "Morgan's Raider's". He was captured in 1863 in Rankin Point, Ohio and was a POW at Camp Douglas in Chicago, Il. 8,000 soldiers were held there and over 6,000 died. Howard Malcolm Blewett survived and was very ill when he was pardoned and he was transported to Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond, Va. Otis Hays' grandfather was Henry Hays, who served the Union with Company E, 32nd Illinois Infantry. Henry was wounded in the Battle of Bentonville, S.C. Henry Hays's father was Andrew Hays and he served in the Mexican War, they are both buried in the Hays Family Cemetery in Moweaqua, Christian County, Il. Henry Hays was married to Elzirah Irvin, daughter of William and Sarah (Rader) Irvin. William Irvin served in the Civil War with Company E, 6th Ill Cavalry, as a Blacksmith. He also served in the Mexican War under Captain Bogard's 4th Illinois. William Irvin is buried in Bethel Cemetery in Sharpsburg, Christian County, Il. Barb's father was of Scottish descent and her mother German. All of the Altevogt records, including early German immigrants are on file in Montgomery County, Il. Olin was raised on a farm in rural Witt, Montgomery County, Il. He attended Witt Grade School and Witt High School, graduating in 1969. He will celebrate his 30th High School Reunion on September 4, 1999 at the Witt Lions Hall in Witt, Montgomery County, Il. Olin's 1st job after High School was with Hedlund Skii Factory in Nokomis, Il, which has long ago closed. Olin then went to Chicago and landed a job with Continental Bank of Chicago, Il. In August of 1976, he came home to work on his family farm, as sort of a vacation and met his present wife Barb. They were married in the Witt Methodist Church and then left to honey moon in Niagra Falls, New York and Canada! After the honey moon, they resided at 5151 Winchester Ave in Chicago, Illinois. Olin and Barb left Chicago in late 1976 and moved into the old Compton Farm in rural Witt on Route 16. That winter was one to remember, as the county was paralyzed by a blizzard with 60 below zero wind chill factors. We couldn't get out of our lane for days. Kenneth, Olin's brother, was on his way to work at Caterpillar in Decatur, Il and ran his car into a blinding snow bank approximately half a mile from Olin and Barb's home. We had a pole light and that was Kenneth's guide in the storm. We heard what sounded like someone trying to break in at 4:00 a.m and it was Kenneth, half froze to death and having trouble breathing. I'll never forget that winter! In July of 1997, we bought the old Ellis place in Irving and remodeled it extensively. I (Barb Clayton) opened a beauty shop called the "Swirl N' Curl" and ran it successively for 10 years. My husband Olin had taken a job at Mohawk's Furniture in Nokomis, Il and also worked as a lumber jack for Raymond Timpe of Irving. In July of 1997, Olin found a job with Hillsboro Glass Company in Schram City, Montgomery County, Illinois. Olin would become an active member of USWA Local 4369 and served as Union President, the last 11 yrs he worked there. On 21 Aug 1997, an Iranian businessman, purchased the factory and closed it, to keep it from competing with his other companies and 350 people in the community lost their jobs, it was devastating. But God never closes a door, without opening a window. In October of 1997 my husband secured a job with Bridgestone/Firestone Tire in Decatur, Il and didn't miss a days work switching jobs. He is still active with the USWA, now Local 713. I (Barb Clayton) went to college at Springfield College in Illinois and St. John's School of Nursing from 1987-1990, graduating Phi Theta Kappa. I am an RN and have worked as a Per Diem Nurse with Dr's Hospital in Springfield, Il. Our family moved from Irving to Raymond, Il in Aug of 1990, on the night of our 15th Wedding Anniversary. Olin and I were blessed with two wonderful children, Belinda Suzanne Clayton born 27 June 1979 in Litchfield, Il and Andrew Olin Dale Clayton born 08 August 1980. Belinda graduated from Raymond Lincolnwood High School in 1997, winning the Arion Award that year, for Outstanding Vocal and Band Achievement. She is an accomplished vocalist and a computer whiz, that can build web pages in her sleep! Belinda was active in High School, she was on the Volley Ball Team, she was a member of SADD, Art Club, Youth & Government, Yearbook Staff and Writes On Editor, Pep Band, Marching and Concert Band and Spanish Club! Belinda played tenor sax and flute! Andrew graduated from Raymond Lincolnwood High School in 1999 and is an avid hunter. Andrew was active in High School in SADD, Youth & Government Club, Spanish Club, Band and Library Aide. Andrew played the trombone! On September 3, 1999, I won 1st Runner-up in the Labor Day Queen Pageant in Decatur, Il, so I will ride in the parade on Labor Day, in a Corvette. I have never ran for anything in my life, it was kind of fun!

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