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The Hundredth Anniversary of the Organization of
The Third Congregational Church and Society of
Chicopee, Massachusetts

Society Founded March 1835
No records previous to January 1845

Dedicated to
James L. Pease 1842-1930
Mr. Pease a long time member of
the greatest benefactor of the Third Church
dedicated in 1870

Pastorial Record

Rev. David Cushman preached in "White School House"
Rev. Amos Blanchard preached in "Chapin Hall" from 1836-1837
Rev. Sumner G. Clapp was pastor in Church Edifice 4/1837-1/1850 (From Enfield)
Rev. George A. Oviatt 10/1850-12/1855
Rev. Luther Cone 1/1856-11/1867
Rev. W.S. Karr 12/1867-4/1868
Rev. Edwin B. Palmer 6/1869-3/1875
Rev. William L. Gaylord 9/1875-12/26/1882
Rev. Charles S. Murkland 6/1884-4/1886
Rev. Herbert Macey 11/1886-5/1887
Rev. Burton W. Lockhart, D.D. 10/1888-12/1893
Rev. Charles Pease 6/1893-5/1898
Rev. Herbert P. Woodin 9/1898-1/1908
Rev. Richard Peters 5/1908-5/1913
Rev. David L. Yale 7/1913-8/1916
Rev. Joseph Sullivan, D.D. 1/1917-12/1922

Union with Central M.E. Church

Rev. F.W. Smith 1/1923-3/1924
Rev. Charles C.P. Hiller, D.D. 4/1924-9/1926
Rev. William Gunter 11/1926-5/1930
Rev. Ray Stevenson 6/1930

Clerks of Third Congregational Society

George W. Cooke 1844-1845
L.A. Moody 1846-1852
James Lyman 1853-1856
L.A. Moody 1857-1872
Judge Luther White 1873-1914
Charles H. Jenness 1915-??

Treasurers of Third Congregational Society

James K. Fletcher 1845-1850
Dexter F. Mosman 1851-1853
George Arms 1854-1873
James L. Pease 1874-1877
Arthur F. Gaylord 1878-1881
Albert J. Jenks 1882
John A. Spooner 1883-1884
William J. Fuller 1885
A.J. Marks 1886
William H. Ordway 1887
Oscar F. Wilcox 1888-1895
James L. Pease 1896-1900
George G. Woolley 1901-1904
Charles H. Jenness 1905-1912
James L. Gridley 1913
Albert N. Stebbins 1914
Charles H. Jenness 1915



Rev. C.C.P. Hiller
Rev. David Nelson Beach, Minister of First Congregational Church in Springfield


OCTOBER 29, 1934, 6:00 p.m.

Mr. Emerson G. Gaylord, Toastmaster (died in winter of 1882)
Rev. Herbert P. Woodin, Invocation
Mr. Gaylord, Presentation of guests

Rev. M.E. Levy, President Chicopee Ministers Association
Rev. Herbert P. Woodin, Saybrook, Conn.
Rev. C.C.P. Hiller, Newton Heights, Highlands, Mass.
Rev. William Gunter, Waltham, Mass.

Mrs. Emily L. Leonard
Mrs. K.B. Chapin
Mr. Stevenson
Mrs. P.E. Woodward
Miss Ethel R. Coleman
Miss Mabel A. White


Tuesday, May 27, 1834
at house of Rhodolphus Kinsley's Cabotville:

James H. Fletcher
Silas Mosman
Rhodolphus Kinsley
William Hobbs
Lemuel W. Blake
Arasmus French
Samuel F. Scamman
Harvey Loomer
Nathan Parks Henry A. Morrill
Luther Grover
Mrs. Thankful Rider
Louisa Rider Rhonda Howard

(Cabotville was then a section of Springfield and had a population of about 500 people) Rev. Mr. Todd of Northhampton preached a sermon occasionally. Rev. David Cushman conducted services in the autumn and winter of 1834

Building Committe for new church
James T. Ames
N.P. Ames
Ara Wright
Julius Chapin
Joseph Chapin
James M. Smith
Emerson Gaylord
David F. Hale
Rev. E.B. Palmer
George H. Nye
Mr. L. Temple
Mr. Murkland
Dr. Joseph Sullivan from Canada


Otis Miller
Elijah Miller
Milo A. Taylor and wife
Charlotte N. Brewer


Dorothy Chidley 1910
Eliza J. Wright 1915
Mr. Wilfred A. Smith 1920
Mrs. Arthur Howland and
Mrs. T.J. Walkinshaw (in memory of their mother Mrs. Jane K. Smith)
Agnes Knowlton (by way of her will in 1926)
Mr. Melzar H. Mosman 1926


(a.k.a. Busy Bees, King's Daughters, Busy Bee Mission Circle,
Congregational Female Benevolent Society of Cabotville and the Earnest Workers. The King's Daughters was formally organized in New York on January 13, 1886 with Margaret Bottome as acting president. In 1887, the order was changed to King's Daughters and Sons and in 1891 the name became Order of King's Daughters and Sons".)

Miss Ellen Kendall, sister of Frank Kendall, a banker
Miss Mildren Warner (kept the journal)
Miss Nellie E. Blackmer
Mary Blackmer
Geneva M. Tracy
Emily L. Smith
Fannie E. Burgess
Flora M. Knox
Annie L. Moore
Edith R. Bullens
Clara M. Tuck
Edith L. Lewis
Mildred A. Warner
Mary Campbell
Effie M. Goodwin (treasurer)
Emily Leonard (of Springfield recorded to be a member in 1894)
Mrs. Chisholm (secretary)
Mrs. Samuel E. Fletcher (president in 1893)
Miss Stebbins
Miss Holman
Mrs. Collard
Mrs. Charles Bixby
Mrs. DeWitt
Mrs. Annie Temple
Mrs. Lily Dresser
Mrs. Emma Wilcox
Mrs. Harley Pease
Miss Mary Porter
Miss Carrie Smith
Miss Elizabeth Buttrick
Miss Evelyn Flagg (resigned in 1903)
Mrs. Lucia Haskell
Mrs. Martha Cowan Gaylord


Harriet Tucker to attend Fisk University
Minerva and Zurelda Collins at Hindman, Kentucky

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