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Marlborough, Middlesex Co., MA

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Forming of Marlborough, Middlesex County, MA
In 1656 a number of the leading citizens of Sudbury presented the

 following petition to the General Court:

 "To the Hon. Governor, Dep. Governor, Magistrates, and Deputies of the

 General Court now assembled in Boston.

 "The Humble Petition of several of the inhabitants of Sudbury, whose

 names are here underwritten, showeth: That whereas your Petitioners have

 lived divers years in Sudbury, and God hath been pleased to increase our

 children, which are now diverse of them grown to man's estate; and wee,

 many of us, grown into years, so that wee should bee glad to see them

 settled before the Lord take us away from hence, as also God having

 given us some considerable quantity of cattle, so that wee are so

 streightened that we cannot so comfortably subsist as could be desired;

 and some of us having taken some pains to view the country; wee have

 found a place which lyeth westward about eight miles from Sudbury, which

 wee conceive might be comfortable for our subsistence.

   "It is therefore the humble request of your Petitioners to this Hon'd

 Court, that you would bee pleased to grant unto us eight miles square,

 or so much land as may containe to eight miles square, for to make a


   "If it shall please this Hon'd Court to grant our Petition, it is

 further then the request of your Petitioners to this Hon'd Court, that

 you will be pleased to appoint Mr Thomas Danforth, or Liesten Fisher to

 lay out the bounds of the Plantation; and wee shall satisfy those whom

 this Hon'd Court shall please to employ in it. So apprehending this

 weighty occasion, wee shall no further trouble this Hon'd court, but

 shall ever pray for your happiness.

       "Edmund Rice,                    John Howe,

        William Ward,                   John Bent Sen'r,

        Thomas King,                    John Maynard,

        John Woods,                     Richard Newton,

        Thomas Goodnow,                 Peter Bent,

        John Ruddocke,                  Edward Rice.

        Henry Rice,

Submitted by and and our gracious thanks to Sandy Dulaney

List of owners of house-lots 1660

     Edmund Rice, William Ward, John Ruddocks, Thomas Goodnow

     Joseph Rice, Samuel Rice, Christopher Banister, Thomas King

     William Kerly, Solomon Jhonson, John Johnson, Richard Newton, 

     John Howe, Sr., John Howe, Jr., Henry Kerly, Richard Barnes,

     Thomas Rice, Joseph Holmes, Samuel Howe, Andrew Belcher,

     Obadiah Ward, Edward Rice, Richard Ward, John Wooks, Sr., 

     John Maynard, Peter King, Benjamin Rice, a minister, 

     Peter Bent, John Ballows, Abraham Howes, Thomas Goodnow, Jr.,

     John Rutter, John Barrett, John Rediat, a blacksmith, Henry

     Axtell, John Newton.

     The first white settler of Marlborough was John Howe in 1657.

     Other early settlers were Edmund Rice, William Ward, John 

     Woods, Sr., John Maynard, Jonathan Johnson, John Ruddocke,

     Christopher Banister, John Barrett, Abraham Howe, Edward Rice,

     Thomas Rice, William Kerly, Richard Ward, Samuel Brigham,

     Thomas Brigham, John Bent, Richard Barnes, Abraham Williams, 

     and Thomas Goodnow.

     Captain Howe's Company marched to Cambridge April 19 1775

     Cyprian Howe, captain

     Amasa Cranston, lieutenant,

     Uriah Eager, ensign

     Solomon Bowers, sergeant,

     Robert Hunter, sergeant

     Ebenezer Hager, sergeant

     William Hager       Matthias Moseman    Josiah Winkins

     John Baker          Abner Goodale       Jabez Bush

     Asa Barnes          Hiram Stow          Aaron Eager

     Fortunatus Wheeler  Joel Brigham        Francis James

     William Speakman    Ephraim Maynard     Peter Howe

     Silas Barnes        Davis Hunter        Jospeh Miller

     Simon Maynard       Luke Hager          Amos Walt	

     Adonijah Newton     Jacob Priest        James Bruce

     Joel Barnard        Timothy Bruce       James Priest

     Nathaniel Bruce     Thomas Goodale      William Brown

     Ebenezer Eames      Alpheus Morse       Jabez Rice

     Jonathan Temple     Jeduthun Alexander  Joseph Baker

     Nehemiah Howe       Thaddeus Shattuck   Abner Dunton

     Fredrich Walcutt    Timothy Darling     Abraham Whitney

Submitted by and and our gracious thanks to Sandy Dulaney

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