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Early Settlers
Compiled byJerry B. Twigg



1741 Thomas Cresap at Old Town (Skipton) established trading post.

1741 John Perrin possibly on Murley's Branch with trading post

1745 "Walnut Bottom" surveyed by Thomas Cresap for Gov. Bladen (Cumberland).

1752 Joseph Flint acquires "Grassey Bottom," has trading post on Flintstone Creek.

1752 Christopher Gist living on Will's Creek, had trading post.

1755 Settlement at Mt. Pleasant on Wills Creek.

1761 John Perrin receives grant to "Sink Hole Bottom."

1762 John Perrin receives grant to "Mountain Tract."

1765 Moses Robinette buys 50 acre part of "I Am Lost" from John Perrin

1768 Robert Twigg, Jr. buys "Sink Hole Bottom" from John Perrin.

1773 John Twigg of Robert, Sr. buys "Three Springs Head" from John Perrin Estate.

1774 Griffith Johnson buys "Morgan Choice," 50 a on Town Creek from Joseph Flint.

1775 Cornelius Willison buys "Two Springs" from John Perrin Estate.

1777 John Twigg of Robert buys "Twigg's Adventure" from Lawrence O'Neal.

1783 Jeremiah Cheney, Jr. buys "Fat Bacon" from Lawrence O'Neal.

1788 George Robinette of Nathan buys "Mountain Tract" from Perrin Estate.


1745 "Walnut Bottom" surveyed for Gov. Bladen by Thomas Cresap.

1756 Gov. Bladen sells "Walnut Bottom" to George Mason of Fairfax, VA.

1783 Mason sells "Walnut Bottom" to Thomas Beall of Samuel.

1785 Beall lays off a town, erects several buildings, calls it Washington Town.

1787 Legislature authorizes establishment of town, changes name to Cumberland.

1787 4,165 lots of 50 acres in town, of which 636 had been settled by 323 families.

1789 1,000 lots offered to veterans of American Revolution, west of town.


1758 Road between Fort Frederick and Fort Cumberland established (all in Maryland.)

1791 George Robinette, Benjamin Tomlinson, Thomas Beall & Jack Donovan appointed by the Maryland Legislature to survey road between Hancock and Cumberland.

1818 Turnpike Road through Allegany County started, John Davis, civil engineer for portion of road.


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