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Allegany County Photos
Contributed by Joanna Grove Greenwell

If you know the location of John Long's Store or anything
about John Long and his family, please send a message.


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Cumberland Worker's Harrison Campaign Ball
From the Harrison Museum: The Cumberland campaign ball was rolled on
US 40 to Indianapolis in 1888 for Benjamin Harrison's campaign.
The ball has slogans on the panels. The picture
was taken upon their arrival in front of his House.

For more information:
Jennifer E. Capps, Curator
President Benjamin Harrison Home
1230 N. Delaware Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202



The family address according to 1917 Cumberland Directory was 34
Virginia Avenue and in 1925 31 Virginia Avenue. I believe the numbers
moved not the residents. Anyway this is the corner of Virginia and Boone.
The Family members from left to right are Louisa's Aunt Sallie (we believe
Valentine), Louisa Sangston Grove, Louisa's granddaughter Georgia Grove.


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The people in this picture are identified as Circus People only.
Does anyone recognize the building? My Great Grandfather
George Grove in his early days was a machinist for the B&O
and made a gear for the circus carousel. He was friends with
them until his death. They paid him enough to open George
Grove's German Village Restarant/Tavern.


This is possibly Gettysburg. The photographer missed the statue's head. Great Grandfather, George Grove is fourth from left standing. He was born in 1865 and wouldn't have been in the Civil War so I don't know why this picture is significant.


The person in the water is Ralph Grove.
The picture is probably taken from the viewpoint
of George Grove's German Village the
family lived over the Restaurant/Tavern.
I'm told the Post Office replaced that building.


George Grove's German Villiage - Front Street

I've heard they served the best homemade sauerkraut and sausage in Cumberland. The entire staff is posed outside in this picture. One of the cooks is William H. Grove and another is Mrs. Rattinger. Unfortunately, they are to small to see their faces clearly.


Hancock Baseball Team

This picture ca. 1909 is of my great uncle Ralph Grove (b. 1892) seated on right, the others are unknown. The players on the left appear to be in a Chicago Cubs Uniforms and the one in the sweater has the letters I C showing. In researching I saw the managers often wore sweaters and had the team name across the front of their uniforms. I've sent the picture to the Cubs website with no response. Maybe someone knows.


Holly Cross Catholic School Class of 1915

My Grandfather, George Grove, is the third seated child from the right. In the third row back.

Harman & Elizabeth Brinkman's 50th Anniversary (1914)
Children (L to R)
Boys: Fred, Marshal, Hezekiah, Hartman and George
Girls: Mary Sophia, Ann and Etta


Will provide closeups later.
Harman and Elizabeth Brinkman's 50th Anniversary
married October 24, 1864

Standing Left to Right: George Brinkman, Unknown Man, Hartman Brinkman, Frederick Brinkman, Ethel Dawson Wiliams, Myra Brinkman, Rose Etta Brinkman, Ralph Williams, Kent Reckley (Baby), Gertrude Brinkman Harmison, Gladys Shad [Schad], Marshall Brinkman, Annie Brinkman Cage, Hezekiah Brinkman, Etta Brinkman Reckley, Sam Reckley, Myrtle Reckley
Sitting Right to Left: Amelia Brinkman, Mary Sophia Brinkman, Mable Shanske [Shanski] (child on lap of Mary Sophia), Ruth Reckley Cawgale [Cowgill] (baby on Elizabeth's lap), Elizabeth Spring Brinkman, Naomi Shad [Schad] Sweeny? [Sweeney] (baby being held between Elizabeth and Harman by Gladys Shad), Harman Brinkman, Unknown woman**, Unknown woman, Paul Brinkman (child standing), Samuel Brinkman (baby), Clara Brinkman
Seated on the ground Left to Right: Mirian Dulabaum, Ruth Brinkman Stewart, Amelia Barnes, Elizabeth Brinkman, Bruce Brinkman.

contributed by Ardie Smith
Names of the family members were recorded by Mary "Molly" Sophia Brinkman Smith
Spelling corrections
[Alt Spelling] provided by Audrey Brinkman

**This unknown woman may be Sophia Brinkman Grove Harris
next to her may be her daughter Mary Rebecca "Molly" Grove.