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Old Queries - 1998 - No Valid Contact Information

Researcher: A Workmn
Date posted: Thursday, January 1, 1998

If you are searching for WORKMAN's after they left Maryland, maybe I can be of help.

William Walker WORKMAN showed up in Oakland, Bracken Co. Ky abt 1832 with a lot of money, and bought up land in the southern end of the County. Possibly, founded Oakland. I thought there may have been a connection to Oakland, Md.

Family records have no mention of his father and mother. The only link I have is word of mouth, that he was born in Allegany Co. Maryland. Possibly, his father was Jacob, which would link him to the WOERTMAN's from Amsterdam Holland.

Researcher: Patsy Pifer
Date posted: Sunday, January 4, 1998

I would like to know if anyone has any information on an Andrew Jackson STOTTLEMYER born approx 1835 - 1840. Family lore has it that he died in a train wreck "around the time of the Civil War".

His son, my great grandfather, was James STOTTLEMYER b. 1868 married Molly KLINGERMAN and later Bertha GRANT. I know that James lived in Springfield, (Hampshire Co), WV in 1887 as my grandmother, Ella Jane STOTTLEMYER was born there on 12 Sept. 1887 as James' first child.

I can find my James in 1920 census but so far not before that. I have found 2 different Andrew Jackson STOTTLEMYERs which I am considering. One is son of Peter STOTTLEMYER living in Orleans, (Allegany Co), MD in 1850. The other is son of John M STOTTLEMEYER in Cotactin, (Frederick Co), MD in 1850.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

Researcher: Linda Smith
Date posted: Friday, January 9, 1998

Looking for birth record of John Peyton JORDAN s/o Samuel JORDAN b. March 17, 1837. Stated on Census and Registered Voters for 1906 that he was born in MD. and I have no idea what county. Any help would be appreciated.

Researcher: Kim A. Davis
Date posted: Friday, January 16, 1998

Seeking any data on family of Joseph DAVIS who's will proved Feb 1825 Allegany Co., MD. Sons: Benjamin, John, Thomas, Ebenezer. Sons in Law: Joshua ADLER, Robert ABERNATHY, Michael PAUGH, Lewis F. KLIPSTINE; Wm. BRADY; and John BRAY. Widow Mary, married previously to a SHORES. What happened to her son Wm SHORES?

Researcher: Beth Cain
Date posted: Sunday, January 18, 1998

Hi: I am seeking info on my gf Andrew QUINN. He was born July 8, 1870 in Scotland. He married Catherine DARNLEY August 21, 1902. She was born in Allegany Co., possibly in Lonaconing, on June 7, 1877.

Catherine DARNLEY's gf, and ggf both died in Lonaconing, MD. Her gf James Patterson DARNLEY II died March 27, 1912, and ggf James Patterson DARNLEY I, died between 1870 and 1880.

I am hoping for links to relatives of my gf Andrew QUINN. At some time he and Catherine D. moved to OK where he was killed in a mine accident in 1910. I have no info on any brothers, uncles, etc. that may have also come to America.

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: The Browns
Date posted: Sunday, January 18, 1998

COLVIN, Michael J. Seek parents of Michael J. COLVIN b. ca. 1800 and Jane GREEN COLVIN, b. ca. 1810, Ire. Two issue were b. & bpt. in Maryland, Michael and Mary ca. 1830.

Researcher: Joanne A. Smith Mello
Date posted: Tuesday, January 20, 1998

Looking for more information about William MILLER who was b. in either PA or MD, date unknown, married 22 Nov 1819 in Allegany Co. MD to Eliza SMITH. They were later in Guernsey Co., OH, then to Greene Co., OH, then Cedar Co., IA.

Need to know about Eliza's family, parents, siblings, etc.

Researcher: Jack Nida
Date posted: Saturday, January 24, 1998

Looking for marriage record of Johann David von NIDA (David NIDA) who reportedly married a German girl, Mary, in MD about 1765-1775. Any record of this family would be appreciated. They moved to Berkeley Co., VA 1770-1775.

Researcher: Hal Laube
Date posted: Saturday, January 24, 1998

SEITZ/SEITS, Christopher any trace of him about 1790. He may have lived and owned land near Flintsone Gap, Murley's Gap or Opessah's Town (Oldtown) at the Potomac River.

He probably relocated to near Woodcockvalley in PA before 1800.

A Warriors Path ran south from Standing Stone (Huntingdon) along Warrior Ridge, on the eastern edge of Woodcock Valley. The trail passed through Bedford County, Hopewell Township, east of Raystown (Ft. Bedford) and across the Pennsylvania/Maryland line. In Maryland it passed through Flintsone Gap and Murley's Gap, skirted Warriors Mountain and came to the Potomac River at Opessah's Town (Oldtown).

Was this Indian trail an important, well used trail as late as 1790 - or was it no longer important??

Was it illegal to produce or sell Hard Cider. distilled spirits - such as distilled apple jack in Allegany County, MD or the surrounding counties and nearby counties in PA - about 1790?

Were there any local taxes or stamps required?

I am aware of the Whiskey Rebellion in Western PA. My question has to do with before Alexander Hamilton. in 1791, imposed that hated excise tax on the western PA distillers of that nectar called Old Monongahela Rye.

Researcher: Patty S Pulasky
Date posted: Monday, January 26, 1998

Does anyone have an Allegany County Will Index? I am searching for a will for an Edward DAWSON, with the will supposedly on file for either 1794 or 1804, with a followup second accounting 11th Dec, 1805. This family has been extremely difficult to research, as it looks as though there were at least two, possibly three, Edward DAWSON families in Allegany County at this time. Information written in a family book in the early 1800s contradicts what I'm finding on an Edward DAWSON family in Allegany, but with enough similarities to be very frustrating. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Jack Parker
Date posted: Thursday, January 29, 1998

I am looking for information on my g g grandfather, Benjamin PARKER born sometime around 1792. He was married 3 times 1st wife was Mirrah VICTOR, 2nd wife was Rachael WARD, 3rd wife was Sarah NIXON. I have no dates on the first 2 wives, however his third wife and Benjamin was married in Allegany County and were in the 1850 census. I have there children names for each wife. Mirrah VICTOR- David and Phillip. Racheal WARD- Mary, George, Abner, William H. Sarah, Ellen, James. Sarah NIXON- Frank,Thomas, Elisabeth, Elisabeth, Ann, Margaret, Florence, Clay. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

I am looking for any information on my g g grandmother, Rachael Ward. She was married to Benjamin Parker, I have no dates. She had 7 children there names are Mary BARKES, George, Abner, William H.,Sarah LASHBOUGH, Ellen LANCASTER, James. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Crobin
Date posted: Friday, January 30, 1998

Searching for any marriages/births/deaths of ARONHALT family members. Most were from Grant Cty, WV (prior Hardy Cty, VA), and some were also found in Cumberland (Garrett Cty) MD. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Dan Harris
Date posted: Saturday, January 31, 1998

Looking for ancestors/descendents of, and information about, Thomas HARRIS (b abt 1810), William Henry MURPHY (b 1Jan1837), James A. MURPHY (b 9Dec1803), Mary A. STREETS (b 12Dec 1812), Benjamin LAMBERT (b 22Aug1850), Alexander DUNBRACK (b abt 1860), Anna/Elizabeth CORE (b abt 1860). Known ancestors primarily within and near -- 50 mile radius of Allegany Co MD.

Researcher: Jack Parker
Date posted: Monday, February 2, 1998

I am looking for information about Sarah Elizabeth NIXON, she was born around 1818. She married Benjamin PARKER in 1834 (Marriage records Allegany Co. courthouse.) and they had the following children.
Benjamin Frank - b - 1837
Thomas - b - 1840
Elizabeth Ann - b - 1841
Margaret - b - 1842
Henry Clay - b - 1846
Florence - b - 1847

Any iformation on the above will be appreciated.

Researcher: Guy C Snyder
Date posted: Wednesday, February 11, 1998

I am looking for the parents of Mary Ellen FLETCHER (b. 3 Apr 1878). I believe she lived in the Cumberland, MD area. She married Alexander MILLER and moved to Mill Creek, Randolph, WV. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Researcher: Jack Nida
Date posted: Thursday, February 12, 1998

Johann David von NIDA, born 1748 on ship from Germany to America, arr Philadelphia where his father, Johann Michael von NIDA lived in the Cumberland, MD area. David married a German girl, Mary, around Cumberland and they moved to Berkeley Co., VA where they lived and owned land in Berkeley and Hampshire 1780. When he sold the land and moved to Botetourt Co., VA around 1785, he signed the deed "Johann David von Nida". His wife, Mary, also signed. It is believed that he served in the REV war from 1775 to the close. Any record at all of this family during the period 1748 - 1785 would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Researcher: Michael A. McKenzie
Date posted: Saturday, February 14, 1998

I am new to the MCKENZIES but I have gathered quite a bit of information that I would like to exchanged with you. The line proceeds as follows: Collins/Colin MCKENZIE (1630)
John MCKENZIE I (1659)
John MCKENZIE (1694)
Moses MCKENZIE (1720)
Joshua MCKENZIE(1764)
Jesse MCKENZIE (1791)
Benjiman Franklin MCKENZIE (1823)
John Franklin MCKENZIE, (1850)
George Newton McKenzie (1886)
Lester Franklin MCKENZIE (1905)
Donald Richard MCKENZIE (1927) to me.

I am somewhat confused in the time frame between 1720 and 1800. Specifically, was Jesse McKENZIE (1791) the son of Joshua McKENZIE (1764) or Moses McKENZIE, Jr. (1760-1824). In addition to unraveling this problem, I simply am interested in obtaining all information I can on the McKENZIE clan that (over)populated the Western Maryland area. Thanks in advance for your help.

Researcher: Claire White
Date posted: Monday, February 16, 1998

I am looking for my grandmothers extended family. She was Mary Belle MCMULLEN whose mother was Mary JORDAN and father John Robert MCMULLEN he born in Echart MD and died about 1926 at about 70 years of age. The brothers and sisters of my grandmother were: Lola, Annie(CROSBY), Jenny(FISHER),Frank,Cora. Cora married Raymond OGDEN and they lived in Cumberland. Cora and Raymond had a son William(Bill) and he had two sons: Bill and Ray. I think Bill was a teacher in Maryland in the 1970's. The other name LAWHEAD is for any of my cousins who I know live in Maryland but I am not sure which county.

Researcher: Caryl Mitchell
Date posted: Monday, February 16, 1998

Researching the families of Charles FLEEGLE born 1851 resided in Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD. Looking for his son MacDonald or Donald FLEEGLE.

Also, John FLEEGLE born 1836 resided in Cumberland, Allegany Co. Names associated with the FLEEGLE surname: EVERETT and CASTLE. Need to connect with any DEFIBAUGH or DEFFIBAUGH families that came from Bedford, County, Pennsylvania.

Researcher: Lois Hopkins
Date posted: Thursday, February 19, 1998

Passenger List of Barque Tiberias
District of Baltimore
Port of Baltimore, Sept. 10, 1838

Posted at USGenWeb Archives.


Researcher: Kim A. Davis
Date posted: Saturday, February 21, 1998

Seeking descendants of Philip BRAY who d. 1844 in Alleganey Co., MD. His children according to his will were John, Richard, Henry (perhaps who m. Mary FRIEND?), and Sarah PAUGH.

Also seeking descendants of Joseph DAVIS who will was probated Feb 1825 in Alleganey Co., MD. He names sons Benjamin, John, Thomas and Ebenezer. Sons in law: Joshua ADLER, Robert ABERNATHY, Michael PAUGH, Lewis F. KLIPSTINE, William BRADY and John BRAY. (Likely his daughter was Malinda DAVIS who maried John BRAY 28 Oct 1820 in Alleganey Co., MD.) Thank you.

Researcher: Tom Speelman
Date posted: Tuesday, February 24, 1998

Looking for the parents and siblings of Sarah "Sally" MYERS who married Peter SPEELMAN in Allegany Co, MD on 15 April 1815. Have lots of info on the SPEELMANs that I'd be happy to share. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Researcher: Jack L. Bowers
Date posted: Sunday, March 1, 1998

Hi all: I am searching for anything on Wendilinus BECK m Catherine HELBIG in SSPP (up on the hill in Cumberland) in July of 1860 (too late for the 1860 census)..... Catherine remarried George FLECKENSTEIN Jan 1865..... this was only abt 8 mos after the birth of a little girl to Wendilinus BECK..... I'm wondering if anyone can clear up this mystery..... what happened to Wendilinus ..... also the two little girls b 1863 and 1864 have disappeared from everywhere..... I would appreciate any/all help anyone can give me on this. Thank you

Researcher: Candee Hoff
Date posted: Sunday, March 8, 1998

I am looking for info on Dr. DUNN whose dau. Massa Ann DUNN married Thomas BEALL. Massa Ann DUNN was born in 1797 in Frankfort, Va . She and Thomas BEALL lived in Frostburg and died and are buried there in a cemetery that Reverand Preston has records on.

According to the McKaig Genealogy, Frankfort VA in 1790's was south of Cumberland and southwest of Frostburg- an area that is now in West Virginia between Keyser and Green Spring. Is there any kind soul that has a kind hand to help me out of this roadblock. Have tried posting to both the BEALL and DUNN rootswebs but no luck. Have spent 4 months on the Fayette county, Pa web and have been monitoring this web for a couple of months, but no mention of Massa DUNN BEALL or Thomas BEALL of Frostburg, MD.

Researcher: Donald D. White
Date posted: Monday, March 9, 1998

Is anyone researching White's in Allegheny Co. Abraham and Arelia WHITE were married there on 16 April 1818. A son Henry W. WHITE was born there in 1826.

The 1830 census shows 5 males and 6 females of varius ages living there. Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Jeff Wallick
Date posted: Sunday, March 15, 1998

LONGSTRETH, Ann. Mentioned on an estate record of Martin LONGSTRETH (Allegany Co MD 1802). Brothers and sisters are: Martin, Daniel, Arnet, Bartholomew and Hannah. Who are their ancestors?

Researcher: Sally W Neiser
Date posted: Tuesday, March 17, 1998

I'm researching the above names--think I saw someone looking into the BEALS recently. If interested, please contact me and we'll exchange info! Thanks.

Researcher: Joanne A. Smith Mello
Date posted: Tuesday, March 17, 1998


I'm new to your list. Working on SMITHs & MILLERs in your county, but have very little information on them and haven't been able to find much Allegany County information via my usual source, the LDS microfilmed records.

I have: William MILLER married to Eliza SMITH on 22 Nov 1819 in Allegany Co., MD. This information was from a book listing marriages from newspapers. MILLER & wife were in Guernsey Co., OH in 1825 when first child was born, then to other parts of OH & to IA.

Eliza SMITH had a brother named Josiah Thompson SMITH b. 1812, either in MD or PA. I have more information on him in OH & IA & CA, but am absolutely nowhere with his parents or MILLER's family. I've worked on these families for quite a number of years, but would like some input from your list on these families. Thanks in advance.

Researcher: Rick Simpson
Date posted: Tuesday, March 17, 1998

Hello all, I'm new to the list and fairly new at genealogy. My great grandfather (John Calvin SIMPSON - b. 1864) and his brother (Samuel Thomas SIMPSON - b. 1874) were born in Cumberland.

I haven't found much about them, and was wondering if there is an index for the 1860 census of the county. If so, does anyone have access to it and could check for their parents. Their father was Samuel Thomas SIMPSON and the their mother's name was Elizabeth CARLILE.

Researcher: Candee Hoff
Date posted: Thursday, March 19, 1998

Dr. William FREY, born 1790-1800 was the father of Isabella H. FREY, born 1824 in Allegany county, MD and married Louis DUNN BEALL, son of Thomas and Massa Ann (DUNN)BEALL (1797-1864). Dr. William FREY married Charlotte CODDINGTON, dau. of Samuel Coddington, of Selbysport, MD. Looking for any information on Dr. Frey and Samuel Coddington.

Researcher: Micki Greer
Date posted: Tuesday, March 31, 1998

Samuel Elmer Ellisworth LEWIS m. Margret Catherine MCLAUGHLIN. They had several children in the surrounding counties. Does this ring or bell to anyone? Thanks.

Researcher: Rick Simpson
Date posted: Thursday, April 2, 1998

Hello, I'm looking for a couple Allegany County families - one in the distant past and one in the not so distant past.

I'm looking for information on a SIMPSON family that lived in or near Cumberland in the 1860s and 1870s. The parents were Samuel Thomas SIMPSON and Elizabeth Carlile SIMPSON. The two sons born in Cumberland were Samuel Thomas Jr, and John Calvin SIMPSON. Another son or daughter who may have been born there was Francis.

The other family is the family of John Calvin's daughter, Ethel Vera SIMPSON. She married a RICE, but that's all I know about him. They were probably married around 1915 or so.

If anyone knows about the SIMPSON or RICE families, please let me know. Thanks.

Researcher: Vicki Meagher
Date posted: Friday, April 3, 1998

Hello everyone: I'm trying to find out more about my great-grandparents, James Franklin and Eliza Frances Job MEAGHER/MEAGER, who left England in the late 1860s and settled for some time in Frostburg, MD.

They brought their children Sam and Molly over with them. Then, in the U.S., they had seven more: May, Nell, James, William, Bertha Bell, John Franklin, and Arch Webster.

I don't know which of the children were born in Frostburg and which were born in Birmingham, AL, which was where James and Eliza moved next.

Sam and Molly stayed in Frostburg. Sam was killed in a mining accident.

Any help with any of these people would be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Scott M. Berry
Date posted: Friday, April 3, 1998

I am looking for any information on William Martin BERRY who lived with, and was raised by his Uncle John BERRY. He was born in Cumberland, Allegany in 1796. Any help would be much appreciated.

Researcher: Adrienne Gallagher
Date posted: Saturday, April 4, 1998

ISO information on the WILLISONs of Allegany Co. I know, as of now, the following: Dora EVANS m. Lawrence David WILLISON. Dora's father was well known in Wales for helping Welsh immigrants find housing and jobs. He was a strong republican and masonic, supposedly brought electricity to Frostburg. He, at one point, was the mayor of Frostburg.

The Willisons: Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending), all I know at this point about the Willisons are stories, told to me by a cousin. But ill try to stick to facts-- Annie WILLISON and her brother, Ed WILLISON, lived together in Cumberland, Md. Their sister Mary, lived next door to them. Annie was funny, a bit flakey, and entertaining. also supposedly quite pretty. She never married, due to a tragedy concerning her one time fiance. Mary, was frugal, and a bit stern. she never married either, and had a boston terrier named Nancy who kept her company.

Andrew Johnson (Jackson?) WILLSON, my ggg grandfather, was married to Missouri HARZELL, and they had 9 children before she died, including George, Annie, Mary, Ed (last three mentioned above), Lawrence David (my gggrandfather). He then married Mary MASTERS, after her being his childrens nanny for 4 years. Together they had 3 children, Nell (who died in 1935 from cancer), Evelyn, and William(name?).

The Willisons were developers in Frostburg, they did woodworking, interiors, and roofing. Andrew Johnson (Jackson?) was the organizer of Citizen Bank after the war (civil, i believe). The Willisons started Citizens Savings and Loan to help the poor people after the war. When Andrew J. died, many people came to pay their respects-- he was liked by many.

Now to go even further back... Any information about Jeremiah WILLISON and his wife (supposedly a run away match) Sarah DEATH would be much appreciated. They had 9 children Richard (b. 1757), Wm (b. 1759), Chas (b. 1761), Ann (b. 1763), Rachel (b. 1765), Elisha (b. 1767), Jeremiah (b. 1769), John (b. 1772), Mary (1774). The first Jeremiah was supposedly one of triplets. He was the crier of the first Court organised in the county. His father, Cornelius (who is also sometimes called his brother), had among the first wills of the county (allegany). Many of Jeremiah's children had children who lived in Allegany county, mostly in Cumberland and Flintstone, and they had fairly large families-- usually 5-7 children. If you have any information about any of the above, or their children etc. please contact me. Thank you.

Researcher: Betty L. Derry
Date posted: Tuesday, April 7, 1998

In 1802, my great, great grandparents, John and Mary Moor Cranston, came to Maryland from Monaghan Co., Ireland with their family. John had a 14 year old brother (name unknown) who came with them but became separated from the family after they arrived. We are hoping that this young lad's decendants are looking for his brother's decendants.

Researcher: Deborah Shepherd
Date posted: Wednesday, April 8, 1998

I am searching for family info on William Oliver GEORGE, born abt. 1833 in Scotland. William married Mary Ninevah PAUGH in 1880, Preston County. He may have been married before. He had a brother James, born abt 1841 in Scotland also. James was living in Preston County, WV in the census of 1900. Old family bible records also list a Robert GEORGE living in Lonaconing,MD. about 1880. What connection was he to the family? The bible doesn't give any dates, or other information on him. Mary PAUGH had a brother, Zacariah T. PAUGH, who married an Elizabeth MOSSEY in March 1872 at Allegany County, MD. Would like to know more about his descenats, if any. Thank you.

Researcher: Sharon Christoff
Date posted: Wednesday, April 15, 1998

Looking for info ,ancestors , descendents , children and siblings of Elizabeth Susan HUTCHINSON b. 9 Jul 1808 in Pa. , and Brooks BUCY Sr. b. 1800 Allegany, MD., m.1829 Maryland , they d. in Pike Co.,Ohio area. Thank you for your time and help.

Researcher: George Hollis Parker
Date posted: Wednesday, April 15, 1998

Information needed on John PARKER born in 1780 in Westernport,M.D. John was married to Rachel SHIPLEY.

Researcher: Jerry Gray
Date posted: Saturday, April 18, 1998

Thomas Sims MOONEY was born in Nova Scotia Canada on 6 Mar 1856, and he married Sarah GOLDEN. Sarah gave birth to their daughter Mae in 1878, and then Sarah died shortly after childbirth. Thomas Sims MOONEY then married Josephine MAHANAY WINTERS, who was formerly married to Francis M. WINTERS of Missouri. Thomas Sims MOONEY then had a son, Jesse James MOONEY born 23 August 1884 in Lonaconing, Allegany County, Maryland. They also had two other children, Willis and Irene. Sometime or another they moved to Illinois. I am looking for any information on the families of MOONEY, GOLDEN, WINTERS, OR MAHANAY. Josephine MAHANAY-WINTERS was the daughter of Martha Ann SPALDING, a triplet born in St Louis Missouri. Would appreciate any information.

Researcher: Roger Winters
Date posted: Monday, April 20, 1998

Looking for information on Sarah SHRIVER, wife of Jacob WINTER Sr., she was born abt 1792-5, m. Jacob in 1811 in Allegany Co., Md. Lived on top of Dan's Mountain near Frostburg, Md. Any information on her, her parents, etc., greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Candee Hoff
Date posted: Thursday, April 30, 1998

Would like to correspond with any other researchers digging into these families:

My research is on the William and Charlotte Coddington offspring.

Ann Frey and William Thompson November 1, 1845
Louisa Frayse and Jacob Vanmeter January 11, 1844

These are some of the marriages of CODDINGTON--- do you have any info on these families.

Allegany County, Maryland Marriages
Coddington, Charlotte and William Frey Dec 30, 1822
Coddington, Jonathan and Rebecca Frantz October 20, 1837
Coddington, David and Elizabeth Frazee February 18,1813

Researcher: T. Davidson
Date posted: Monday, May 4, 1998

Would like to know more about this train that brought people from PA to MD to get hitched earylier in this century. I believe my grandmother Ruth WERTZ may have come to Cumberland to marry her beau Robert DAVIDSON abt 1924 and I have some evidence that her younger brother Floyd WERTZ married Ruth ROSSMAN on 4 Jan 1937.

Researcher: Michelle Rosedale Staggs
Date posted: Tuesday, May 5, 1998

I am looking for information on the marriage of John BARNHOUSE and Rachel BAKER. I think they were married about 1799-1810. I am also trying to find Rachel's parents, siblings etc. John and Rachel settled in present day Mineral County WV Many Thanks,

Researcher: Michelle Rosedale Staggs
Date posted: Thursday, May 7, 1998

My most pressing needs are for the BARNHOUSE's. I need a marriage date for John BARNHOUSE and Rachel BAKER. I have an unconfirmed suspicion that they were married in Allegany Co 1799-1810. I am also looking to fill in the blanks on the decendant's of James MURPHY and Mary STREETS. Any info would be appreciated.

I am also searching for my WARD ancestors. My Mother was Earlene WARD, her father Earl WARD and his father was Mert WARD. I think Mert's father was William but this is very tenative.

Also does anyone have a list of books published about Allegany Co. I have the listing for RoseHill Cemetary and Allegany Co Rural Graves. I'd like to get a book on land records, death records and marriage records. Any help appreciated.

Researcher: Jeff Riddick
Date posted: Sunday, May 10, 1998

I have a KEMPE family bible with marriages, births and deaths all in Prince George's C0. in the 1800's. The only non-KEMPE entry is the birth of my grandfather, Nathaniel J. RIDDICK. He was born in Gates County, NC. No one in my family knows why he is in this KEMPE bible. I'll be happy to send this info to anyone. I'll be extremely happy if someone can help w/ a RIDDICK-KEMPE connection.

Researcher: Jim Stahl
Date posted: Monday, May 11, 1998

I am searching for any information about the Thomas WHITEHEAD md to Mary WALTERS family, ca 1780-1840. One son Edward Taylor WHITEHEAD, b 09 Jul 1806 md Rachael ANDERSON,b 16 Aug 1812 and moved to PA. Appreciate any and all help.

Researcher: Audrey COX VOGELPOHL
Date posted: Sunday, May 17, 1998

Ernest Albert VOGELPOHL b 1825/27 Germany, son of Johann Heinrich Rudolph VOGELPOHL and Anna Maria Elisabeth HEENEMANK; arrived USA 1854. Married 1855 in Allegany Co., MD to Elizabeth Mary CHRISTOFFER (b 1829 in Germany, daughter of Hy CHRISTOFFER; immigrated 1855).

Had following VOGELPOHL children in Allegany County: John b 1856 (mrd Mary Martin), William Ernest b 1858 (mrd Minnie Schupp), Annie/Anna b 1860 (mrd Henry Schupp), Caroline b 1861 (mrd Fred Spering), Maria Wilhelmina b 1862, Mary/Maria Elizabeth b 1864 (mrd Leroy Hudson), Sophie b 1867 (mrd Charles Wuthrich); with the following VOGELPOHL children born in Minnesota: Henry b 1868 (mrd Ida Ingabretzen), Conrad b 1871, Albert Ernst b 1873 mrd Anna Marie Schmiginsky), Elise b 1875 (mrd John Bartholmew), and Minnie b 1877.

Researcher: Steve Speelman
Date posted: Monday, May 18, 1998

Looking for information on the mill located next to Bottle Run in the Hazen area around 1870-1885. It would be located on the current day Hazen Road next to the narrow bridge just before one arrives at the road which leads to (Gordon Dam?) in Pennsylvania.

Interested in the owners, any photos available etc.

Also looking for anyone researching the Speelmans of Speelman Ice Cream or who might know where there are any memorabilia of Speelman' Ice Cream.

Researcher: Rosalie Siri
Date posted: Monday, May 18, 1998

Jacob WILKINSON m. Mary Elizabeth KENNEDY 1852 Allegany Co.,Md Who were her parents and family?

Researcher: Charles N. Cawley
Date posted: Saturday, May 23, 1998

This is what I THINK I know about the LEBKICHERS. The original emigrants were two brothers/cousins

Henrick LEBKUECHLER/LEBKUCHER Peter LEBKUECHER (I think he died within a decade of coming and all Lebkichers in early Pa. are from Henrick)

They were from Southern Germany and arrived in 1741 and entered in Maryland or Delaware. They settled in Maryland for a decade or so and then moved into Lancaster County in 1750s. My ancestor, Michael LEBKUECHLER/LEBKICHER was born in Lancaster County 1759 (he was RS in Lancaster County) and later moved to Union Co., Pa. after 1800. His sons and more importantly grandchildren moved back into western Md in the early 1800s.

I found the citation on Lebkicher in

F.G. Hoenstine. 1978. _Guide to Genealogical and Historical Research in Pennsylvania_.

Sorry, I can't be more specific. One other point that may explain the wide variation in spelling is that the original name is properly

LEBKUECHLER or LEBKUCHER and means maker of lebkuchen (a sticky sweet for Christmas in S. Germany)

However, ch and gh sound similar in German and ministers and poll takers spelled the name several ways. After 1820, Michael LEBKICHER spelled it one way - LEBKICHER.

Researcher: Roberta Guenther
Date posted: Wednesday, June 17, 1998

My Great-Grandmother, it was said, worked at Layman's Inn, Stagecoach stop. I am researching her line (CROWE) and LAYMAN. There are still tons of them in Allegany county but are quite old and want nothing to do with this searching. I knew none of my grandparents or Aunts or Uncles since I was born the youngest of 6 and all were married with children when I was born so family members died off while I was quite young. Trying to find out if Annie Louise CROWE LAYMAN was Indian.

Researcher: Micki Greer
Date posted: Friday, June 19, 1998

Some of my relatives were from Hancock, Lonaconing MD and several other areas in W. MD. I do love reading about the history of the area. But if anyone comes across MCLAUGHLIN or LEWIS surnames I would be interested in hearing about them.

Researcher: Rita Ramirez
Date posted: Sunday, June 21, 1998

I am looking for the LEASURE Family Lines. Nancy LEASURE (b) 1755 (m) Thomas INKS (b) 1755 any information on this line would be appreciated.

Researcher: Patsy Pifer
Date posted: Sunday, June 28, 1998

I don't know where my mother learned to make potato candy but she was born in Apollo, PA and grew up in Cresaptown. Went to school in Cumberland. Their families migrated from WV (Mineral and Hampshire cos) and MD (Cresaptown and Cumberland) and into Apollo, PA.

I'd love to hear from any of you with information about these surnames.

Researcher: Adrienne Gallagher
Date posted: Wednesday, July 8, 1998

ISO information about the EVANS family.. my gggrandfather, Lawrence David WILLISON SR, married Dora EVANS, daughter of William HADDOCK and Ruth (FARRADAY) EVANS. William was b. in Wales, and came to America when he was 8 years old. He and Ruth lived in MD, on Bowery St., and owned a grocery store there. William brought electric lights to Frostburg in 1889. I think he was also the Mayor of Frostburg at one point.

Their daughter, Dora, was a member of the Ladies Home Missionary Society, Ladies Aid Society, and Van Dyche Sunday School class. She played the piano for her churches Wednesday night prayer meetings, and was a substitute organist ( She was a member of the 1st Methodist Church).

She married Lawrence David WILLISON, the son of A.J. WILLISON (i think also a mayor of Frostburg) and Missouri HARTZELL. L.D. SR was in business with his brother, Edward C., they owned Willison Brothers Lumber Mill, at 54 Bowery St., Frostburg. He helped organise Equitable Building and Loan Association, of which at his death he was the treasurer. He was a lifetime member of the Methodist church.

He and Dora had one son. L.D. SR died 3/29/1937, at 70 years of age, and a daughter, Ruth, who at the time of her fathers death was a student at Univ. of Pittsburg. Dora did not die until 3/10/1950, at the age of 74. She died in her then home, on Frost Ave. in Frostburg (I think--may have been Cumberland or Flintstone though).

She had one brother, Horace C. EVANS (who was the mayor of Frostburg). She is buried at Frostburg Memorial Park. I have info about ancestors and descendants that I'd love to share!

Researcher: Samuel Miller
Date posted: Friday, July 10, 1998

Samuel RUGG, also spelled ROGGE, married Priscilla CURTIS or ROOTES about 1785 probably in Allegany Co. They show up in Somerset Co., Pa. in 1791. Looking for any clue to their being in Maryland.

Researcher: Terri Mullins
Date posted: Friday, July 10, 1998

I am trying to find out information on John A TOTTEN who was born in Allegany Co in Nov 1924. His father was Ezekiel TOTTEN and mothers name was Ann.

Researcher: Terri Mullins
Date posted: Friday, July 10, 1998

Does anyone have information on the parents of Ann Priscilla CODE who married Ezekiel TOTTEN in April 1823 in Allegany Co MD?

Researcher: Elizabeth Russo
Date posted: Saturday, July 11, 1998

The subject folks of this query were my gggrandparents who were believed to have been living in, passing through, or somehow otherwise connected with Maryland. (They eventually settled in Missouri, and may have been in Kansas before that). I have an early photo of James Knox STARK (b.1839) that was taken in Frostburg, Maryland where he appears to be in his late teens or early twenties. Servilla (we have different variations of the spelling of her name in family records) BIDDINGER was believed to have been born in Maryland around 1839 and James Knox STARK was believed to have immigrated from Ireland while in his teens. If anything sounds familiar, I would truly appreciate knowing it!

Researcher: Joyce Whyde
Date posted: Sunday, July 12, 1998

I wondered if anyone has any info on the surname CLARK or TWIGG: Jacob CLARK b. 1850 Harrison Co . VA or Gilmer Co. WV. Jacob CLARK Married Mary...? Children - Flora Alice CLARK TWIGG b. 1873 married George Cecil TWIGG b. 1872. Flora Alice or Alice Flora disappeared after 1920 sometime - .never heard from her again - don't know if she remarried or what happened - would really like to find out. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

Researcher: Deborah Shepherd
Date posted: Sunday, July 12, 1998

I am researching John DAVIS Sr. of Allegany County, MD. He used to own a store in Flintstone, MD. about 1820-1846. Who were his wife and children?

Researcher: Jack L. Bowers
Date posted: Monday, July 13, 1998

I'm trying to find 'stuff' on John Wendelinus BECK b abt 1825 Bavaria Germany m Catherina HELBIG July 07 1860 SS Peter/Paul Cumberland... Catherina b abt 1835 Bavaria Germany...

They had 4 children... John Wendeline b 08-08-1861, Maria Cunigunda b 09-14-1862, Anna Mary b abt 1863, Maria Magdalena b 05-24-1864.. Please note the Maria Magdalena was b in 1864 and Catherina HELBIG BECK remarried George FLECKENSTEIN Jan 16 1865 in SS Peter/Paul

... It's obvious that Catherina and 1st husband John W BECK were not divorced because she wouldn't have been able to remarry in a Catholic Church....Please note, too, that there isn't any trace of the last 2 daughters born in '63 and '64....

We found Catherina's and George FLECKENSTEIN's gravesite in the SS Peter/Paul Cemetery in Cumberland and daughter Mary's (FRADISKA) at the same site...

Can anyone give us even a teenyweeny clue as to what might have happended to 1st husband John Wendelinus BECK and the 2 daughters?...We've been to the church, courthouse, library, Allegany Community College library, the local newspaper office and nothing to date to even hint about what might have happened.

Researcher: Rosemary Schill
Date posted: Thursday, July 16, 1998

Searching for BAILEY's and MCROBIE's who were from Garrett Co, MD. I understand Garrett Co was part of Aleghany Co before splitting off. any information would be appreciated. particularly looking for information on William BAILEY and family of Lucinda ( MCROBIE) BAILEY Thank you.

Researcher: Lisa Spencer
Date posted: Friday, July 17, 1998

I am looking for a marriage date for Abraham WORKMAN and Hannah BURGESS somewhere around 1800 in Allegany County MD. Thanks.

Researcher: Lisa Spencer
Date posted: Friday, July 17, 1998

Does anyone own any books that makes reference to land grants/patents for Allegany County MD, specifically around Ft. Cumberland. I am looking for property owned by Jacob WORKMAN and Elizabeth WYCKOFF. Thanks.

Researcher: Myron Murley
Date posted: Sunday, July 19, 1998

Looking for birth records of Thomas Garrett MURLEY born 12 June 1830 PA. Also want to find the history of Murley Branch Stream in Allegany County and Murley Run Stream in Garrett County.

Researcher: Nancy Crandall
Date posted: Monday, July 20, 1998

I am seeking information on Johannes ARMBRUSTER, b. 1806 in Waldorf, Germany. Spouse - Maria ??. Children - Christian, b. 1838; Johanna, b. 1841; Catherine, b. 1845; Anna, b. 1847. All children born in Waldorf, Germany. Family came to U.S. in 1852 on "The Bessel" and settled around Cumberland, Maryland. Catherine married Joseph FORBECK on May 7, 1861, in Cumberland.

I need to know: (1) when and where Johannes died; (2) Maria's maiden name and parentage. Catherine died around 1900, but I don't exactly when or where.

Researcher: Sharon Vance
Date posted: Friday, July 24, 1998

I'm looking for CARTZENDAFNERS in Western MD. To add to the confusion, there's another family in Western MD named Getzendanner (no relation, no matter how hard the genealogists try to solve this little problem by saying they are).

Researcher: Craig Thomas
Date posted: Friday, July 24, 1998

Looking for the parents of Elizabeth PERRIN (1806-1845). She married George ATHEY(1807-1886) in 1833.

Researcher: Micki Greer
Date posted: Friday, July 24, 1998

I have been laying low for awhile trying to gather more information. I am now sure of where my grandmother and grandfather ran off to get married and was hoping someone could help me. They ran off to Cumberland, MD to get married.

There names are Elmer Ross GREER and Catherine BOOTH. It would have been early 1900's ish. I'm not sure of the date. I know my dad was born in 1937 or 38 and he wasn't the first born. I eventually would like to get a copy of their marriage certificate. If someone finds it I will reimburse you for your time and the copy.

Researcher: Cathy Beeseck
Date posted: Saturday, July 25, 1998

Info. on parents of John Albert KERCHEVAL, born around 1885. had blacksmith shop in Cumberland , maybe killed on railroad around 1910-1915. married Mary Geneva HARDY 16 July 1904 in Allegany County. Three children: Thelma Leona (KERCHEVAL) BEESECK, Margaret Mae, and Albert

Researcher: Tom Speelman
Date posted: Monday, July 27, 1998

I have a Mary ATHEY in a collateral line who married Philip SPEELMAN, son of David Lorenz SPEELMAN and Elisabeth KRICHBAUM, on 22 July1822 in Allegany County. The only other info that I have is that they moved to Ohio County, VA sometime between the time of the 1830 Census and and March 1839. Does anyone have a Mary ATHEY who might fit?

Researcher: Steve Johnson
Date posted: Wednesday, July 29, 1998

Looking for descendants of John,Adam and Maria JOHNSON of Lonaconing/Westernport Md.

Researcher: Steve Johnson
Date posted: Wednesday, July 29, 1998

Looking for descendants of David and Elizabeth MCINTYRE or their children David, Anna Marie, Susan of the Lonaconing area. (They also ran the bakery in Westernport 1900-1940's).

Researcher: Patricia Kelley
Date posted: Thursday, July 30, 1998

I am researching Michael Stanton COLEMAN b.1895 MD?, resided Frostburg, MD, married Elizabeth ROBERTSON about 1920. Their children: Beatrice, Norma, Bette, & Marion. He died 1975. Buried Midland, MD. Who were his parents & siblings?

Researcher: Lynne Ramsey
Date posted: Thursday, July 30, 1998

Need help solving a twenty-year search for the identity of Margaret, also known as "Maggie" ?, who married Barney DEWITT, oldest son of Peter (II) and Sarah (CASTEEL) DEWITT. I know she was born ca. July, 1834, in MD.

Her father was born in VA., her mother in PA. She grew up in the same neighborhood as Peter and Sarah DEWITT. She had a brother who was paroled in the Civil War with their younger son, Joseph DEWITT. She was married previously, probably about the age of 16, to a person who is unknown, and had two children, Mary E., b. ca. 1851, and William, b. ca. 1857.

Margaret married ca. 1860, Barney DEWITT (b. 12 Nov. 1823/24, MD.). They had no children, but were married 46 years. They both died in Shelby, Polk Co., NE., where they were living with their grandaughter, Margaret Adeline (FRIEND) ANDERSON. Would like to find out Margaret's maiden name and/or married name before she married Barney DEWITT.

Researcher: Jill Lowe
Date posted: Saturday, August 1, 1998

I am interested in learning more of my grandfather, Gilbert Virgil NIXON, and his son Marion Leroy ALDERTON, who was killed in WWI. They lived in Cumberland for a while. Gilbert lived on Arch St., and Marion lived with his twin sister Mary BRASHEARS in South Cumberland. I am also interested in learning of Patrick MALONEY who married Bridget BURKE (my gr. grandparents), and James Edward NIXON (my gr. grandfather). My grandfather was John I. NIXON who was a barber on Virginia Ave. in South Cumberland. Do you know any info of my family? I would be appreciative of learning anything new.

Researcher: Sandra HEDRICK
Date posted: Tuesday, August 4, 1998

Seeking info on Mathias CHRISMAN & his wife, Elizabeth GROSS who lived in Allegany Co, MD, in the late 1700's & early 1800's, then moved to Fleming Co,KY.

Researcher: Adrienne Gallagher
Date posted: Monday, August 10, 1998

Know anything about either Ruth or Annie FARRADAY of Frostburg? What about the EVANS of Frostburg? Wm Haddock EVANS married Ruth FARRADAY ... William was born in Wales, and came to America when 8 yrs. The married couple lived on Bowery St. (I'm sure you all needed to know that), and owned a grocery store there.. Wm supposedly brough electric lights to Frostburg in 1889.. I think he was the mayor of Frostburg as well..

Their daughter, Dora, was involved in many societies, including Ladies Home Missionary Society and Ladies Aid Society... she married Lawrence David WILLISON I (there are 4 so far.. and for some reason my great uncle and his son both go by 'David'.. my dad's also a L.D., but with a different last name, so its a little easier).. L.D. Sr. was in the lumber business with his brother Edward C., they owned Willison Brothers Lumber Mill (also on Bowery St., Frostburg). L.D. helped organise Equitable Building and Loan Association, of which at his death he was the treasurer. Both L.D. and Dora were members of the Methodist Church.

Dora's brother, Horace C. EVANS (mayor of Frostburg), I think was her only sibling..

I'd love any info anybody can offer about the FARRADAY's and/or the EVANS, esp. if there are any EVANS left in the area?

Researcher: Ray Lynn

Personal Web Page:
Date posted: Thursday, August 20, 1998

I am looking for someone with access to the book "History of Allegany County Maryland" by James W. Thomas. It mentions in it LYNNS which I am hoping may be information on my family. Can someone please look it up?

Researcher: John Torbet
Date posted: Sunday, August 23, 1998

Looking for information on Alexander TORBET, who came to the US in 1870 and declared his intention to become a citizen in Nov 1873 in Cumberland, MD. Alexander was the father of Robert TORBET who was killed in 1870 in the Franklin Mines and is buried in Morrison Cemetery. Trying to establish relationship between Alexander and John TORBET of Lonaconing, Md.(1847-1901)

Researcher: Joyce Whyde
Date posted: Saturday, September 5, 1998

Jacob CLARK...b..1850.. married Mary..? Children: Elizabeth, Flora Alice,(married George Cecil TWIGG..1893) Helena, Virginia, Clyde, Ernest, Clarrence, Zeddie..(married Grant KISEMORE) lived around Grant Co...Milroy District...WVa/Va or possibly MD any info would be appreciated Thanks

Researcher: Bill Collins
Date posted: Sunday, September 20, 1998

Jacob BRENIZER , town unknown, w. Margaret GRIFFITH. Also Adam BRENIZER, w. Eve. ca. 1810-1830. I will be thankful for any information provided. Thanks, Bill.

Researcher: James W. Brown
Date posted: Tuesday, September 22, 1998

Seeking news of William, Lloyd and/or Elijah BROWN b ca 1800-1810 in the Allegany Co MD area. Many thanks!

Researcher: Holly Niblett
Date posted: Thursday, October 1, 1998

I am looking for the husband of Sarah Ann WOLFE. Sarah was born 10-8-1868 and died 10-5-1959, she is buried at St. Smith Cemetery in Bedford Pa. She had children, Ethel May (Mae) WOLFE 1-24-1892 and she had a twin brother Emmonds Roy WOLFE. also there was Lloyd WOLFE-Oscar WOLFE-and Cornelia WOLFE. If anyone has information about this family it would be most helpful,and I thank you very much!

Researcher: John Taylor
Date posted: Sunday, October 4, 1998

John TAYLOR born 1868 son of William and Elizabeth TAYLOR his children:Mary Stewart married James CHARLES. Ed TAYLOR born 1902 in Cumberland. Lee TAYLOR born 1907 in Keyser WV. died 1928 as a result of hunting accident. Sarah TAYLOR married Leory BANE lived Claysville Mineral Co WV Annie TAYLOR married William ABERNTHIE. Elizabeth TAYLOR married Charles MILLER lived New Creek WV. Floyd TAYLOR lived Keyser WV. had brothers Harry,Jerry and Edward also lived in nearby areas.

Researcher: Jane Leavell
Date posted: Friday, October 9, 1998

I have noticed there was a LEASURE family living in Allegany Co. Does anyone know if it included a Susannah LEASURE? Aaron GOODWIN, born ca. 1753, married her somewhere in Maryland, and they traveled on to Hinkston Station (Harrison Co.) KY, where she died.

Researcher: Sue Brosnahan
Date posted: Saturday, October 10, 1998

Looking for any information on the following BARRETT family who were living in Frostburg Dist. Allegany Co, MD (Mt. Savage) during the 1860 Census: Edward BARRETT age 40, wife Ellen age 30 both born in Ireland, and the following children all born in Maryland: Mary Ellen age 12, Jane 10, Catherine 8, John 6, Ann 4, Anthony 2, and James age 2 months. Thank you.

Researcher: Barbara Jensen
Date posted: Monday, October 26, 1998

Looking for information on the family of Daniel FOLCK, b. Allegany Co., MD ca. 1800, m. Sophia SMOUSE. Their children were born near Folcks' Mills, about 4 miles NE of Cumberland, MD. 1850 census lists Daniel, 50, Sohpia, 44, Elizabeth, 19, Harry 17, Sylvaney (George Sylvanous) 16, David 13, Washington 11, Isabelle 9, Daniel 7, Martha 4, Victoria 1. Sophia was daughter of Henry SMOUSE, and granddaughter of Peter SMOUSE. Peter came to Baltimore, MD from Germany 9/19/1738 on the Thistle. Victoria m. David Frakes DAY. George Sylvanous m. Isabella KIRBY.

Researcher: David GERLACH
Date posted: Sunday, November 1, 1998

Searching: GERLACH around 1850 & before in the Frostberg,Md area. I have a Charles GERLACH b 1860? d 1930? said to be from that area.

Researcher: Robert WEBLER
Date posted: Wednesday, November 11, 1998

Seek birth records for children of Lewis P. and Caroline NEWELL of Allegany County in the years 1838 - 1868.

Researcher: Jerri Jones
Date posted: Friday, November 20, 1998

Looking for information on Jacob MARTIN and his wife, Lydia REICHARD, who were the parents of Henry MARTIN, married to Mary Elizabeth ORNDORFF. They lived in Mt. Savage during the early 1900's.

Researcher: William Watkins
Date posted: Saturday, November 21, 1998

Looking for Reese JONES family. 1870 Census for Maryland, Allegany Co. Frostburg. Reese JONES born 1814. Mary (wife) born 1818. John L. born 1851. Mary A. born 1854. Caroline born 1858.

Researcher: Shelley Sykes
Date posted: Wednesday, November 25, 1998

I am looking for info possibly contained in a booklet entitled "The Steiner Family in Germany and America" produced around 1900 by Christian STEINER. In particular I am looking for info on the family of Raymond Christian STEINER 1737-1803, his parents Abraham and Anna STEINER, and his own family comprised of wife Hanna Barbara STREITER, and their children: Elizabeth, Phebe, Mary, Ann Sophia, and Sarah.

These are the only children I have names for and there are supposed to be 7 daughters and 6 sons. (This from STREITER material.) Though the family lived in Frederick Co., I have heard of this booklet and that it may be existing still in Cumberland. Any help would be appreciated.

Researcher: John Torbet
Date posted: Wednesday, November 25, 1998

Looking for searchers of the family of David LINN, born in Scotland (probably Airdrie) ca 1839. David was married to Margaret BUCHANAN and then to Sally NIXON. Immigrated through Nova Scotia to Keyser,WV and Lonaconing, MD.

Children by Margaret were Elizabeth LINN DAVIS, Jane LINN WILLIAMS, Margaret LINN WELLS, Sylvia LINN JOHNSON, Annie LINN FORD, and Minnie LINN KEYS.

Children by Sally were David LINN (m.Eliz. FULLER), John LINN (m.Mable CHESSIRE), Isabelle LINN DEAL, and Ada Lee LINN PUGH.

I have researched the family of George LINN (1833-1918), who was the older brother of David and immigrated from Airdrie to Lonaconing. If any of David's descendants has assembled the genealogy of this family, I would like to merge the two branches. Also, Annie LINN FORD indicated in a letter written in 1961 that a second cousin lived in Canada and had corresponded with David. I have been unable to tie any Canadian LINNs to George/David LINN Branches. Any assistance will be appreciated.

Researcher: Amy Connell
Date posted: Friday, December 11, 1998

Searching for parents of John MILLER born 1799 in Federicksburg? MD married Mary DEEMS July 1821 in Allegany Co., MD. Thier son Jacob was b. in MD, married Hannah HEAD 1843 in Knox Co., Ohio. This famiy ended up in Knox Co., Ohio.

Researcher: Richard M. Connelly
Date posted: Monday, December 14, 1998

Seeking information on Patrick and Ellen CONLEY who emmigrated from Ireland around 1848-1850. They lived around Mt. Savage, Maryland and had three children: Patrick, Margaret and we believed the third child was named Michael. Patrick is my ancestor and migrated to Missouri and fought in the Union Army during the Civil War. Margaret moved to Preston, County, WV and her descendants live there today. We would like to know if there is any information at the County of Allegheny pertaining to Patrick and Ellen CONLEY the parents of the 3 children who may have been orphaned.

Researcher: Richard M. Connelly
Date posted: Tuesday, December 15, 1998

I'd liked to leave a query about my ancestors who lived in Mt. Savage about 1850 or so. They left Ireland about the time of the height of the potato famine. Their names were Patrick and Ellen CONLEY. We believed they died around Mt. Savage and where buried in the area. If anyone has information on them please send a msg to We know the names of 2 of their 3 children. They were Patrick, Margaret and the third name may have been Michael.

Researcher: Holly McGraw
Date posted: Wednesday, December 16, 1998

I am looking for information on Jacob HANDEL. He Married Anna BARNHART in Allegany County Dec.1,1861,served in the Civil War. They had 6 girls, Louise Caroline KNIPPENBERG, Alice, Christina, Emi and not sure of others. I do know he owned a saddle shop on Pear Street and lived on Michigan Ave. He died in 1918. I am also looking for Charles HANDEL, I have no idea the relationship. Any information would be greatly appreciated, Thank You

Researcher: Dayton W. Crabtree Sr.
Date posted: Thursday, December 17, 1998

I am looking for any and all info on the past relatives of John Riley CRABTREE ... Of the Oldtown ..Paw Paw area.

Researcher: Donald Lease
Date posted: Monday, December 21, 1998

approx. dob 1850-1900 spouse Edward J. LEASE residence Rawlings, Md. Allegany County child Leonard Joseph LEASE

Researcher: Terry Linn
Date posted: Friday, December 25, 1998

I have an Andrew LYNN Jr. m. 1760 Town Creek MD, a Mary ASHERCRAFT JOHNSON D/O George or Jacob ASHERCRAFT/ASHCRAFT and Mary BICKERSTAFF, she the widow of Peter JOHNSON. Is anyone looking for any of these people? Does anyone have a book on early pioneers in the Allegheny Co. area that might list anyone? And what is Town Creek; a town not in existence in present time? I can not locate it on any maps. Thank you

Researcher: Jacqueline Oliver
Date posted: Monday, December 28, 1998

Thomas William PARTLOW b. 15 Sep 1881 Rappahannock Co., Va. d. 22 Aug 1936 Cumberland, Allegany Co. Md. Married Perma ? when? birth? death?. 1920 census list him as living in Vale Summit Dist 17 Allegany Co Md.

Researcher: Beth Smead
Date posted: Tuesday, December 29, 1998

Looking for first wife of John E. KNOX. Her last name was BOWMAN. Any info would be greatly appreciated. John E. KNOX (b. 1843, d. 1907)