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Vintage Photos from Eckhart, MD
Contributed by Buddy Duckworth

John William Duckworth delivering mail on Eckhart Hill ca. 1910
Note the Frostburg Trolly Car to his right


Front Street in Eckhart ca. 1920.

Many buildings in this photo were identified by Joe Montana in his article published in the Bicentennial Memories. Below you will find a brief identification of buildings, beginning at the lower left, covering buildings to the left of Front Street then on the right.

Lower left - C&P Railroad Office Herb Griffith - yard master
William & Earl Michaels - engine & repair shop
Across tracks, dark brown building- shed where hoses and pump used for fire fighting was stored. There is also a public outhouse behind the shed.  
Behind the outhouse - freight storage, including beer, ice and a sand shed James Barry and Sons distributed beer to Eckhart's 30 saloons. Cumberland's Old Export Beer was popular.
Building with arched entrance - Eckhart Gem Theater Built by James Lafferty.
Run by James Barry
Piano players: Jay Barry & Mrs Seifert
Dark roof past theater - Walter Engle's Butcher Shop Les & Buck Engle and John Keller were employed in this enterprise, which included the engle's slaughter house on Parkersburg Road.

Eckhart Band practiced on second floor. Milt Largent ran a saloon in the basement.

Next building on street front - J.J. Carter's Grocery, Hardware and Clothing store Sons: Cecil & Joseph
Nephew: Chiney Carter - deliveries for the store.
Last visible roof along Front Street Home of William "Bill" Peterson
Larger building behind (left of) Peterson's (windows visible) Home of James Close
Three story building on left side of picture Home of the Phillips family.
Dr Wilson's office - first floor.
later Bill & Thelma Phillips had small store on first floor.
In the area of the Phillips house, but not real clear in this photo. Jean & Hazel Burner's home
Grouchy Burner's saloon.
an ice-cream parlor.
Kirby's home and saloon
Nolan's home
Joseph Durkin's home
From the RR tracks, on right side of the street - first building - 2 story facing tracks. Skeetz McKenzie's Grocery, Hardware & Pool Room.
One story building - Eckhart's barber shop William "Bill" Nelson - barber
Next one story building - Louis Chabot's Store Louis & son Edward ran the business.
From German recipies - made ice cream, candy and baked goods.
Large, white structure on the right - Eckhart Methodist church Rev. Clement C. Archer - preacher
Behind the church (peak visible above church roof)-old Eckhart School Teachers- Miss Cronnley, Katie Jack, Virginia Neff, Clara Blank, Kate Bannatyne and Dennis Boyle.
Philip Rephann - janitor.

Mr Montana identifies the street in this photo as Store Hill. The cross street, which runs in front of the church is Beer Alley. Continuing along Beer Alley, outside the range of the picture to the left are more stores, saloons and homes. To the right, Beer Alley meets up with Porter's and Parkersburg Roads.

Junior Order of the Mechanics - Early 1900's - Eckhart
Click on the picture for enlargements of photo sections.
Contributed by
Marilyn Robertson
The gentleman standing between the spears with the letters B C on his chest
is William Wehling of Eckhart, son of Theodore Wehling and Rosanna Kreitzburg.

Junior Order Union of Auto Mechanics
Photo from
Bicentennial Memories p 54

The Brophy Tripple, Eckhart
Contributed by Marilyn Robertson

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