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Veterans of Allegany County
Who Gave the Supreme Sacrifice in WWII


Dear Lord,
Lest I continue
My complacent way,
Help me to remember
Somewhere "out there"
A man died for me today.
As long as there must be war,
I then must
Ask and answer,
"Am I worth dying for?"

Compiled for period Dec. 7, 1941, to Nov. 1, 1944, by Clarence V. Burns,
Cumberland, Md. Transcribed by Patricia Thomas

These pages are gratefully dedicated in the memory of the following one
hundred and seventy-seven brave Alleganians who, in World War 2, have
paid the Supreme Sacrifice


Ambrose, Sgt Peter, J 306 N. Mechanic St.
Armbruster, Lt. Glenn L., 52 Marion St.
Athey, Air Cadet Milton. W., 838 Gephart Dr.

Baltz, Tech. Sgt. Charles O., 213 Avirett Ave.
Barnet, Staff Sgt. Frank H., 334 Avirett Ave.
Bennett, Pfc Floyd W., 534 Fort Ave.
Bohrer, Lt. Kenneth C., 200 Spring St.
Boor, Sgt. Harold, Bedford Rd.
Boor, Lt. Lloyd, 719 Bedford St.
Bradshaw, Pvt. Charles R., Baltimore Pike
Brinkman, Pvt. Dorn B., Valley Rd.
Broadwater, Pvt. Asa W., 631 Leiper St.
Brown. Lt. James W., 555 Rose Hill Ave.
Burton. Pfc. Glenn, 619 Shriver Ave.

Chase, Pfc. Leroy W., 130 Oak St.
Cline, Pfc. Charles W., Bedford St
Crabtree, Lt. Maurice Edwin, 126 Elder St.
Cromwell, Lt. Eldred A., 840 Camden Ave.
Crowe, Pfc. Milton J., 705 Princeton St.
Cubbage, Pfc, Maurice A., Oldtown Rd.

Dauphin, Sgt Carl A., 148 Bedford St.
Dickinson, Pvt. William H., 303 Decatur St.
Driscoll, Pvt. Arlington L., 651 Baker St.

Eckhard, Pvt Ernest, 221 Springdale St.
Estes, Roland Ashby, 1319 Virginia Ave.

Fansler, Pvt. George E. Christie Rd.
Finan. Lt. Francis K., 518 Washington St.
Fletcher, Marshall Alexander, 70 Cresap St. ( no rank given)
Fogle, Lt. Jefferson B., 131 Polk St.
Forebeck, Sgt. James A., 24 Waverly Ter.

Golden, Pvt. Clyde E., 529 Pine Ave.

Clyde E. Golden was my mother's first cousin. When he was killed in France, his father, Robert R. Golden, a WWI Vet was a PFC stationed at Foster field Texas. Clyde was killed near Cherbourg, the same place his father had landed 26 years earlier. Mark McKnight

Gordon, Pvt. Paul C. 962 Glenwood St.
Graham, Lt. Fred E., 319 Williams St.

Hamburg, Leo T., 215 willowbrook Rd. (no rank given)
Hamilton, Cpl. Melvin A., 712 Leiper St.,
Harden, Staff Sgt. Dixie R., 15 Offutt St.
Hartman, Pfc. George E., 316 Davidson St..
Hensel, Sgt. Charles H., 171 Thomas St.
Himmelwright, S/Sgt. Orville E., 317 Avirett Ave.
Hosey, Staff Sgt. William Fred, 14 market St.
Huffman, Sgt Ralph, 914 glenwood St.

Jankey, Tech. Sgt. John M. 864 Sperry Ter.

Kelley, Pfc. Garrett Eugene, 440 Baltimore Ave.
Kenney, Sgt. James Donald, 50 Bedford St.
Kesecker, Pvt. Ronald F., 512 Sheridan Pl.
Kirby, Pvt Harry E., 29 Browning St.,
Kirby, Staff Sgt. William C., 217 Frederick St.
Kolb, Pfc. Douglas F., 402 Columbia St.
Kunes, MMM. Floyd Jr. 882 Gephart Dr.

Laffey, Pfc. James R., Jr 868 Maryland Ave.
Lehman, Pvt Franklin P., 115 Maple St.
Lehamn, Pfc. William J., 215 Reynolds St.
Lewis, Lt. Joshua, 117 West Oldtown Rd.
Lindner, Pfc. Charles E., 602 Maryland Ave.
Lloyd, Pvt. Joseph B. Virginia Ave.
Long, Capt. Andrew G. 69 Greene St.

McMullen, Pvt. Hugh A. III, 400 Washington St.
MacDonald, David Edgar, 309 East Laing Ave.
Mortzfeldt, Pfc. Edgar D., 814 N. Mechanic St.
Mosser, Pfc. Charles W. 511 Shriver Ave.

Newbraugh, Pfc. Clifford Carroll, 108 Paca Ave.
Nierman, S/Sgt. Richard L., 811 Columbia Ave.

O'Neal, Pfc. Coyle, Joseph, 934 Gay St.
Oster, Pvt. W. Max, Oldtown Rd.

Poole, Cpl. Benjamin A., Jr., 501 Decatur St.
Porter, Pvt. George R., 935 Gay St.

Redhead, Cpl. Melvin D., 301 Massachusetts Ave.
Rinehart, Cpl. Robert L., 124 Humbird St.
Rhodes, Staff Sgt. Richard M. 504 fourth St.

Sarver, Sgt. Homer, 292 Laing Ave.
Shaffer, Lt. Charles Robert, 515 Fayette St.
Shank, Sgt. Aaron D., 720 Brookfield Ave.
Smith, Flight Officer Edwin W., The Dingle
Snider, Pvt. Paul S., Williams Rd.
Spicer, Pvt. Edward Orville, 211 Holland St.
Stevey, Charles W., Jr. 819 Patterson Ave. (no rank listed)
Stitcher, Pvt Carl, 417 Valley St.
Street, Cpt. Arnold L., 1614 Bedford St.
Sturz, Pvt. Melvin S., 321 Avirett Ave.

Tambolleo, Petty Officer, Victor, 1 Auburn Ave.
Thorpe, Pfc. William S., 311 Laing Ave.

This brave young man was my relative. He was born 11 August 11, 1922 and lost his life in the service of his country on D-Day June 07, 1944. He is buried in France at the St. Laurent Cem. Family knows him as Billie(y) Shultz Thorpe an American hero. Karen Nelson Hangsleben

Trenton, Lt. Gerald G. 623 Baltimore Ave.
Turner, Pvt., William E., williams R.

Valentine, Cpl. Wolford C., Bond St.

Wallizer, Staff Sgt. Theodore R. 18 Boone St.
Wartzack, SFC Arthur W., 216 S. Smallwood Ave.
Weaver, Staff Sgt. Claude K., 536 Eastern Ave.
Weimer, Pfc. Claude E., 401 Cedar St.
Will, TM, Thomas Alphonsus, 318 Prince George St.
Wilson, Pfc, Earl Kenneth 539 Central Ave.
Wolfornd, Capt. John Louis, 705 shriver Ave.

Zorman, Staff Sgt, Victor Paul, The Dingle


Beck, Ensign David
Boyer, Sgt. Evan
Brady, Pvt. Darby J.
DeVault, Pvt. Kenneth W.
Grimes, Pvt. Joseph J.
Grimes, Pvt. John M.
Harvey, Pvt. Francis E.
Mayer, Lt. Daniel H.
Mire, Pfc. Mack Mood
Neal, Cpl. Arthur Donald
Simon. Lt. Walter R.
Thomas, Lt. Jack F.
Thomas, Sgt. Ralph W.


Allen, Pvt. James G., Jr
Clupp, Seaman Anthony C., Jr.
Crichton, SFC George
Holmes, Lt. Thomas M.
Langley, SFC Jack
McMannis, PFC. Frank
Miller, Pvt. Andrew
Neat, Pvt. Alvin C., Jr.
Stevenson, Pfc. James A.
Woods, Pfc. John William


Carpenter, Pfc. Kenneth L.
Clark, Pfc. Thomas V. Jr.
Dayton, Lt. Charles R.
Fields, Pvt. Thomas D.
Hickerson, First Lt. C. E. Jr.
Moores, Robert Lee (no rank listed)
Moores, Master Sgt. Joseph B.
Moran, CPO Arthur P.
O'Haver, Pfc. John W.
Taylor, Pfc. Robert T.
Wills, Sgt. Albert W.

Mt. Savage

Brailer, Pvt. William J.
Dickle, Pvt. Eugene
Dunn, First Sgt. Joseph B.
Lynch, George (no rank listed)
Murphy, Staff Sgt. James R.
Petenbrink, Pvt. John Alvin


Bell, Pvt. Kenneth Calvin
Inskeep, Pfc. Nelson E.
McVicker, Staff Sgt. Lester
Metz, Pfc. Charles H.


Allen, Joseph B. (no rank listed)
Campbell, Sgt. Thomas M.
Taylor, Pfc. Thomas A.


Cook, Platoon Sgt. Emmett B.
DeVore, Pvt. Russell Woodrow
LaRue, Staff Sgt. Jesse R.
Shroyer, Pvt. John F.


Andres, Pfc. William Joseph
Arnone, Arthur Michael (no rank listed)
Weisenborne, Pvt. Henry E.


Cuff, Pfc. James P.
Logsdon, Pvt. Ray Leroy
Millar, Staff Sgt. James C.
Shirey, Pfc Roland B.
Walsh, Pfc. Charles R.


Fishell, Cpl. Elmer Harry
Happe, Pvt. Leonard F.
Wheeler, Capt. Joseph E.

Little Orleans

Fletcher, Pvt James Calmer
Norris, Pvt. David T.
Smith, Pfc. Condra Merle
Swain, Pvt. Elmer T.


Johnson, Pfc. Thomas Irvin
Twigg, Tech. Sgt. Charles R.


Dawson, Tech. Sgt.Francis H.

Bowling Green

Kisamore, Flight Officer Leo R.


McKenzie, Pvt. Leonard Leroy


Middleton, Pvt. John Ray

Allegany Grove

Ours, Coxswain John Jacob


Smiley, SFC Joseph R.


Diffinbaugh, Pvt. Eugene E
Sisler, Sgt. Clifford B.


Kifer, Staff Sgt. Virgil C.

Borden Mines

Gomer, Pvt. Edward L.


Jordan, Pfc. Willaim A.


Raley, Pfc. John E.

Knapp's Meadow

Leake, Sgt Robert L.

Wright's Crossing

Broadbeck, Pfc. John B.

Names and Oversea Addresses of WWII Service Men and Women
The Last "Garrett County Letter League" Almanack for 1945
Transcribed by Patricia Thomas

- A -

Timothy Carl Abbott, 3/C s. Navy 140, box 1, c/o PM, Frisco
Pvt. Leroy J. Abe, APO 726, Seattle
Sgt. James Abey, APO, 133, New York
Laurence W. Abe, BMKR, 2/C, USS New Jersey, FPM, Frisco
Pfc Emmett W. Abell, APO 230, New York
Pvt. Jos. Acre, APO 634, New York
Pvt. Frank J. Adams, APO 37, Frisco
Raymond P. Adams, S. 1/C, SS Robin Gray, c/o FPO, New York
Sgt. Joseph Agress, APO 489, New York
Pvt. Raymond Ahern, APO 518, New York
Pvt. Marshall Albright, APO 230, New York
Pvt. Melvin Albright, APO 464, New York
T. Sgt. Geo. P. Aldom, APO 700, New York
Lt. Jas. E. Aldridge, APO 841, New Orleans
Pfc. Wm. Aldridge, APO 829, New Orleans
Pvt. John M. Alexander, APO 518, New York
Pfc. Marcellus Alexander, APO 696, New York
Pvt. Theodore H. Alexander, APO 716, Frisco
Pvt. Wm. Alexander, APO 527, New York
Pvt. Geo. E. Alkire, APO 34, New York
Pvt. Donald P. Allen, APO 929, Frisco
Sgt. Francis J. Allen, APO 29, c/o PM, New York
Pvt. Geo. W. Allen, APO, 41 Frisco
Pfc. Herbert Allen, APO, (55, c/o PM, Frisco
T/4 Richard Allen, APO, 552, New York
William George Allen, S, 2/C, Hedron 15, c/o FPO
T/5 Neizie C. Almond, APO 251, new York.
S. Sgt. Arthur J. Amadeo, APO 557, New York.
Pfc. Leo Amann, APO 528, New York.
Maj. A. H. Amick, APO 241, Frisco
Sgt. Arthur T. Amtower, APO 5294, New York.
Chap. Harry W. Amtower, Repl. Bn., Trans. Cen., c/o FPO, Frisco
Lt. Norman C. Amtower, APO 719, Frisco
Pvt. Warren C. Amtower, APO 96, Frisco
Sgt. Fred Anderson, APO 634, New York.
Pvt Harry Anderson, Jr., APO 689, New York
Pfc. Robert Anders, APO 81, Frisco
Pfc. Bobby M. Andrews, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Sgt. Harry O. Andrews, APO 502, Frisco
Pfc. John W. Andrews, APO 763, New York.
Lt. Joe W. Ansel, APO 230, New York.
Pvt. Chas. Wm. Appel, APO 465, New York
Pvt. Robert H. Apsey, APO 942, Seattle.
Pvt. Geo. L. Arbogast, Jr., APO 858, New York.
Lt. Robert W. Armbruster, Jr., APO 696, New York
Lt. Addis M. Arnold, APO 133, New York.
Cpl. Paul Arnold, APO 251, New York
Pvt. Woodrow W. Arnold, APO 860, New York.
Victor L. Arnone, S. 2/ navy 407, Box 44, c/o FPO, new York.
Paul L. Arrington, SK 2/C, 67 NC Bn., c/o FPO, Frisco
Cpl. Almer W. Ashby, APO 487, new York.
Cpl Arthur E. Ashenfelter, APO, 34, New York.
Ira C. Ashenfelter, CN 3/C, USS Briareus, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Cpl. Kenneth E. Ashenfelter, APO 941, Seattle
Kenneth L. Athey, MM 2/C, USS New Jersey, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Virgil E. Atkinson, E.M. 3/C, Navy 152, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pfc. Ellit E. Auvil, APO 350, New York.

- B -

Pvt George. M. Babb, APO 958, Frisco
H. S. Bachman, MM 2/C, NRU 89, c/o FPO, Frisco
Pvt. Karl W. Bachman, APO 134, New York.
S. Sgt. Stephen W. Bagent, APO 520, New York.
Pvt. Jackson P. Bagley, APO 85, New York.
Pvt. Ross D. Bagley, AAAPO 7, Frisco.
Pvt. Russell Bagley, APO 25, Frisco.
Pvt. Dennis Bahen, APO 135, New York
Cpl. Edward R. Bailey, APO 956, Frisco.
Elmer M. Bailey, APO 505, New York.
Pfc. Harold E. Baker, 650, New York.
Cpl. Julian J. Baker, APO 230, New York.
Raymond M. Baker, S. 2/C, USS Ice Fish, c/o FPO, Frisco
Sgt. Stuart A. Baker, APO 700, New York.
S. Sgt. David Ball, APO 350, New York.
Pvt. Robert Ball, APO 874, New York.
Pfc. Alfred Earl Banks, APO 322, Frisco
Pvt. Geo. W. Barb, APO 2, c/o FM, New York.
Gerald L. Babb, Y. 1/C, 24 USN CR, c/o FPO, Frisco
Pfc. Edw. I. Barber, c/o Embarkation, APO, New York
Harold L. Barbour, S. 1/C, SS Robert H. Harrison, c/o FPO, New York.
Pvt. Donald R. Barkley, APO 472, New York.
Pvt. Jack Barkins, APO 403, New York.
Lt. Francis W. Barkley, APO 528, New York.
Pvt. Richard A. Barley, APO 528, New York.
John Francis Barley, S 1/C, SS Robt. Treat Paine, f/o FPO, Frisco.
Lt. Geo. W. Barnard, Jr., APO 517, New York.
Pfc. Robert E. Barnard, Jr., APO 45, New York.
Sgt, Thos. Barnard, APO 689, New York.
Cpl. Alfred R. Barnett, APO28 , New York.
Cpl. Edward F. Barnett, APO 9210, New York.
Cpl. Paul E. Barry, APO 350, New York.
Pvt. Raymond L. Barton, APO 704, c/o PM. Frisco
Cpl. Frank Bartlett, APO 559, New York.
Pvt. Clarence barton, APO 860, c/o PM, New York.
Pvt. Stephen L. Bassel, APO 5, New York.
Cpl. Don C. Baum, APO 887, New York.
Cpl. S. S. Baumer, Jr., APO 12315, Frisco.
Pvt. harry Beall, APO 36, New York.
Sgt. Samuel A. Bean, APO 8, New York.
Lt. (j.g.) Chap. raymond A. Beane, USNR STAG one, c/o FPO, Frisco
Cpl. Allen C. Beck, APO 696, New York.
Cpl. Donald Beck, APO 515, New York.
Corp. F. G. Becker, APO 923, Frisco.
Carleton R. Beckman, Cox. USS LCI L212, c/o FPO, New York.
Cpl. Charles T. Beckwith. APO 681, New York.
Marshall Beeman, G.M. 3/C USS Mizar, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Cpl. Howard S. Beeman, APO 783, New York.
James Edward Beesack, S. 1/C, c/o FPO, Frisco
T. Sgt. Richard A. Beightol, APO 98, c/o PM, Frisco
S. 2/C Paul Beisser, Jr., 14 Naval Dis., Honolulu
Chas. M. Bell, EM 2/C. Batt. 88, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pfc. Emmett A. Bell, Jr., APO 813, New York.
Cpl. Roy Marvin Bell, Jr., APO 638, New York.
Sgt Walter G. Bell, APO 929, Frisco.
Pfc. Cecil W. Bender, APO 9998, New York.
Pvt. Carl L. Bennett, APO 511, New York.
S. Geo. E. Bennett, APO 4, new York.
Sgt. Geo. S. Bennett, APO 80, New York.
Cpl. Hobart F. Bennett, APO 649, New York.
Pvt. Jas W. bennett, APO 516, New York.
Sgt. Lloyd R. Bennett, APO 957, Frisco.
Richard J. Bennett, RM 3/C, US LCTR 423, c/o FPO, New York.
Cpl. Ronald J. Bennett, APO 29, New York.
Pvt. Watson E. Bennett, APO 43, Frisco
Pvt. Jos. F. Benson, APO 875, New York.
Cpl. Eugene W. Bergman, APO 713-Unit 1, Frisco.
Pfc. Herman F. Bergman, APO 350, New York.
Sgt. Jas. Thos. Berkenbaugh, APO 302, New York.
Lt. Sara Beckley, APO 700, New York.
FO Wm. C. Beveridge, APO 16001-B.J. 56, New York.
Lt. Col. George W. Bibby, APO 638, New York.
Elmer Bierman, S.P.F. 3/C, Navy 231, c/o FPO New York.
Pvt. Geo. A. Biggs, APO 874, New York.
O. M. Biggs, S. F. 2/C USS Lst 174, c/o FPO, New York.
Ens. S. B. Biggs, C.E.C. 44 CB, c/o FPO, Frisco.
F. C. Billimeyer, S. 1/V, USS Kadashan Bay, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Francis D. Birmingham, MM 2/c, 59 NCB, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Cpl. Jas. B. Birmingham, APO 929, New York
Cpl. Thos. D. Birmingham, APO 689, New York.
Ray Earl Bishop, S. 1/C, Navy 95, c/o FPO, New York.
Pvt. Earl C. Bittner, APO 617, New York.
Cpl. Howard A. Bittner, APO 635, New York.
T. Sgt. John H. Bittner, APO 343, Frisco.
Sgt. Richard. P. Blacka, APO 558, New York.
Pvt. Granville Blacker, APO 652, New York.
Pfc. Mather W. Blacker, APO 967, Frisco.
Lt. John R. Blackwell, APO 871, New York.
Pvt. Robert W. Blake, APO 152, New York.
Pvt. Thos. P. Blake, APO 5, New York.
W. E. Blank, CM 1/C, 88 Bn., c/o FPO, Frisco
S. Sgt, John J. Blaugh, APO 230, New York.
T/3 Jas. L Blizzard, APO 512, New York.
Pvt. Philip Blocher, APO 3, New York.
Pvt. Chas. F. Bloss, APO 89, Camp Butner.
Sgt. Geo. W. Bloss, APO 650, New York.
T. Cpl. C. L. Blubaugh, APO 713, Unit 1, Frisco
Pvt. Kenneth R. Blubaugh, APO 464, New York.
Sgt. Samuel L. Blume, APO 436, New York.
M. Sgt. Bruce Boal, APO 25, Frisco.
Pvt. Carl F. Boggs, APO 36, New York.
Pvt. John C. Bolden, APO 782, New York.
Pvt. John A. Bolt, APO 562, New York.
Sgt. Chas. E. Bolyard, APO 758, New York.
Pvt. Clarence J. Bone, APO 30, New York.
1Sgt. Ellis Bone, APO 515, New York.
Cpl. Herbert B. Bonner, APO 307, New York.
Kelly N. Bonner, APO 954, Frisco.
Wilbert Boone, S. 2/C, Navy 168, c/o FPO, New York.
Pvt. E. S. Borgeman, APO, 230, New York.
Paul W. Boslet, F. 2/C, Navy 135, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pfc. Frank Bostjantic, APO 24, Frisco.
Fredrick Thos Bowden, SK 3/C, Navy 120, c/o FPO, New York.
Sgt. William H. Bowden, APO 634, New York.
Cpl. Jos. F. Bowers, APO 713, Unit 1, Frisco.
Lt. Ralph L. Bowers, APO 230, New York.
Pvt. Robert C. Bowers, APO 5587, Frisco
Sgt. Ward E. Bowser, APO 133, New York.
Pvt. Carl E. Boyd, APO 763, New York.
Pvt. James Boyd, APO 518, New York
Pvt. Claude S. Boyer, APO 520, New York.
John Coulehan Boyle, S. 2/C, Navy 128, c/o FPO, Frisco.
M.M. 1/C Thos. J. Boyle, Navy 250, c/o FPO, Frisco
Cpl. I. M. Bradburn, APO 637, New York.
Sgt. Paul Bradour, APO 465, New York.
M. Sgt. James J. Brady, APO 520, New York.
Cpl. Wm. R. Blake, APO 322, Frisco.
Pvt. Herbert L. Bramble, APO 251, New York.
Pfc. Jos. Brandenberg, APO 464, New York.
Sgt. Elwood N. Brant, APO 29, New York.
Cpl. Wm. L. Brant, APO 322, Frisco.
Pfc. Francis D. Braskey, APO 598, New York.
S. Sgt. John J. Braskey, APO 254, New York.
Lt. Jean Breakiron, APO 9648, New York
Pvt. John J. Brehm, APO 565, Frisco
Pvt. Chas. B. Breighner, APO 340, New York.
PFC. Lloyd O. Breisford, APO 939, Seattle.
Robert Leo Bridges, Cox., 57 NCB, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Sgt. Homer Brill, APO 638, New York.
Pvt. Leo Briner, APO 15216, Frisco.
Sgt. Vernon A. Brinkman, APO 140, New York.
Pfc. Ivan O. Britt, APO 8, New York.
Cpl. Norris Lee Broadwater, APO 230, New York.
Pvt. Owen E. Broadwater, APO 761, New York.
Sgt. Porter W. Broadwater, APO 928, Unit 1, Frisco.
Pvt. Sheridan E. Broadwater, APO 886, New York.
Cpl. Alvin P. Brode, APO. 507, New York.
Pvt. Harold C. Brode, APO 649, New York.
Pfc. James W. Brode, USS Missouri, FPO, New York.
Cpl. John W. Brode, APO 650, New York.
Pvt. Paul Brode, APO 27, Frisco.
Cpl. Wm. R. Brode, APO 638, New York.
Pfc. Wm. R. Brooke, APO 650, New York.
Lt. Wm. R. Brooke, APO 28, New York.
Pfc. Clifton S. Brooks, APO 350, New York.
Sgt. Wm. Brotemarkle, APO 251, New York.
Albert R. Brown, S. 1/C, USS Vulcan, c/o FPO, New York.
Cpl. A. T. Brown, APO 350, New York.
Cpl. Chas. R. Brown, APO 708, Frisco.
Lt. Earl. S. Brown, APO 631, New York.
!/C Geo. Arthur Brown, USS Montpelier, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Cpl. Lemuel E. Brown, APO 644, New York.
Pvt. Wm. D. Brown, APO 134, New York..
Cpl. Wm. R. Brown, APO 37, Frisco.
Pfc. Milnor R. Bruce, APO 565, Frisco.
Pvt. Roy Brunk, APO 758, New York.
Cpl. Robert A. Brunn, APO 558, New York.
Capt. Lloyd H. Buchanan, APO 230, New York.
Pvt. Paul A. Buchanan, APO 505, New York.
Pvt. Jack. C. Buckle, APO 301, Frisco.
Cpl. Paul M. Bucklew, APO 230, New York.
Pfc. Richard W. Bucklew, APO 15309, New York.
Sgt. Lemuel H. Bucklew, APO 27, Frisco.
Pvt. Otto M. Buckley, APO 932, Frisco.
Cpl. Thomas Bucy, APO 29, New York.
Sgt. Eugene Bujac, APO 29, New York.
T. S. Paul L. Burch, APO 251, New York.
Cpl. Makel L. Burke, APO 230, New York.
J. R. Burke, S. 2/C, Navy 3605, c/o FPO, New York.
Pvt. Edward R. Burkey, 2nd Def. Bn., c/o FPO, Frisco
Pvt. Emlyn B. Burkhart, APO 230, New York.
S. Sgt., Howard B. Burkhart, APO 986, Seattle.
Pfc. Albert L. Burley, APO 29, New York.
Cpl. Lewis M. Burley, APO 302, New York.
Andrew J. Burrell, W. T. 2/C, USS Ticonderoga, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Sgt. Armory F. Burrell, APO 5955, c/o PM. New York.
Pvt. Marion R. Burrell, APO 7895, New York.
Bernard W. Bush, APO 795, New York.
Sgt. Charles E. Bush, Jr., APO 825-4. New Orleans.
Pfc. Chas. Buskirk, APO 887, New York.
Robert Butts, AM 2/C, Navy 119, c/o FPO, New York.
Robert Stanton Byer, EM 2/C, Navy 128, Frisco.
Pfc. Terrance Byrnes, APO 15178, New York.
Pvt. Thomas A. Byrnes, APO 645, New York.

- C -

Cpl. Geo. A. Caffrey, APO 512, New York.
Wm. F. Cage, F. F/C, USS S. 46, c./ FPO, Frisco.
Cpl. Harold J. Cain, APO 102, PM, New york.
Pvt. Thomas L. Cain, APO 654, New York.
Pvt. Raymond O. Cameron, APO 986, Seattle.
Pfc. Loring M. Cain, APO 259, c/o PM, New York.
John L. Campbell, F. 2/C, USS Orestes, FPO, Frisco
Milton F. Campbell, S. 1/C, 1st Mar. Amp. c/o FPO, Frisco
Pvt. Daniel E. Canning, APO 41, Frisco.
Pfc. John J. Canning, APO 80, New York.
T. Sgt. Harry E. Capper, APO 638, New York.
Pvt. Chester Carder, APO 32, Frisco.
Pfc. Howard N. Carder, APO 758, New York.
Pfc. Mervin O. Carey, APO 638, New York.
Sgt. Urner G. Carl, Jr., APO 985, Frisco
Pvt. Richard B. Carlson, APO 78, New York.
Lt. John C. Carlton, APO 16001-DJ 53, New York.
Robert Carner, S. 2/C USS San Francisco, c/o FPO, Frisco
Cpl. Terrance P. Carolan, APO 230, New York.
H. G. Carpenter, W. T. 3/C, Navy 140, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Lt. Peter J. Carpenti, APO, New York
Geo. F. Carrington, APO 449, New York.
T/4 Alvin L. Carter, APO 465, New York.
Pvt. Edgar L. Carter, APO 730, Seattle.
Pfc. Frank H. Carter, APO 30, New York.
Sgt. Frank L. Carter, APO 159, Frisco.
S. Sgt. Robert W. Carter, APO 635, New York.
Pvt. John H. Cassen, APO 758, New York.
Pfc. James S. Castle, Jr., APO 7, Frisco.
R. Bruce Castleman, S. 2/C Hedron FAW 1, c/o FPO, Frisco.
T/5 Roy L. Castleman, APO 464, New York.
Sgt. Floyd W. Castleman, APO 9029, New York.
Paul M. Catherman, F. 1/C, USS Steele, c/o FPO, Frisco
Jos. Catine, A.S. F. 3/C, FAW, c/o FPO, New York.
Sgt. Eugene E. Catlett, APO 230, New York.
M. Sgt. Stephen P. Cavanaugh, APO 502, Frisco.
Sgt. Charles H. Cave, APO 650, New York.
Pvt. Hilary J. Cavey, APO 9531, New York.
Pvt. Wm. E. Cessna, APO 632, Miami.
Pvt. Jos. F. Challinor, APO 17381, New York.
Lorenzo H. Chamberg, SCRM, V-B-100, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pvt. Wm. S. Chandlee APO 218, New York.
Jas. L. Chabot, S, 2/C, FPO, Frisco.
Pfc. Daniel W. Chapman, APO 230, New York.
Pvt. Leo P. Chabot, APO 514-A, c/o PM, New York.
Cpl. Francis Warren Chapman, USS Tuscaloosa, c/o FPO, New York.
S. Sgt. Clarence D. chase, APO 376, New York.
Alvis Melvin Chedester, S. M. 3/C, USS Callaghan, c/o FPM.
Cpl. A. J. Chorpenning, 5th Marines, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pfc. Paul J. Chorpenning, APO 516, New York.
Cpl. Arnold G. Clark, Jr., APO 4994, New York.
Pvt. David E. Clark, APO 9, New York.
Cpl. James C. Clemems, APO 928, Unit 2, Frisco.
Pfc. Cleland W. Cline, Jr., APO 520, New York.
Pvt. Earl Clites, APO 15316, Frisco.
Pfc. Paul Clites, APO 635, New York.
Pvt. Donald M. Close, APO 322, Frisco.
Cpl. Noah B. Close, APO 339, c/o PM, New York.
Pfc. Wm. E. Close, APO 826, New Orleans.
Pfc. John W. Clupp, APO 25, Frisco.
Lt. Wm. Earle Cobey, USS Kadashan Bay, c/o FPO, Seattle.
Pfc. Jack W. Coburn, APO 948, Seattle.
Pfc. H. S. Colbert, APO 230, New York.
Cpl. Melvin W. Colbert, APO 159, Frisco.
Pvt. John J. Cole, APO 689, New York.
Pvt. Geo. T. F. Coleman, APO 322, Unit1. Frisco.
Pvt. Hugh J. Coleman, APO 230, New York.
S. Sgt. Patrick F. Coleman, APO 83, New York.
Pvt. Kenneth E. Collins, APO557, New York.
Pvt. Ralph W. Collins, APO 15328, New York.
T. Sgt. John J. Colmer, APO 713-1, Frisco.
Cpl. David A. Colomy, APO 550, New York.
Lt. Beverly B. Combs, APO 143, New York.
Pvt. Carl W. Condron, Jr. APO 762, New York.
Pvt. Edward A. Conley, APO 860, New York.
Pvt. Emmett R. Conlon, APO 115, Ward 12. New York.
Sgt. Gregory C. Connelly, APO 141, New York.
Pfc. Jos. B. Connelly, APO 77, Frisco
Pvt. L. Connor, APO 9, New York.
Tech. Cpl. Melvin Connor, APO 958, Frisco.
T/5 John L. Conway, APO 700, New York.
Lt. Patrick Conway, Navy 926, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pfc. David N. Cook, APO 230, New York.
Franklin S. Cook, S.K. 2/C, Navy 101, c/o FPO, New York
Sgt. Jack E. Cook, APO 229-A, New York.
T. Cpl. James L. Cook, APO 758, New York.
John R. Cook, B.M. 2/C, 72 NCB, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pvt. John W. Cook, APO 600, New York,
Morton H. Cook, M.M. 1/C, Navy 128, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Ch. (Capt) Raymond W. Cook, APO 927, Frisco.
Major Walter N. Cook, APO 927, Frisco.
Cpl. Allen E. Cooper, APO 520, New York.
S. Sgt. Geo. B. Cooper, APO 516, New York.
Sgt. Keith E. Cooper, APO 29, New York.
Lt. Leonard S. Cooper, London, Eng., c/o Mrs Albert Jarvis.
Bernard D. Cordial, S. S/C, Base 3, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pfc. John E. Cordial, APO 464, New York.
Jos. M. Cordial, S. S/C, USN Port Dir., c/o FPO, Frisco.
Kenneth L. Corle, Navy 93, Box 9C, c/o FPO, New York.
Wm. L. Corrick, SM 2/C, USS Shasta, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pvt. Edw. R. Cosgrove, APO 17068, c/o PM. New York.
Pvt. Robert E. Cosgrove, APO 40, Frisco.
Pvt. Chas. Cotter, Jr., APO 29, New York.
Sgt. Michael C. Coulehan, APO 948, Seattle.
Pfc. James V. Courtney, APO 32, Frisco.
Pvt. Lester E. Courtney, APO 638, New York.
Pvt. Donald B. Cox, APO 464, New York.
Cpl. Harry P. Cox, Jr., APO 29, New York.
Sgt. Vernon Crable, APO 322, Frisco.
T/5 Carl T. Crabtree, APO 308, New York.
Pfc. Leo Crabtree, APO 562, New York.
Cpl. Paul M. Crabtree, APO 711, c/o PM, Frisco.
Sgt. Wilbur E. Crabtree, APO 758, New York.
Pvt. E. J. Craddock, APO 77, Frisco.
S. Sgt. James B. Craig, APO 41, Frisco.
S. Sgt. Edward L. Cramer, APO 650, New York.
R. F. Cranor, S. C. 2/C, 20th USN CB, c/o FPO, Frisco.
John A. Crass, M.M. 1/C, USNC Bn. 33, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Lawrence J. Craze, E.M. 3/C, 136th USNCB, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pvt. Gerald M. Cregan, APO 628, New York.
Pvt. James E. Crites, APO 455, Frisco.
Lt. Kenneth E. Crosby 650, New York.
Sgt. Chas. T. Cross, APO 956, Frisco
Archie C. Crowe, S. 2/C, USS Eldorado, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pfc. Frank T. Crowe, APO 929, Frisco.
Cpl. Harold L. Crowe, APO 403, New York.
Sgt. James W. Crowe, APO 29, New York.
Pvt. Kenneth H. Crowe, APO 37, Frisco
Pfc. Milton N. Crowe, APO 403, New York.
Norman Crowe, C.M. 2/C, USS Monadnock, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Mach. Wm. G. Crupper, USS Cora, c/o FPO, New York.
Alfred C. Crutchley, S. 2/C, USS Dace, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Lt. Wm. P. Cumiskey, APO 610, New York.
Cpl. Charles J. Cunningham, APO 928, New York.
Sgt. Howard W. Cunningham, APO 683, New York.
S. Sgt. Jack W. Cunningham, APO 29, New York.
Sgt. Jos. H. Cunningham, APO 230, New York.
Pvt. Ralph E. Custer, APO 957, Frisco.
Pvt. Robert Cuthbertson, APO 230, New York.
Pvt. David Cutter, APO 464, New York.

- D -

Pvt. Christopher Dallas, APO 115, New York.
Geo. W. Danner, C.M. 1/C, 59th NCB, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pvt. Robert E. Danner, APO 627, New York,
Pvt. Irvin Dantzig, APO 7841, New York.
T. Sgt. James W. Darr, APO 32, Frisco.
Pvt. Charles E. Davidson, APO 4, Neew york.
Sgt. Albert C. Davis, APO 28, New York.
Pvt. Chester F. Davis, APO 230, New York.
Pvt. Clinton J. Davis, APO 464, New York.
Pfc. Earl C. Davis, APO 639, New York.
Pfc. Earl E. Davis, APO 257, New York.
Pfc. Earl L. Davis, APO 729, Seattle.
Pvt. James W. Davis, APO 15480, c/o PM. New York.
Sgt. Joseph Davis, APO 929, Frisco.
Pvt. Mark M. Davis, APO 25, Frisco.
Pfc. Marshall Davis, APO 813, New York.
Pfc. Michale J. Davis, APO 763, New York.
Sgt. Milford E. Davis, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Richard E. Davis, AS, USS Lyon, c/o FPO, New York.
Pfc. Vincent P. Davis, APO 452, New York.
Pfc. Wm. D. Davis, APO 922, Frisco.
Allen Dale Dawson, S. 1/C USS LCT 5, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Sgt. Geo. P. Dawson, APO 765, New York.
Pvt. James T. Dawson, APO 929, Frisco.
Pfc. Ralph C. Dawson, APO 29, New York.
Cpl. Richard H. Dawson, APO 698, New york.
T/5 Thomas K. Dawson, APO 705, Frisco.
Lt. (j.g.) Walter Dawson, USS LCI L 230, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Clifford W. Day, F. 3/C, USS Texas, c/o FPO, New York.
Gerald F. Dayton, F. 1/C, USS Lovering, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pfc. Fred A. Deal, APO 3, New York.
Cpl. Allen M. Deffinbaugh, APO 697, Frisco.
Sgt. Chas. S. Defibaugh, APO 634, New York.
Lt. John M. DelaGrange, APO 529, New York.
Lt. Col. John F. Delaney, APO 4, New York.
Pvt. Thomas C. Delaney, APO 9787, New York.
Pvt. Richard B. Dellinger, APO 37, Frisco.
Lt. Pauline E. DelSignore, APO 514, New York.
Pvt. Fred De Neen, APO 28, New York.
Pvt. Earl Clayton Dennison, TC VA Corps, c/o Frisco.
Cpl. John Dennison, APO 955, Frisco.
Pfc. Joseph De Nicola, APO 638, New York.
Cpl. Russell E. Densock, APO 629, c/o PM. New York.
Pvt. Donovan G. Dentinger, APO 551, New York.
Pvt. Jack A. Dentinger, APO 80, New York.
S. Sgt. Richard L. Deputy, M.A.G. 21, N. FPO, Frisco.
Pvt. Ray E. Dermer, APO 635, New York.
T /5 Robert F. Dermer, APO 403, New York.
Lt. (j.g.) Hoyt B. DeShields, Navy 153, New York.
Dale D. DeShong, S. 1/C, USS, LST 564, c/o FPO, Frisco.
S. Sgt. John B. Deterrman, APO 634, New York.
Pvt. Dwight L. DeShong, APO 649, c/o PM, New York.
T /S. Richard H. Devault, APO 961, Frisco.
Pvt. Ignatius Devlin, APO 922, Frisco.
Pfc. Thomas P. Devlin, APO 469, New York.
Pfc. Franklin E. Devore, APO 958, Frisco.
Cpl. Robert DeVore, APO 604, Miami.
Cpl. Wm. DeVore, VMJ 952, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pfc. Leo R. Dilbert, APO 520, New York.
Pvt. Chas. W. Dick, APO 941, Seattle.
S. Sgt. John Jos. Dick, APO 654, PM. New York.
Pvt. Ellsworth J. Dickel, APO 689, New York.
Homer P. Dicken, Aer. M. 2/C, Navy 1301, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pfc. James M. Dicken, APO 871, New York.
Pvt. Taylor Dicken, APO 29, New York.
S. Sgt. Harry Diehl, APO 760, New York.
Pvt. Harvey R. Diehl, APO 9, New York.
Kyle Richard Diehl, S. 1/C, USS Indiana, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Lt. Charles C. Diggs, APO 1, New York.
Cpl. Francis D. Dilley, APO 452, New York.
Sgt. Zihlman Dinning, APO 869, Miami
Sgt. William J. Dircks, APO 29, New York.
Cpl. Robert C. Dishong, APO 134, New York.
Pfc. Wm. D. Dishong, APO 5780, c/o PM, New York.
Tony DiUbaldo, F. 1/C USNCB 33, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Harold M. Dixon, Bkr. 1/C. Navy, 167, Frisco.
S. Sgt. Ralph B. Doak, APO 552, New York.
Pfc. Charlton C. Dodds, APO 512, New York.
Frederick F. Dodds, USS Steamer Memphis, c/o FPO, New York.
S. Sgt. Jackson Dohrman, APO 133, New York.
Pvt. Edward J. Dolphin, APO 955, Frisco.
Ray B. Dorman, ARM 3/C, USS Astoria, c/o FPO, New York.
Pvt. Leslie J. Donald, APO 689, New York.
Pvt. Robert Donaldson, APO 508, New York.
Patrick J. Donnelly, MMM 2/C, USS SC 1270, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Chap. F. P. Donahoe, 82nd NCB, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pvt. Albert R. Dormio, APO 928, Frisco.
Cpl. Raymond C. Dorn, APO 656, Frisco.
L D. Downey, FF 1/C, USS San Juan, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Cpl. Alfred Drew, APO 464, New Yor.
Pvt. Louis R. Dryer, APO 15053, New York.
Pfc. D. J. Driver, APO 322, Frisco
Cpl. Francis Driver, APO 928, Frisco.
Pvt. James H. Drumm, APO 252, New York.
S. Sgt. John T. Drummond, APO 520, New York.
Raymond Duckworth, APO 960, Frisco.
Sgt. Raymond Duckworth, APO 951, Frisco.
Pfc. Richard E. Duckworth, APO 32, Frisco.
Sgt. Wesley P. Duckworth, APO 959, Frisco.
Cpl. Wm. G. Duckworth, APO 464, New York.
Cpl. Edward W. Duer, APO 37, Frisco.
Dennis J. Duggan, S. 1/C, USS Portumus, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Corp. Walter E. Durbin, APO 29, New York.
M. Sgt. John J. Durrett, APO 241, Frisco.
Cpl. John L. Durst, APO 17113, New York.
Robert O. Durst. S.O.M. 3/C, USS Sproston, c/o FPO, New York.
Cpl. Russell T. Dyche, APO 520, New York.
Pfc. James E. Dye, APO 29, New York.

- E -

Cpl. Edward B. Eagan, APO 713, Unit 1, Frisco
Pvt. John J. Eagan, APO 464, New York.
Sgt. Maurice B. Early, APO 782, New York.
Pvt. Albert E. Earnest, APO 9, New York.
Cpl. James G. Easton, APO 629, New York
Sgt. Oscar W. Easton, APO 650, New York.
S. Sgt. Francis B. Eberly, APO 552, New York.
Commander Walter G. Ebert, Navy Office 169, New York.
Sgt. Oliver B. Eckard, APO 635, New York.
Capt. Charles W. Edmonds, APO 883, New York.
M. Sgt. Geo. Edwards, APO 953, Frisco.
Cpl. Mervin C. Edwards, APO 455, Frisco.
Cpl. Richard Edwards, APO 713, Frisco.
Sgt. W. W. Edwards, APO 928, Unit 11, Frisco.
S. 1/C, Kenneth Eichelberger, USS Litchfield, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Lt. Francis E. Elrich, APO 13202, New York.
Pvt. Howard Eisentrout, APO 797, New York.
Cpl. Thomas J. Eisentrout, APO 322, Frisco.
Pfc. Robert Elbin, APO 835, New Orleans.
Pfc. Geo. Elfritz, APO 464, New York.
Lt. Richard S. Elias, APO 582, New York.
Pfc. Eldon W. Elkins, APO 235, Frisco.
Dennis U. Ellifritz, S. 1/C, Navy 3240, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pfc. Irwin L. Elliott, APO 88, New York.
Pfc. James W. Elliott, APO 25, Frisco.
Pvt. Poland G. Ellis, APO 600, New York.
S. /Sgt. Ellsworth J. Emmerick, APO 493, c/o PM. New York.
Cpl. Glen R. Emerick, APO 251, New York.
Pvt. John Emmerling, APO 958, Frisco.
W.O. James C. Engle, Purser SS Hans Heg. James Griffith & Sons Inc., FPO, Frisco
Pvt. Wm. P. Engle, APO 322, Frisco.
Pvt. Carl V. Ennis, APO 34, New York.
B. M. Erichson, P. R. 1/C, Torpedo Sq. 82, c/o FPO, New York.
John B. Erichsen, TM 3/C, CUB 12 2nd Echelon, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pvt. Michael Eror, APO 25, Frisco.
S. 1/C Clarence E. Evans, 5th NCB, c/o FPO, Frisco.
S. Sgt. Charles R. Evans, APO 627, New York.
C. R. Evans, S. 1/C USS Unagla, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Lt. James H. Evans, S. 1/C, 122 USNCB, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pfc. Philip A. Evans, APO 758, New York.
Cpl. J. Paul Ewing, APO 655, New York.
Sgt. R. Eyerman, APO, 655, New York.

- F -

Pvt. Hubeart H. Fadlwy, APO 9420, Frisco.
Pfc. Wm. J. Faherty, APO 465, New York.
Cpl. Francis A. Fahey, APO 520, New York.
Sgt. John B. Fahey, APO 639, New York.
Cpl. Thomas Fahey, APO 634, New York.
Pfc. Henry L. Fairgrieve, APO 887, New York.
Cpl. Francis Fannon, APO 953, Frisco.
Cpl. Ray Fannon, APO 508, New York.
Pvt. Maxwell Farrell, APO 45, New York.
Pfc. John F. Fatkin, APO 31, Frisco.
Sgt. James H. Fazenbaker, APO 678, New York.
S./Sgt. John E. Fazenbaker, APO c/o PM. New York.
Lt. Madeline Fazenbaker, APO 230, New York.
Pvt. Paul G. Fazenbaker, APO 464, New York.
Pfc. Russell Fazenbaker, APO 350, New York.
H. J. Feeney, M. 1/C, Navy 117, New York.
Pfc. John L. Feldman, APO 583, New York.
S. Sgt. Thos. G. Feldman, APO 858, New York.
Sgt. Wm. J. Feldman, APO 226, New York.
Pvt. Chas. C. Felton, APO 464, New York.
Pfc. Marcellus E. Felton, 11th Defense Bn., c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pvt. Archie A. Ferguson, APO 782, New York.
Cpl. Arthur J. Ferrone, APO 512, New York.
Christ. Festerman, S. 2/C, USS Arkansas, c/o FPO, New York.
Pvt. Wm. H. Festerman, Jr., APO 37, Frisco.
John Junior Fetters, S. 2/C, USS LST 455, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Lt. John T. Fey, 5th Amph. Corps, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pvt. Ervin F. Fields, APO 507, New York.
Cpl. Cecil F. Fike, APO 600, New York.
Pfc. Harold L. Filer, APO 716, Frisco.
Pfc. James H. Filsinger, APO 26, New York.
C. Beau Fink, Bkr. 3/C. 145 NCB. c/o FPM, Frisco.
Lt. Robert W. Fink, APO 37, Frisco.
Pfc. Jos. T. Finn, APO 29, New York.
S. Sgt. Raymond M. Finzel, APO 528, New York.
Cpl. Arthur F. Fisher, APO 629, New York.
Pvt. Chas. W. Fisher, APO 512, New York.
Pvt. Dan C. Fisher, APO 655, c/o PM, New York.
Lt. E. L. Fisher, APO 629, New York.
Gerald R. Fisher, ARM 3/C, UD-1, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Sgt. Harold S. Fisher, APO 512, New York.
John R. Fisher, S. 1/C, 122 NCB, c/o FPO, Frisco.
Pvt. Paul J. Fisher, APO 928, Frisco.
Pvt. Wm. B. Fisher, APO 636, New York.
T/5 Paul S. Fleckenstein, APO 503, Unit 1. Frisco.
Pvt. James Flanigan, APO 654, c/o Pm, New York.
Lt. Thomas J. Flanigan, APO 322, c/o PM. Frisco.
Pvt. Glenn Fletcher, APO 40, Frisco.
Cpl. Richard J. Flick, APO 958, Frisco.
Lt. Harry E. Flook, Jr., APO 559, New York
.Pfx. Robert N. Flora, APO 241, Frisco.
S. Sgt. Chas. E. Floto, APO 498, New York.
Pvt. Thos. D. Flynn, APO 32, Frisco.
Pvt. Louis Paul Foard, APO 339, New York.
Lt. John P. Foley, APO 9, New York.
Cox. Melvin E. Folk, APO, Treasure Is., Frisco.
Pfc. Ralph E. Folk, APO 955, Frisco.
Cpl. Wm. P. Footen, APO 782, New York.
Pfc. Earl J. Forbeck, APO 6, Frisco.
F. Sgt. Alfonso F. Fox, APO 928, Frisco.
Pvt. Keith Foye, APO 12490, New York.
Sgt. J. Brooke Fradiska, APO 634, New York.
Sgt. Chas. W. Frame, APO 141, New York.
Pfc. Carl E. Frankenberry, APO 464, New York.
Lt. Ralph F. Frantz, APO 558, New York.

(To be continued...)

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