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Donna Valley Russell has contributed the complete subject index for the Western Maryland Genealogy magazine to be posted on the Allegany County MDGenWeb site. Information about how to obtain available back issues is located included below.


Edited by Donna Valley Russell, CG, FASG



All volumes (4 issues) contain queries, book reviews, cemetery and bible records relating to Frederick, Washington, Allegany, Montgomery, Garrett, and Carroll Counties, Maryland.


Volume 2. 1986. 232 pp. Dronenburg Family, Tobias Horine of Frederick Co., John Ott of Frederick Co., Jacob Russell of Washington Co., Allegany Co. Marriages 1791-1823, Frederick Co. Rent Rolls 1760-1761, Frederick Co. Will Abstracts 1759-1767, Washington Co. Deeds 1779-1781, St. Benjamin's Ref. Church Baptisms 1813-1817, Funkstown Patients 1798

Volume 3. 1987. 240 pp. Valentine Motter of Middletown, Gotlieb Rose of Frederick Co., Allegany Co. Marriages 1823-1839, Carroll Co. Guardianships 1837-1858, Frederick Co. Wills 1767-1773, Washington Co. Deeds 1782-1783, Bucher Church Register, Middletown Valley 1828-1843, 1733 Frederick Co. Taxables

Volume 4. 1988. 241 pp. Andrew Blair of Washington Co., Flayle Payne of Frederick Co., Engel Morgenstern, Allegany Co. Marriages 1839-1847, Carroll Co. Guardianships 1837-1858, Frederick Co. Indentures 1794-1797, Frederick Co. Wills 1773-1776, Frederick Co. Equity 1794-1837, Frederick Newspaper Marriages/Deaths 1816, Washington Co. Deeds 1783-1784, Glade Reformed Church 1769-1822, Bucher Register 1828-1843

Volume 5. 1989. 228 pp. Capt. Elias Delashmutt, John P. Thompson, Capt. Peter Bainbridge, Frederick Co. wills 1776-1782, Frederick Co. Indentures 1797-1802, Washington Co. Guardians 1806-1824, Frederick Co. Deaths, 1865-1879, Allegany Co. Judgments 1791-1795, Glade Reformed Church 1709-1822, Carrollton Manor Rent Rolls 1771, 1777

Volume 6. 1990. 234 pp. Burrier Family, William & Elizabeth Beatty, Frederick Co. Wills 1782-1785, Frederick Co. Indentures 1797-1808, Washington Co. Guardians 1825-1833, Allegany Co. Judgments 1795, Allegany 1793 Assessment, Montgomery Co. Fines 1778-1780, All Saints Frederick Baptisms/Marriages 1816-1863, Reformed Church Frederick Deaths 1775-1886, Frederick Marriages/Deaths 1817

Volume 8. 1992. 224 pp. Arthur Nelson of Md., House Family of Frederick Co., George Adam Geeting, Frederick Wills 1790-1793, Frederick Co. Debt Books 1756-1757, Washington Co. 1783 Assessment,St. John Hagerstown Marriages and Baptisms 1816-1850, Middletown Deaths 1858-1862

Volume 10. 1994. 226 pp. Becraft Family, Capt. Henry Boteler of Washington Co., Washington Co. Wills 1784-1785, Montgomery Co. 1810 Census, Frederick Co. 1798 Assessment, Zion Urbana Baptisms 1822-1851, St. John Frostburg Marriages & Deaths 1867-1905, Allegany Co. Guardian Bonds 1793-1841, Frederick Co. Rev. War Muster Rolls

Volume 11. 1995. 222 pp. Capt. Henry Boteler, Washington Co. Wills 1785-1799, Carroll Co. Pensioners 1837-1852, Frederick Co. 1798 Assessment, Frederick Co. Indentures 1808-1811, Grace Church New Market Baptisms 1872-1899, Linganore Methodist Baptisms 1879-1889, Frederick Co. Marriages & Deaths 1849

Volume 12. 1996. 223 pp. Head Family of Md. & Ky., John Garrett of Frederick Co., Barton Philpott of Frederick Co., 1800 Voters Washington Co., Washington Co. Wills 1799-1804, Montgomery Co. 1793 Assessment, Carroll Co. Pensioners 1837-1852, Frederick Co. Indentures 1808-1815, St. John RC Frederick Baptisms/Marriages 1811-1827

Volume 13. 1997. 222 pp. Pearl Family of Md., John Stull the Miller, Frederick Co. Court Records 1777-1786, St. John RC 1822-1841, St. Patricks Cumberland Marriages 1819-1851, Frederick Marriages/Deaths 1850, Washington Co. Wills 1804-1805

Volume 14. 1998. 224 pp. Richard Simpson of Frederick Co., Henry Six of Md., 1778 Monocacy Assessment, 1798 Israel Creek Assessment, Washington Co. Wills 1805-1808, Frederick Co. Court 1786-1793, Frederick Co. Distributions 1778-1782, St. John Baptisms 1822-1839, St. Patrick Marriages & Deaths 1839-1846, Frederick Co. Marriages/Deaths 1851



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