1. Roger Lane was born in 1569 in Hereford, England. (1) He was buried on 30 Apr 1603. (2) He died on 30 Apr 1606 in London, England. (3) @NI3511@

He was married to Beatrix in 1589 in St Peters Church, Herford, England.(4) Beatrix was born about 1569 in England. (5) She died in England.(6) @NI3512@ Roger Lane and Beatrix had the following children:

child2 i. Beatrix Lane was born on 8 Mar 1590/91 in London, England. (7) @NI5089@
child3 ii. Johan Lane was born on 29 Apr 1593 in London, England. (8) @NI5090@
child+4 iii. John Lane.
child+5 iv. Richard Lane.
child6 v. John Lane was born on 22 Dec 1597 in London, England. (9) @NI5092@
child7 vi. Bartholomew Lane was born on 25 Mar 1599.(10) @NI5093@
child8 vii. Elizabeth Lane was born on 16 May 1600 in London, England. (11) @NI5094@

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