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1. Major Thomas LONG died before 19 May 1696. also said to have died ca Sept 1691.

He was married to Jane. Jane died in May 1696 or Jun 1696 in Baltimore Co., MD. She signed a will on 19 May 1696.
She had an estate probated on 3 Jun 1696 in Baltimore Co., MD. She Estate Admin on 6 Mar 1697.

Will and Last Testament of JANE LONG of Baltimore County
Dated 19 May 1696, Proved 3 June 1696

"In the name of God. I Jane Long of Baltimore County Widow being weake of body but of good and perfect memory praised be God, Do make this my Last will and Testament on the 19th of May Anno Dom 1696.

Imprimis: I will that my daughter Jeane Peake be overseer of my whole personal Estate and also to live upon my now Dwelling Plantatione, to manage all affaires for the good and benefit of my sone Thomas and also to keep him at school to learne what he can attaine to till the years of nineteene and then hes to be my sole ExE of all my Estate.

Item: I will that these my Legaies hereafter mentioned be paid by overseer as it can be raised out of my Estate.

Item: I will that my Daughter Jane Peake have out of my estate as it can be purchased ten thousand pounds of tobacco--that is to say out of the cropps as it can be spared and also out of the stock keeping the old stock still ... taile and number and those Legacies hereafter mentioned to paid in same manner.

Item: I will that my Daughter Tabitha Long have paid her out of my Estate as before mentioned twenty thousand pounds of Tobacco as it may be raised and in case she betrow herself to George Chaney, I give to her but one Shilling that to be her full portion if she mariey with George Chaney.

Item: I will that Lettice Robinson have all my Silver Spoones marked with ML and in case she deths before her full age then the Spoons to fall to Penelope Scudamore.

Item: I will that my Daughter Tabitha Long in case she doth not marrie George Chaney the best feather bed and furniture belonging to it, also the five head of cattle which I formerly gave her with theire increase also a silver cup and poring and my silver tankard to my overseer Jane Peake: also that thing w... I sent for my daughter Tabitha if they come safe in I will ... before mentioned.

I give my grand child Penelope Scudamore one cow and one yearling mare coult. I also give my grandchild Katherine Peak one cow. I give my grandchild George Peak one heiffer two years old. I also give to Joseph Peak twenty shillings to buy him a ring. I also give my daughter the overseer Jeane Peake all my wearing apparrell. I give unto Susanna Robinson two ewes I give unto John Willkenson a yearling cow calf. In witness whereof I have sett my hand and seal this day and year above mentioned.

Jane Long. her signum.

Witness by
Robt D. Phillipps,
Isaac Mortiall,
Tho Durbin, and
Mary Whaylum

Memorandum- On the 3d day of June Anno Dm 1696 the within mentioned will was in common form proved and made oath to 3 of the witnesses as within mentioned to be the last will and testament of Jane Long decd.
Edward Booth by Dep Com Ex Balt Coun."

Major Thomas LONG and Jane had the following children:
child+2 i. Jane LONG.
child+3 ii. Tabitha LONG.
child+4 iii. Thomas LONG.

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