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1. NAME: Barbara Stock
NAME: 2068 Pair Road
NAME: Marietta, GA 30060
2. NAME: Will Lyles
3. NAME: Ray Gurganus: Two books by Marilu Birch Smallwood, "Some Colonial and Revolutionary Families of North Carolina, Volume I" and "Related Royal Families, Volume II". Almost all of my submissions to this tree have come from these two books.
NAME: I have noticed a few errors in them: when it gets down to my immediate family, several of the names and dates are wrong. And I have found a few birth and death dates that would make the person 125 or more years old at death.
NAME: I have a lot more information on the non-Smallwoods I submitted here. Please contact me for details.
NAME: 17 S 11th St.
NAME: Akron, PA 17501
4. NAME: Robert A. Smallwood, Jr.
NAME: 2 Leese Avenue
NAME: Hamilton, NJ 08609.
5. NAME: Barbara Stock, submitter: in "National Society sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims, Lineage Book V", Arthur Louis Finnell, Editor, 1994. The GA State Archives has the book. The lineage is given down to the submitter Beverly Redman-Reeves, b.
San Francisco, CA, m. 1958 Joseph Watts, MD.
6. NAME: Robert A Smallwood, 2 Leese Ave, Hamilton, NJ 08609.
7. NAME: from Jean Grigsby's book "Sinkler - Sinclair - St.
NAME: Clair, A Family History" v.1, Beeville, TX, 1988
NAME: submitted by
NAME: John Richard (Rick) Carpenter, Jr.
NAME: Sam Houston Press, Sam Houston St. Univ.
NAME: Huntsville TX 77341-2326
NAME: 409.294.1856
8. NAME: Pam Middleton Lee
NAME: 68395 Perlita Rd
NAME: Cathedral City CA 92234
9. NAME: Jami Hamilton
10. NAME: Larry Munden.
11. NAME: Hugh Selman, 71371.1316@CompuServe.COM.
12. NAME: Wally Smith
13. NAME: Larry Munden: Descendants of Christian Metzer Supplied by Pauline Soder 9307 Dibble NW Seattle Washington 98117.
14. NAME: Larry Munden: Seventh United States Census Lawrence County, IN Perry Township.
15. NAME: Larry Munden: Eighth Federal Census 1860 Lawrence County, IN.
16. NAME: Larry Munden: Tenth United States Census Jackson County, IN Owens Twp.
17. NAME: Larry Munden: LDS data.
18. NAME: Larry Munden: Tenth United States Census Jackson County, IN Owens Township.
19. NAME: Larry Munden: Tenth United States Census x Jackson County, IN Owens Township.
20. NAME: Larry Munden: Lawrence County, IN Early Marriages 1844 - 1857 Charles M. Franklin.
21. NAME: Carolyn Clark Campbell
22. NAME: Ed Murfin
NAME: Cherry Hill Dr.
NAME: Jacksonville, FL 32221-1485
23. NAME: Larry Munden: Jackson County Marriages 1816 - 1920 Carol Shultz 977.2 S934.
24. NAME: Larry Munden: Thirteenth United States Census Montgomery County, Arkansas.