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St. Anthony's Catholic Church (St Anthony of Padua Parish) was established ca 1884 in Baltimore county to serve the predominately German population in the Gardenville and Lauraville area. The records of births and baptisms for the church for 1885 to 1905 have been transcribed by Rose McLaughlin from microfilm at the Maryland State Achives MSA 3290-3294 and provide by Rose for the Baltimore City and Baltimore County USGenWeb sites. This information is presented in the table below sorted by the child's last name.

Child's SurnameChild's GivenNamebirth datebaptism dateFather's NameMother's NameResidenceAdditional data
BANERMANNLillian E.27 Nov 190515 May 1910John BanermannIsabella FullerGardenville 
BAUERCatharina Gertrude16 July 189119 July 1891James BauerMary ReidelLauraville, Balto. county 
BAUERHeinrich27 Apr 188517 Mar 1885?Jacob BauerMaria ReidelBalto. county 
BAUERJohnnes Petrus18 Oct 188723 Oct 1887Joseph Bauer JrMary BeringBalto. county 
BAUERMargaretha Clara15 July 188921 July 1889John BauerMargaretha ShuhmanGardenville, Balto. county 
BAUERMaria Elisabetha30 Aug 18865 Sept 1886Jacobus BauerMaria Re-------Balto. county 
BAUERMaria Elizabeth24 Oct 18851 Nov 1885Joseph BauerMaria BeringBalto. county 
BAUERMary Barbara19 July 188928 July 1889James BauerMary H. ReidelParkville, Balto. county 
BAUERMary Elizabeth10 June 189918 June 1899Joseph BauerAnnie HublerGardenvilleb. 8:10 AM
BAUERSusanna Helena22 Aug 18856 Sept 1885Joannes Bauer-Balto. county 
BAYERFrancis Henry10 May 188919 May 1889Nicholas BayerBarbara MarkleyLauraville, Balto., county 
BECKMANAnna Sophia17 Oct 189329 Oct 1893Peter BeckmanCatharina BruderGardenville, Balto. county 
BECKMANFrancisca Ann10 Nov 188614 Nov 1886Peter BeckmanMaria Re-------Balto. county 
BECKMANMargaretha21 Apr 18979 May 1897Albert BeckmanEva StengleinGardenville, Balto. county 
BECKMANRosa14 Nov 190422 Jan 1905Chas. H. BeckmanMary CarsonHamilton 
BECKMANNChristina Regina25 Mar 189531 Mar 1895John H. BeckmannBarbara ReidelRosedale, Balto. county 
BECKMANNEva Eleonora25 July 189330 July 1893John BeckmannLouisa MilchlingGardenville, Balto. county 
BECKMANNJohannes Jacobus17 Sept 19004 Mar 1900John H. BeckmannBarbara ReidelRosedale 
BECKMANNJoseph3 June 18976 June 1897John H. BeckmannBarbara ReidelRosedale, Balto. county 
BENCOCKFrank Joseph29 Nov 190411 Dec 1904Joseph BencockSophie ?Bellview 
BIBZBarbara Dorothea22 Aug 188728 Aug 1887Joseph BibzBarbara BayerBalto. county 
BIBZ?Johannes Henricus19 Oct 188927 Oct 1889John Bibz?Barbara BayerLauraville, Balto., county 
BRANDELJohannes4 Feb 18909 Feb 1890John BrandelCatharina HeroldLauraville, Balto. county 
BRANDELNicholas3 Feb 189714 Feb 1897Joannes BrandelCatharina HeroldLauraville, Balto. county 
BRANDELNicolaus8 Dec 189317 Dec 1893John BrendelCatharina HeroldLauraville, Balto. county 
BRANNINGGeo. Albert18 Oct 190529 Oct 1905John BranningAnnie HartmanGardenville 
BURKHARDTEdward17 Apr 18955 May 1895Bernhard BurkhardtElizabeth MorgerethGardenville, Balto. county 
BUTTINOAugustine Carolus2 Mar 189531 Mar 1895Frank ButtinoAnna M NollertRosedale, Balto. county 
BUTTINOGuiliolius4 Feb 19004 Mar 1900Frank ButtinoAnnie Maria NollertRosedale MD 
BUTTINOGulielmus Peter20 Dec 189314 Jan 1894Frank ButtinoAnna Maria NolertRosedale, Balto. county 
BUTTINOJohanna24 Apr 18979 May 1897Frank ButtinoAnnie NollertRosedale, Balto county 
CARTERJoseph George1 Sept 18984 Sep[t 1898Wm. Edward CarterJosephineBelair Road 
COLLINS?15 May 190027 May 1900William CollinsSallie A. Philbice?Bream's Lane, Georgetown MD 
COLLINSBernard28 Mar 18939 Apr 1893William CollinsSallie PhilbinGeorgetown, Balto. county 
COOMBSLydia8 Oct 189724 Oct 1897Henry CoombsAnna KratzerGardenville, Balto. county 
COOMBSPetous Henricus10 Mar 189629 Mar 1896Henricus CoombsAnna KratzerGardenville, Balto. county 
CULVERGeorge Elseroate30 June 188921 July 1889Charles E. CulverAnna BarthLauraville, Balto., county 
CULVERWilliam Walter Eugene2 Jan 190120 Jan 1901Charles N CulverAnnie C BarthLauraville 
CULVERTCarolus Nelson11 Apr 189718 Apr 1897Charles CulvertHanna BarthLauraville, Balto. county 
DAWSONClarence20 Aug 188815 May 1910Ellsworth DawsonDina? SmithGardenville 
DIEGELAugustus W.1 Mar 190311 Mar 1903William Martin DiegelMary Cath. KahlerGolden Ring 
DILLERFrancis Geo.26 June 19035 July 1903George DillerCath. FritscheGardenville Belair Rd 
DILLERFrederick27 Oct 190512 Nov 1905Geo. DillerAnnie HartmanGardenville 
DILLERValentinus Maria29 June 19017 July 1901George DillerAnnie C BarthGardenville 
DOERFLERMichael9 Jan 190014 Jan 1900John DoerflerAnna Krubinek??Golden Ring, MD 
DOMEREdwared Joseph23 Jan 189418 Feb 1894John DomerAnna PlummerGardenville, Balto. county 
DOMERGeorge Peter30 Nov 18924 Dec 1892John DomerRose PluemmerGardenville, Balto. county 
DOMERJoseph Benjamin30 Nov 18924 Dec 1892John DomerRose PluemmerGardenville, Balto. county 
DORFLERJohannes Henricus21 Sept 189127 Sept 1891? DorflerMargaretha GreithLauraville, Balto. county 
DORFLERThelca?16 May 189822 May 1898Johannes DorflerAnnie DrebinskiGolden Ring, Balto. county 
DOWERJohannes Guil'15 Apr 190128 Apr 1901John DowerRosa PlumerGardenville 
DRESSELCecilia19 Apr 190326 Apr 1903John DresselFrances Ewing nee ??Hamilton (Harford road) 
ECKERLEdward Franciscus17 Dec 189324 Dec 1893Edward EckerlMary Eliz. KleinLauraville, Balto. county 
EISNERFranciscus Augustinus1 Sept 189315 Oct 1893Augustus EisnerElizabeth SchwarzLauraville, Balto. county 
ELLIJORN?Anna Maria17 Apr 19024 May 1902John Ellijorn?Elizabeth BauerRosedale 
ELLISMary Elizabeth10 Sept 189228 Feb 1920John H. EllisMartha A. SmootBalto. 
ELLISONBarbara5 Apr 189619 Apr 1896John EllisonElizabeth BauerGolden Ring, Balto. county 
ELLISONJoannes22 Mar 189916 Apr 1899Jno. EllisonElizabeth BauerRosedaleb. 10:30 PM
ELLISONJoseph2 Oct 18947 Oct 1894John EllisonElisabeth BauerGolden RIng, Balto. county 
ENDRESCarolus Patrus26 Oct 189829 Ovt 1899Charles John EndresSara BeckmanLauraville 
ERDMANJeanie Amelia (Emilie?)30 july 188911 Aug 1889William C ErdmanAmelia BarthLauraville, Balto., county 
ERDMAN(N)Clara Elisabeth7 Oct 189421 Oct 1894William Erdman(n)Aemilia BarthGeorgetown, Balto. county 
FRANKENBERGERHenry Edward30 May 19031 June 1903John FrankenbergerMary BauerHazelwood Ave 
FRANZFrank Gilbert6 July 19059 July 1905Jos. FranzTeresa Albrecht?Overlea 
FRANZHerny Clarence5 June 189410 June 1894Joh. Alzo. FranzCath. Mary SchneiderGardenville, Balto. county 
FRISKEYAlbertus23 Feb 18909 Mar 1890John FriskeyElizabeth MilchlingGardenville, Balto. county 
FRISKEYAnna M Catharina5 Feb 18851 Mar 1885Joannes (John) FriskyElizabeth MilchingBalto. county 
FRISKEYAnna Maria6 Dec 19048 Jan 1905John FriskeyEmilie SmithFranklin Ave. 
FRISKEYCatharine Eliz.30 Nov 19053 Dec 1905John FriskeyEmilia SmithRosedale 
FRISKEYFranciscus7 July 188731 July 1887John FriskeyElizabeth MilchlingBalto. county 
FRISKEYFranciscus H.1 Sept 189811 Sept 1898George FriskeyElizabeth RavadgeFranklin Ave. 
FRISKEYHenricum6 July 189313 July 1893John FriskeyElizabeth MilchlingGardenville, Balto. county 
FRISKEYJoseph12 Dec 189229 Jan 1893George FriskeyElizabeth RavadgeGardenville, Balto. county 
FRISKEYMaria Elizabetha26 June 18897 July 1889George FriskeyElizabeth RavadgeGardenville, Balto. county. 
FRISKEYMaria Regina6 Feb 189524 Feb 1895George FriskeyMary Eliz. RavadgeGardenville, Balto. county 
FRISKEYRosa17 June 188730 June 1887George FriskeyElizabeth RavadgeBalto. county 
GATCH?? Maria31 Aug 189811 Sept 1898Harry L GatchMartha M BarryBelair Road 
GATCHHelen Barry3 Oct 190021 Oct 1900Harry L. GatchMartha BarryRaspeburg 
GONCEMidlred Anne1 May 190514 May 1905Geo. GonceBertha Clautice?Parkwood 
GONCERaymondus Augustinus23 Mar 189817 Apr 1898Gulielmus Henricus GonceAlice Eliz. ClauticeLauraville, Balto. county 
GORSKIFlorentina20 June 18974 July 1897Albert GorskiAngela AlexandrovitchGardenville, Balto. county 
GORSKIHelena Maria14 June 190130 June 1901Albert GorskiAngela AlexandrovitchGardenville 
GRAFAlphonse9 Dec 188522 Apr 1889Joseph GrafElizabeth MilchingLauraville, Balto. county 
GRAFJohannes Hernricus6 Feb 189016 Feb 1890Joseph GrafMargaretha DietzLauraville, Balto. county 
GRAFMaria Carolina3 Dec 188822 Apr 1889Joseph GrafMargareth DietzLauraville 
GRAUERAnna Lenora24 Mar 19026 Apr 1902George GrauerMary Louderpold?Georgetown, Belair Rd 
GRAUERMargaretha Maria24 Mar 19008 Apr 1900George GrauerMary Landergold?Georgetown 
GRAUER?Johannes16 May 189921 May 1899John Grauer?Rosie PlummerGardenvilleb. 10 PM
HAMMELAlbert Clinton?23 June 190328 June 1903John G. HammelBarbara Florence MilchlingFullerton 
HAMMELEugene John23 June 190328 June 1903John G. HammelBarbara Florence MilchlingFullerton 
HAMMELJoannes Elmer16 Jan 189823 Jan 1898Joh. Geo. HammelBarbara MilchlingFullerton, Balto. county 
HAMMELMary M.10 May 190514 May 1905John HammelBarb. MilchlingFullerton PO 
HARTMANAnna Barbara27 Feb 18986 Mar 1898Harry N. HartmanElizabeth B. QuickGardenville, Balto. county 
HARTMANHenricus Bernardus14 July 189316 July 1893Henry HartmanElizabeth QuickLauraville, Balto. county 
HARTMANHenry Edward18 Dec 189427 Jan 1895Henry HartmanElizabeth QuickLauraville 
HEILMANFrank Anthony10 Oct 190416 Oct 1904Adam HeilmanMary FranzBelair Rd 
HENRYAnna Mary28 Apr 19057 May 1905Wm. HenryJosephine SnyderGardenville 
HOFSETTTERCecilia Florence27 June 190015 July 1900Fred J. HofstetterFlorence Ellen CouncilFranklin Ave, Gardenville 
HOFSTETTERFrederick13 Apr 18857 June 1885Joseph HofstetterAnna F. CarrBalto. county 
HOFSTETTERFrederick Joseph20 Apr 189822 May 1898Frederick HofstetterFlorence CouncilGardenville, Balto. county 
HOFSTETTERMargaretha Victoria9 Feb 188917 Feb 1889Frederic HofstetterFlorence CouncilGardenville, Balto. county. 
HOFSTETTERMary Teresia24 Sept 18922 Oct 1892Frederick HofstetterFlorence CouncilGardenville, Balto. county 
HOOPERAgnes Anna Josepha7 Mar 190118 Apr 1901Carroll Victor HooperMary Ellen WardLauraville 
HORNERRosa Elmira27 Apr 18959 June 1895John HornerFrancisca HauserGardenville, Balto. county 
HORNERSophia Maria1 July 189920 July 1889John HornerFrancis HauserGardenville, Balto. county. 
HUBERAndreas3 Apr 18871 May 1887Fredericus HuberMargaretha WimplingerBalto. county 
JOHNSONAgnes Mary13 June 190525 June 1905Chas. JohnsonMary A ScottGardenville 
JOHNSONCarolus Andrew15 Apr 190022 Apr 1900Charles T. O. JohnsonMary Scottnear Gardenville, MD 
JOHNSONEva Maria29 Mar 190213 Apr 1902Charles JohnsonMary ScottAnthonyville Balto Co MD 
JUNKERMaria Magdalena2 Jan 18956 Jan 1895Frank JunkerCatharina MayersLauraville, Balto. county 
JUSTIFlorence Ruth13 Jan 189718 Apr 1897Henry T. JustiMary HofsetterBaltimore MD 
JUSTIMargaretha Maria7 Sept 189524 may 1896Henry Tyler JustiMary HofstetterGardenville, Balto. county 
KAHLERAgnes Anna Josepha13 Mar 19017 Apr 1901Charles KahlerElizabeth WinderothRosedale Golden Ring 
KAHLERAnna3 May 189420 May 1894August KahlerMary KleinRosedale, Balto. county 
KAHLERAugustine18 Mar 189112 Apr 1891Augustine KahlerMaria KleinRosedale 
KAHLERAugustine Grover C.24 Nov 189211 Dec 1892August KahlerMary KleinRosedale, Balto. county 
KAHLERCatherina15 Feb 18884 Mar 1888August KahlerMary KleinBalto. county 
KAHLERCharles Henry8 May 19037 June 1903Charles KahlerBarbara Florence MilchlingBaltimore City 
KAHLERMargaretha8 Sept 18896 Oct 1889August KahlerMaria KleinRosedale, Balto. county 
KAHLERMarie Barbara7 Jan 190028 Jan 1900Charles Christopher KahlerElizabeth Julia Weineroth?Golden Ring, MD 
KAHLERMary Anna30 Apr 19057 May 1905Geo. Kahler?? DorflerRossville 
KEADYMaria25 July 189330 July 1893Patrick KeadyAnna McCanhaParkville, Balto. county 
KEADYMartinus11 Apr 189521 Apr 1895Patrick KeadyAnna McKannaParkville, Balto. county 
KINGMaria Frances7 July 190523 July 1905Chas. KingMary BellRaspeburg 
KIRSCHMaria22 Oct 18851 Nov 1885Daniel KIrschEmilia LohmanBalto. county 
KLEINCatharina6 July 188618 July 1886George KleinMargaret MeyerBalto. county 
KLEINCharles George26 Aug 1902?7 Aug 1902?George KleinMargaretha MeyerRosedale 
KLEINHelena Magdalena10 Feb 189524 Feb 1895George KleinMargaret MeyerRosedale, Balto., county 
KLEINJohannes George2 May 189018 May 1890George KleinMargaretha MeyerRosedale, Balto. county 
KLEINJohannes Henricus3 Jan 188815 Jan 1888George KleinMargaretha MeyerBalto. county 
KLEINLydia00 June 190123 June 1901Geo. Kleinmother post?Rosedale 
KLEINMaria Margaretha4 Feb 189714 Feb 1897George KleinMargaretha MeyerRosedale, Balto, county 
KLEINRose Margaretha14 Apr 189923 Apr 1899Geo. KleinMargaretha MeyerRosedale POb. 8:30 PM
KOCHDavid Francisus20 Jan 189724 Jan 1897Henry KochChristina BeckmannGardenville, Balto. county 
KOCHHenry4 July 189412 July 1894Henry KochChristina BeckmanGardenville, Balto. county 
KOCHTeresia Catharina22 Oct 189223 Oct 1892Henry KochChristina BeckmannFullerton, Balto. county 
KOENIGFranciscus Joseph11 Dec 188718 Dec 1887John KoenigFrancisca FisherBalto. county 
KOENIGJohannes Geo. Joseph7 July 189514 July 1895Johannes KoenigFrancisca FisherGardenville, Balto. county 
KOMASHenricus21 Mar 189926 Mar 1899Henry KomasAnnie Gla??erGardenville POb. 6 AM
KOPPENBERGERBarbara11 Mar 189115 Mar 1891John KoppenbergerMaria EckerlLauraville, Balto. county 
KORNICKEdward Joseph15 Aug 188925 Aug 1889Herman KornickClara BarthLauraville, Balto. county 
KRAUSAnna Maria21 Nov 189129 Nov 1891John KrausElizabeth BauerBluebell, Balto. county 
KRAUSAnna Maria9 Sept 190221 Sept 1902John KrausElizab. BauerGolden Ring 
KRAUSCatharina Josephina8 June 189325 June 1893John KrausElizabeth BauerRosedale, Balto. county 
KRAUSHernricus7 Apr 189521 Apr 1895John KrausElizabeth BauerBlue Ball, Balto. county 
KRAUSJohn Frederick28 Oct 190011 Nov 1900John KrausElizabeth BauerGolden Ring 
KRAUSJoseph Felix2 May 189723 May 1897John KrausElizabeth BauerGolden RIng 
KRAUSEClarence18 June 189825 June 1898Michael KrauseMargaretha DoughertyGardenville, Balto. county 
KRAUSEJoannes Joseph14 Apr 189626 Apr 1896Michael KrauseMargaretha DoughertyGardenville, Balto. county 
KRAUSEJohannes Henricus25 Mar 188931 Mar 1889Michael KrauseMargareth DoughertyGardenville, Balto. county 
KRAUSEMary Elizabeth30 Dec 18946 Jan 1895Michale KrauseMargareth DoughertyGardenville, Balto. county 
KRAUSEPatricius Fredericus22 Feb 18911 Mar 1891Michael KrauseMargaretha DoughertyGardenville 
KRETZElizabeth Irene10 Feb 188917 Feb 1889John KretzEmma BruchnerGardenville, Balto. county 
LEWISFranzisca Agnes10 Feb 188515 Feb 1885Charles B LewisCatherina ScharfBalto. county 
LEWISMaria Catharina20 Oct 188631 Oct 1886Charles B LewisCatherine ScharfBalto. county 
LEWISMaria Crescenda8 Feb 189524 Feb 1895Charles LewisCatharine SharfGardenville, Balto. county 
LEWISRosalina4 Mar 189319 Mar 1893Charles LewisCatharina ScharfGardenville, Balto. county 
LITSINGEREdw. Richard2 Nov 190413 Nov 1904Howard LitsingerEstelle HoughBalto. MD 
LOUISCarolus Gulielmus4 Nov 18878 Jan 1888Adolph LouisMaria BregenBalto. county 
LUTZAdam Charles9 Feb 188819 Feb 1888Charles H LutzMargaretha LehnoffBalto. county 
LUTZCatharine Gertrude22 Nov 188924 Nov 1889Charles LutzMargaretha LehnofferGardenville, Balto. county 
LUTZDorothea Anna Brigitta1 Apr 18906 Apr 1890Thomas H. LutzMargaretha WinklerGardenville, Balto. county 
LUTZGulielmus Ernest25 Aug 189327 Aug 1893Thomas LutzMargaret WinklerRosedale, Balto. county 
LUTZJohannes Tobias13 Nov 189122 Nov 1891Charles LutzMargaretha LenhoffRosedale 
LUTZJohn Henry19 July 198224 July 1892Thomas LutzMargaret WinklerRosedale, Balto. county 
LUTZMargartha Florence11 Apr 189619 Apr 1896Thomas LutzMarg. Catharina WinklerRosedale, Balto. county 
LUTZMaria (Elizabeth) Frances1 Nov 189411 Nov 1894Thomas H. LutzMargaret WinklerRosedale, Balto. county 
LUTZPearl Rosa Julia6 July 189711 July 1897Thomas LutzMargaret WinklerRosedale, Balto. county 
MAENNERCatherine Cecilia4 Oct 18878 Oct 1887Carolus MaennerAnnie BayerBalto. county 
MAENNERElizabeth13 Apr 189619 Apr 1896Charles MaennerAnna BauerGardenville, Balto. county 
MAENNEREva Catharina8 Sept 189113 Sept 1891Henry MaennerGertrude RackGold Ring, Balto. county 
MAENNEREva Teresia25 Mar 189129 Mar 1891Joseph MaennerMargaretha BottBalto. county 
MAENNERJacobus27 Jan 18935 Feb 1893Joseph MaennerMagdalena ButtFullerton, Balto. county 
MAENNERJoannes17 Mar 18855 Apr 1885Carolus MaennerAnna BeierBalto. county 
MAENNERJoannes2 Apr 188611 Apr 1886Joseph MaennerMargartha ButtBalto. county 
MAENNERJoannes Bernardus11 Aug 188918 Aug 1889Carolus MaennerAnna BaierGardenville, Balto. county 
MAENNERJohannes Carolus23 Feb 189326 Feb 1893Charles MaennerAnnie BaierGardenville, Balto. county 
MAENNERLydia Louisa14 Apr 189825 Apr 1898Carolus MaennerAnnie BayerFullerton, Balto. county 
MAENNERMargaretha Victoria3 Dec 18898 Dec 1889Henry MaennerGertrude RackGardenville, Balto. county 
MAENNERMariam Catherina8 Nov 188713 Nov 1887Joseph MaennerMargaretha ButtBalto. county 
MAENNERPetrus14 July 189422 July 1894Joseph MaennerMargaretha ButtFullerton, Balto. county 
MAENNERRosa18 Apr 189330 Apr 1893Henry MaennerGertrude RockFullerton, Balto. county 
MAENNERStella Catharina3 Sept 189811 Sept 1898Joseph MaennerMargaret ButtFullerton 
MAENNERWilhelm20 Aug 188925 Aug 1889Joseph MaennerMargaretha Bott- 
MARTINEleanora9 Feb 18977 Mar 1897Henricus MartinMary HermannGardenville, Balto. county 
MEIERFrederick G.29 June 190318 July 1903William MeierAnna Mary NeckmanGardenvlle 
MILCHLINGAlbertus18 Feb 18902 Mar 1890Joseph MilchlingAnnie WenekerGardenville, Balto. county 
MILCHLINGBarbara Helena5 Nov 189510 Nov 1895Johannes MilchlingCatharina WardGardenville, Balto. county 
MILCHLINGCatharina26 July 189429 July 1894Joseph MaennerAnnie WeinekerGardenville, Balto. county 
MILCHLINGCatharina4 Oct 18929 Oct 1892John MilchlingCatharine WairGardenville, Balto county 
MILCHLINGEva17 July 189725 July 1897Joseph MilchlingAnna WernekerGardenville, Balto. county 
MILCHLINGFranciscus15 Oct 188624 Oct 1886John MilchlingCath. Ware----Balto. county 
MILCHLINGHenricus G.4 May 189314 May 1893Joseph MilchlingAnnie WenekerGardenville, Balto. county 
MILCHLINGJoannes7 Apr 188519 Apr 1885Johan MilchlingCatharina WardBalto. county 
MILCHLINGJohannes Thomas9 Dec 189917 Dec 1899Joseph MilchlingAnnie WernekeHazelwood Ave, Gardenville 
MILCHLINGJohn24 Aug 18984 Sept 1898Joseph MilchlingAnnie ??Gardenville, Hazelwood Ave. 
MILCHLINGLodovia (Louisa)2 July 189810 July 1898John MilchlingCatharine ??Gardenville, Hazelwood Ave. 
MILCHLINGLudovicus7 May 188715 May 1887Joseph MilchlingAnnie WernekeBalto. county 
MILLERHenry10 July 188921 July 1889John MillerAnna SynderGardenville, Balto. county 
MILLERJohannes G.17 Sept 189225 Sept 1892John MillerAnnie SnyderLauraville, Balto. county 
MILLERJoseph George22 Feb 18911 Mar 1891John MillerAnna SchneiderGardenville, Balto county 
MILLSBrindley Edwin John12 Aug 190422 Aug 1904Chas. B. MillsEThel HumbySwansea, South Wales 
MYERSMaria Margaretha28 Jan 189714 Fev 1897Henry MyersElizabeth BusherLauraville, Balto. county 
NAGENGASTMaria Kunigunda Antonia10 July 189810 july 1898Andrew NagengastMary A. FuchsBowley's Lane 
NAYELAJoseph Anthony Fred.8 Sept 190221 Sept 1902Adam NayelaAmelia KaizerGardenville 
NEWBERGERFrances Anna8 May 190126 May 1901Jos. J. Newberger?Barbara DietrichLauraville 
NUTHHenry Johanna4 Apr 19017 Apr 1901Henry B NuthMargaret Graley?Gardenville 
NUTHJohn Bernhardt17 May 188919 May 1889Joseph NuthElizabeth RoesnerGardenville, Balto. county 
NUTHMaria Ellen25 Sept 19042 Oct 1904Henry NuthMary GinleySouthern Ave. 
NUTHMary Elizabeth9 Nov 190519 Nov 1905Joseph NuthMary E SnyderGardenville 
NUTHPhilomena Elizabeth10 June 188724 June 1887Joseph NuthElizabeth RossnerBalto. county 
PARKERJames Melvin5 June 190516 June 1905Geo. ParkerAlice Sherman?Gardenville 
PETERSAMAnna22 Sept 18896 Oct 1889Caspar PetersamMargaretha ErhardHarford, Balto. county 
PLEUMERJohannes Edward29 Dec 18871 Jan 1888Frederic PleumerMargaret SneiderBalto. county 
PLUEMMEREdward4 Oct 18919 Oct 1891Joseph PluemmerTheresia RaabGardenville, Balto county 
PLUEMMERHenricus10 Aug 189313 Aug 1893Frederick PluemmerMargareth SnyderGardenville, Balto. county 
PLUEMMERMaria Elizabeth2 Jan 18896 Jan 1889Frederic PluemmerMargaretna SchneiderGardenville, Balto. county 
PLUMERGuikielius Henricus22 Apr 190029 Apr 1900Fred PlumerMargareth Schneidernear Gardenville, MD 
PLUMMERAgnes Mary20 July 190523 July 1905Jos. PlummerT. RaabRaspeburg 
PLUMMERAnna Maria14 Sept 190221 Sept 1902Fred. PlummerMargaret SchneiderRaspeburg 
PLUMMERAntonio Joseph26 Mar 189430 Mar 1894Joseph PlummerTeresia RaabGardenville, Balto. county 
PLUMMERClara16 Oct 188518 Oct 1885Frederich PlummerMargaretha SchneiderBalto. county 
PLUMMERFredericus Joseph16 Apr 189718 apr 1897Joseph PlummerTeresia RaabGardenville, Balto. county 
PLUMMERJohn Joseph8 Feb 189510 Feb 1895Joseph PlummerTeresa RaabGardenville, Balto. county 
PLUMMERJoseph17 Feb 189023 Feb 1890Frederick PlummerMargaretha SchneiderGardenville, Balto. county 
PLUMMERMary Elizabeth17 May 189921 May 1899Joseph PlummerTeresa RaabGardenvilleb. 1:50 AM
PORTSClarence Franklin3 Aug 188824 Dec 1914Harry PortsGenevive HultsRaspburg 
PRILLERJohn Clement18 May 189928 May 1899Clement PrillerKatie FriskeyRosedaleb. 1:30 AM
Parents not marriedMaria12 Oct 189713 Oct 1897George OyemanAnnie MillerGardenville 
RAABJoseph Geo.16 July 190523 July 1905Ben. RaabAnnie ZaniRaspeburg 
RAABMarie Barbara26 June 190229 June 1902Benjamin RaabAnna ZantiRaspeburg Balto Co 
REITZTheresa L.6 Aug 190012 Aug 1900John H. ReitzSophie Kliapenopios?2506 Hoffman St M 
RICHTERHelen Louisa11 July 190217 Aug 1902J. Henry RichterLizzie Louisa ShipleyRaspeburg 
RIESAndreas29 Apr 189921 May 1899August RiesKuniguida SelezFullerton 
RIESThomas Joseph14 Feb 189814 Mar 1898August RiesKungunda SelgFullerton, Balto. county 
SCHAEFERJessie Julia6 Feb 18881 Feb 1894John W. SchaeferEmma SwainGeorgetown, Balto. county 
SCHAFERHericus Antonicus31 Jan 18947 Oct 1894John W. SchaeferEmma SwainGeorgetown, Balto. county 
SCHARFElizabeth29 Nov 18898 Dec 1889Peter ScharfRosa L CoomesGardenville, Balto. county 
SCHARFPetrus Joannes1 July 18864 July 1886Peter ScharfRosa CoomesBalto. county 
SCHMIDTMary Elizabeth7 Mar 19035 Apr 1903John Geo. SchmidtAnnie FriskeyRosedale 
SCHNEGLER?Margaretha Elizabeth19 Apr 188821 Apr 1888Joseph Schnegler?Kunigunda GoetzBalto. county 
SCHOTTAnna22 Mar 189629 Mar 1896Paul SchottEva FriskeyGardenville, Balto. county 
SCHULTZGertrude M.22 Mar 190526 Mar 1905Chas F SchultzCath. WinklerGardenville 
SCOTTRaymond Cole8 Nov 190520 Nov 1905Clark ScottMary DonohueRaspeburg PO 
SELINGAnna Teresia23 Oct 19046 Nov 1904Fred. SelingMary Eliz. VogelRosedale 
SELINGAnnie Louisa10 Apr 188919 May 1889Christopher SelingAnnie KummelGardenville, Balto. county 
SELINGJoseph26 Sept 18947 Oct 1894Christopher SelingAnna KimmelRosedale, Balto. county 
SELINGThomas10 Apr 189027 Apr 1890Christopher SelingAnna KimmellGardenville, Balto. county 
SPONER?Anna Catherine Maria25 Aug 190231 aug 1902George M Sponer?Cecilia FranzGardenville 
STAPFMary Clara23 Dec 189227 Dec 1892Lawrence StapfAnnie ZongGardenville, Balto. county 
SULLIVANJerome Edward17 July 189930 July 1899Thomas SullivanLily WisselParkvilleb. 3:15 PM
SULLIVANMaria Ellen Adele16 Feb 189820 Mar 1898Thomas J. SullivanElizabeth WisselLauraville, Balto. county 
TAYLORRuth Mary24 Dec 188811 Mar 1916Thos. E. TaylorAnna E. WoodsRaspeburg 
TOLLEYCatharine Sarah7 June 190525 June 1905Thomas TolleyAgnes SchultzGardenville 
WAGNERFrank3 Apr 19059 Apr 1905Fd. WagnerAgnes SchultzBellview 
WALDACHS?Joseph9 Jan 188920 Jan 1889Stephen Waldsachs?Johanna WeissenseGardenville, Balto. county 
WALKERCharles Henry19 Aug 189511 Dec 1895Carolus WalkerAnna FriskeyGardenville, Balto. county 
WALKEREmilia Gertrude21 Feb 189714 Mar 1897James WalkerWilhelmina KirshGardenville, Balto. county 
WENKERFredericus Joseph7 July 188729 July 1887John WenkerFrederica StegmanBalto. county 
WENKERGeorgius10 Nov 188515 Nov 1885Johan Bernard WenklerFrederica StegmannBalto. county 
WHITEFORDIgnatius5 Mar 190519 Mar 1905Lingard WhitefordCath. NasleinFullerton 
WICKMANEdna Virginia Theresia11 Mar 190312 Apr 1903John WickmanElizabeth HohemanHamilton 
WIEDFIELDRoberta Mary22 Feb 19038 Mar 1903William WiedfieldFrances JohnstonLauraville 
WINKLER Henricus Frederick5 Feb 19031 Mar 1903Valentine WinklerMargaretha CoombsGardenville 
WORLEINAnna Catharine26 July 18996 Aug 1899John WorleinCatharine KleinRosedaleb. 2:30 AM mar. Bernard Staab
WORLEINCatharina Regina24? Oct 189714? Oct 1897John WorleinCatharine KleinRosedale, Balto. county 
WORLEINJohannes13 Oct 189230 Oct 1892John WorleinCatharina KleinRosedale, Balto. county 
WORLEINJoseph L.21 Dec 189512 Jan 1896John WorleinCatharina KleinRosedale, Balto. county 
WORLEINMary12 Feb 18911 Mar 1891John WorleinCatharina KleinRosedale, Balto. county