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Last Will & Testament of RICHARD TAYLOR, SR
of Baltimore County, dated June 1726, proved 18 May 1729

In the name of God Amen, I Richard Taylor of Baltimore Co Maryland being well in health & good memory but being aged & infirm & bearing in mind the uncertainty of our time here in this world thought fit to make this my last will & testament.

FIRST I will that all my just debts be paid in convenient time after my decease.

ITEM I give and bequeath unto my daughter Frances Taylor & her heirs 270a being part of a certain tract of part of a tract of land called Taylors Discovery to lye at the east and of sd land in a square as near as maybe. likewise I give unto my daughter all known cattle marked a cross & slit & small upper square in the left ear & in right ear a cross and under square being now five cattle in number & in case my sd daughter dies without issue then the 275a to son Joseph & if he dies without issue then to my son Thomas Taylor & his heirs.

ITEM I give unto my son Thomas Taylor all that tract of sd land called Taylors String containing 300a and the addition to Taylors String 125a of land and 80a of land being part of that tract of land called Taylors Discovery in all 505 acres of land. I give unto my son Thomas Taylor his heirs if any and if no heirs I will & bequeath the sd land with all improvements unto my son Joseph after the decease of my son Thomas Taylor & wife Sarah if no heirs.

ITEM I give to my son Joseph Taylor all my dwelling plantation known by the name of Taylors Range Cont. 860a of land; & the addition to Taylors Range being 70a & the addition to Shoomakers Hall being 99a of land in all 1029a of land, but if Joseph died without heirs I give this land to my son Thomas Taylor & his heirs if.-if any & if my sons Thomas & Joseph should both depart this life without heirs then I give all of the above tracts to my daughter Frances Taylor & her heirs.

ITEM I give unto Margaret Sing (?Ling) my granddaughter & her heirs 150a being part of that tract of Land called Taylors Discovery and west adjoining the land given unto my daughter Frances. If my granddaughter dies without issue then I give the land to son Thomas Taylor & if he dies to son Joseph Taylor & my will is that all the land above said if any one decease without heirs then the survivor whoever they be may ( blank space) unto the deceased as above.

ITEM I give to my son Richard Taylor 5 sh in Money or the value

ITEM I give unto my son Joseph Taylor a Lot of land containing I acre of land boughtof John Ensor for to build a meeting house on,it the sd land and the house that is on it I give and bequeath for the use of friends for the use of a meeting house & burying place for friends foreever to Quakers so called

ITEM I give & bequeath - my will is that my dear wife may have the plantation whereon I do live during her life without any mollestation.

ITEM Thomas Taylor is to have his 80a of land out of Taylors Discovery beginning at the first bounded tree of sd land.

ITEM I give unto my dear wife a just third part of all my personal estate the other two thirds to be eqnally divided between my sons Thomas & Joseph Taylor & my daughter Frances Taylor & my granddaughter Margaret Sing each of them equal & share all of the two-thirds of my personal estate.

ITEM I do appoint my son Thomas Taylor & Joseph Taylor jointly to be my executors of this my last will & testament.

ITEM I do hereby Impower my son Joseph to Convey & make over a parcel of Land Cont: mentioned in my Bond given to John Hiller dated in the yr 1725.

Richard Taylor [seal]

Sealed published & declared to be my last will & testament in presence of us:
John Cross
Benj "X" Price
Edward Toll
George Hitchcock

On the back of the aforogoing will was thus written viz
Balt Co 18 May 1729 came John Cross & Benjamin Price two of the subscribing evidences.
Evidences to the will & made oath that they saw the testator Richard Taylor sign & seal & heard him publick declare the same to be his last will & testament & that at the time of his so doing he was of sound mind & that they subscribed the said will in the presence of the testator.

[NOTE: West River Meeting of the Society of Friends - Richard Tayller of Anne Adundel County married 7th day of 6th month commonly called August 1687 to Ann Trasey [Tracy] of Anne Arundel County at William Richardson's at West River.] Anne was the heir of Samuel Tracey of Baltimore County, presumably his daughter.

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