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The History of Commodore Joshua Barney

Joshua Barney, a commander in the United States Navy, was born in Baltimore on July 6, 1759. He early manifested an inclination for a sea-life, and made several voyages before he was sixteen years old. In 1775 he was master's mate on the Sloop-of-war Hornet, and while recruiting for volunteers, carried the first United States flag ever displayed in Maryland. At the age of seventeen he was made lieutenant for gallant conduct.commodore joshua barney

He was engaged in many navel fights during the Revolutionary war, and was twice taken prisoner. He was kept in England for some time, but at length escaped, and reached Philadelphia in March 1782. He was at once appointed to the command of the Hyder Ally, a small vessel of sixteen guns, with which he captured the British war-vessel General Monk of twenty guns, after a fight of less than half an hour.

In 1796 he was appointed captain in the French navy, but in 1800 he resigned his commission and returned home. During the war of 1812 he commanded the Chesapeake flotilla. He also took part in the battle of Bladensburg, in which he was severely wounded. In 1815 he was sent on a mission to Europe. He died in 1819, while on his way to Kentucky, aged sixty years old. He was a thorough seaman, of indomitable courage, rough and impetuous, but possessed of good principles and a kind heart.

Commodore Barney was in public service forty-one years, fought twenty-six battles, and was voted a sword by the Legislature of Pennsylvania and another by the corporation of Washington.


The Commodore Joshua Barney - John Eager Howard Chapter

The John Eager Howard Chapter was organized on 15 February 1911. The Commodore Joshua Barney Chapter was organized 22 June 1939. They merged as one Chapter, known as the Commodore Joshua Barney-John Eager Howard Chapter, 2 December 2000.

Our very outgoing and active chapter currently has approximately 70 members and is rapidly growing. Meetings are held one Saturday morning per month during September, November, December, March, and May.


Chapter Officers 2011-2013

Julia Williams, Regent

Patricia Caless, Vice Regent

Regina Szech, Chaplain

Donna Hofmeister, Recording Secretary

Sharon Goetz, Corresponding Secretary

Virginia Allen, Treasurer

Mary Jacox, Registrar

Donna Hofmeister, Historian

Lena Polite, Librarian

Patricia Caless, Editor

History of Maryland, Brief Biographies of Distinguished Statesman, Philanthropist, Theologians, et., and The constitution of the State, Prepared for the Schools of Maryland, Philadelphia: Published by E. H. Butler & Co., pg. 127-128

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