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Coalition To Protect Maryland Burial Sites

Periwinkle Awards

2004 Periwinkle Award Recipients

For their outstanding effort to preserve cemeteries, two Maryland residents  have received the Periwinkle Award from the Coalition to Protect Maryland Burial Sites, Inc., Maryland’s only non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the state’s old family and public cemeteries, historic churchyards, and Indian burial grounds.

The awards were presented this year in Easton, Maryland and the recipients were: Janice Hayes-Williams for her dedicated work to preserve and protect the cemetery on the grounds of Crownsville State Hospital, and for the other cemeteries connected with State institutions that will benefit from her efforts that were instrumental in the introduction and passage of legislation in Annapolis this session; and Davis Streaker for sustained and dedicated work to restore and preserve the Old St. James Cemetery in Howard County, Maryland.

Periwinkle 1

Janice Hayes-Williams accepting award from Jean Keenan and Kristin Kraske

Periwinkle 2
Davis Streaker is accepting award from Jean Keenan and Kristin Kraske



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