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Distant Cousins Close The Gap
Cousin gathering

Back row; John Ferguson, Bette Gracie, Rose Warnick, Ralph Nelson, Ron Crowe and Donald Crowe.
Center row; Harland Bernard, Sue Ferguson, Dolores Footen, Alice Crowe, Lois Filsinger and Nancy Pugh.
Front row; Ace Humbertson, Carol Vivier, Cheryl Tucker, Amy Haller, Edwina Crowe and Kathy Winebrenner.

Crowe and Winebrenner

Edwina Crowe, Carol Vivier & Kathy Winebrenner

Amy Haller and Ace Humberston

Amy Haller & Ace Humberston

vivier and Keenes'

Carol Vivier &Mariana (Trimble) Keene and Donald Keene.
They own and run the Evergreen museum on Federal Hill above SlabTown.