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This photo was taken in 1920 on the occasion of William Jonas Sines’ 100th birthday. Included in the picture are, (left to right, standing) son ULYSSES GRANT SINES, daughter MOLLIE (SINES) LONG, son ABRAHAM LINCOLN SINES, son ELIJAH SINES, son JOHN SINES, son FRANKLIN ALBERT SINES, son HENRY SINES. Seated: their father, WILLIAM JONAS SINES.

William Sines was the youngest son of Major Henry and Louise Clara (Wolfe) Sines. He was born 20 July, 1820, in what is now Cranesville, Preston County, WV. His parents moved their large family to Garrett County, MD not long after William was born and settled in the Sang Run area. William and wife, Eliza Johnson, had 11 children, nine sons and two daughters. They also raised twin granddaughters and a neice. Their children were Urias, John, Henry, Franklin Albert, Elijah, Taylor, Enos, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, Mollie (Long) and Emma (Byrd) Sines. William and sons John and Henry fought together in the Civil War and lived to celebrate William’s centennial birthday together, 55 years after the war’s end. Always an active man, blessed with good health and a strong constitution William spent much of his retirement years walking the local countryside of Garrett County.   At 98 he could still walk 12 miles or more without showing signs of fatigue. An original member of the Republican party, being over 30 years old when it was founded, William never missed an election until age 99.   For a long time prior to that, he held the distinction of being the first man to vote in his district, NO. 6 each year. William Sines passed away in March, 1921.

Picture and family history provided by K. Fitzgerald

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