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                                                 The Planting of the Colony of Maryland, 1893, by Francis Blackwell Mayer                                                        

                                                        The Annapolis Complex Collection, Maryland State Archives                                                         

"In the year 1785, a 'league' of sixty families was formed in Maryland ... each one of whom was pledged to emigrate to Kentucky within a specified time.  Their purpose was to settle together, as well for mutual protection against the Indians, as with the view of securing to themselves, with least possible delay, the advantages of a pastorate and a church.  They were not all to emigrate at once, but as circumstances permitted."1  

Twenty-five of these sixty families left Maryland in 1785 - in search of religious freedom and a better life.  They arrived at Goodwin's Station near present day Bardstown in Nelson Co. KY.   Many more settlers were to follow in the years to come - primarily from St. Mary's , Charles, Calvert, and Prince George's Counties,  Maryland.  They settled in what today is considered the Holy Land of Kentucky - Nelson, Washington & Marion Cos.   The  descendants of these early pioneers migrated to Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Texas... and now reside in nearly every state of the Union.                         1Ben. J. Webb, The Centenary of Catholicity in Kentucky. (Charles A. Rogers, 1884; Reprinted by McDowell Publications)



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