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A woman is not gone until she is forgotten.


Nanticoke Remembers

  Deceased Nanticoke Member Her Patriot Ancestor
1. Mary Madeline Abbott  John Smoot
2. Alice Mae Coulbourn Beauchamp                  Henry Sterling
3. Sara Wilkerson Blueford Daniel Fooks
4. Delma Melvin Bradley                                     John Cecil
5. Virginia Whyte Cole                             John Turpin
6. Emily Evans Cottman                                    Patrick Causey

Sydney Tull Jones Cowan   

John Turpin                        
8. Mary Wilson Duncan James Patterson
9. Ruth Porter Hall Henry Miles
10. Vivian Wheatley Harper John Smoot
11. Carolyn Hagins Henshaw George Conser
12. Mary Frances Nelson Howard   Thomas "King" Nelson
13. Esther Godman Howard                                  William Bohannan
14. Anna Jones Wilson Howland                          Joshua Holloway
15. Alice Lamb Jones                                             Abraham Poor
16. Florence Sterling Lancelotta                      Henry Sterling
17. Donna Christy Lee                                            Henry Sterling
18. Rose Amanda Gibbons Long                         Patrick Causey
19. Dorothy Fuller Maaloe                                     Abraham Fuller
20. Bessie Pollitt McAllen                                   Levin Gillis
21. Daisy M. McWilliams                                       Levin Lord
22. Lucy Adkins Wallace Pastorfield                      Levin Gillis
23. Frances Moore Powell                                     Mark Griffin
24. Velma Burhams Pump                                    Cornelis Burhams
25. Lillian Pierson Randall                                 William Cloud
26. Elizabeth Wells Rayne                                Daniel Fooks (Fowkes)
27. Ethel Dennis Rayne Henry Dennis
28. Shirley Maureen Wilson Richards                   Henry Walston Miles
29. Mary Catherine Wilson Ricketts                       Henry Walston Miles
30. Irma Sterling Riggin                                     Travers (Travis) Sterling
31. Doris T. Rue                                                     John Turpin
32. Jeannette B. Smith                                            Henry Smoot
33. Lucy Sparrow                                                    Robert Eley
34. Rebecca Johnston Stadler                               Thomas Johnston
35. Winnie Belle Turpin Stant   John Turpin
36. Helen Porter Richardson Tawes                      Henry Miles, John Porter, James Elzey
37. Lou Ella Darden Tawes                                George Darden, Sr.
38. Margaret Lee Nelson Tawes                           Thomas Davis
39. Lida Mae Testerman                                        George Livesay
40. Esther Elaine Walker                                        William Bohanon
41. Elizabeth Josephine Woodland Ward       Ephraim Sterling
42. Belle Turpin Whyte                                           John Turpin
43. Gladys P. Wells Wilkerson                               Daniel Fooks (Fowkes)



Last updated 23 August 2010

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