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PGCGS Prince George's County
Genealogical Society

Early Records of the White Marsh Church
Prince George's County, Maryland

Examples of Entries

Dec 16,1821
3 converts
Following servent girls of Mrs. Mary Weeks:
  1. Peggy, about 20 years old, dau. of Silla and Ned;
  2. Jenny, about 21 years old;
  3. Anny both daus., of Hebron and Nel.
Henrietta Ann Belt, about 1 mo. old, dau. of Peter Belt and Jeny Williams, non-Caths, cold, servt of Mrs. Catherine O’Reilly. Done in Anne Arundel Co. [Oct. 24, 1822]
Thomas, son of William & Prissa Queen, free coloured people, born in February. Sponsor Elizabeth Queen. [May 18, 1828]
Blaxen, John Henry, son of Nais Blaxen and Mary Johnson, his wife, born in October last, property of Field. Cross. Godm: Anne Jackson. [Nov 25, 1855]
Bapt Charles S., son of Sarah Elizabeth (nee Mittchell) and James Sandford, born on the 28th of December 1865. Spons: Staley Magruder.
Baptd Anne Martina Carolina, daughter of Elizabeth & Frank Deutsch, born on the 30th of January 1866. Spons: Anna Maria Deutsch & Chas. Fladung.
At Col. Oden Bowie’s: Baptd John H., son of Wiliam Prout and Maria, his wife, cold, born on the 7th of Jan 1868. Spons: Grace Queen.