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Cemeteries of Prince George's County Maryland A thru L

With the permission of the Prince George's County Genealogical Society, Inc., I have prepared a page of county cemeteries, using Gleanings from the Records of the Francis Gasch's Sons Funeral Home, Prince George's County, Maryland 1860-1940.


Adams Cemetery

  • Location: Adams Cemetery Ingraham Street, Beacon Heights, East Riverdale, MD. (Also known as Cherry Hill Cemetery)
  • Other cemeteries in RIVERDALE

Addison Chapel of St. Matthew's

  • Location: Addison Chapel of St. Mahtew's Episcopal Church & Cemetery, Addison Rd. & 62nd Place, Seat Pleasant, MD
  • Other cemeteries in SEAT PLEASANT
Name Information Contributed by
Brooks, Claudine M. died 8/31/1918 in New York Tom Jay
Brooks, Thomas Ransel &
Brooks, Susan Rebecca Soper
1821 - 1893
1822 - 1881
Tom Jay
Henault, Anne Bounds Brooks daughter of Thomas & Susan Brooks Tom Jay
Henault, Mildred Pickney 1877 - 1917 unmarked grave Tom Jay

Ammendale Cemetery

  • Location: Ammendale Cemetery, Ammendale, MD (St. Joseph's Cemetery, 11007 Montgomery Rd., Beltsville, MD)
  • Other cemeteries in AMMENDALE, BELTSVILLE
Name Information Contributed by
Unless otherwise stated, the data below was contributed by Barbara Scherer Rendina
11007 Montgomery Road,Beltsville,MD
Emma Frances Loveless Riddle b. 5/24/1853 d. 8/071944
(wife of James P. Riddle)
James P. Riddle b. 1/10/1845 d. 1/01/1926
(son of John Richard Riddle and Susan Johnson)
Caroline C. Gates Loveless b. 7/04/1832 d. 4/12/1908
(wife of James H. Loveless)
James Charles Loveless b. 1855 d. 12/22/1927
(son of James H. Loveless and Caroline C. Gates)
Anna Elizabeth Hook b. 3/22/1863 d. 8/8/1931
(wife of James Charles Loveless)
Annie O'Keefe b. 4/1845 d. 12/14/1913
(wife of Frank Hart)
Frank Hart b. 3/20/1842 d. 2/03/ 1917
(father of Nora Anne Hart Riddle)

Ascension Catholic Cemetery

  • Location: Ascension Catholic Church & Cemetery, Lanham-Severn Rd., Bowie, MD
  • Other cemeteries in BOWIE

Baptist Cemetery

Bells United Methodist Cemetery

  • Location: Bells United Methodist Church and Cemetery, 6016 Allentown Rd., Camp Springs, MD
  • Other cemeteries in CAMP SPRINGS

Bladensburg Cemetery

  • Location: Bladensburg Cemetery, Bladensburg, MD (See Evergreen Cemetery)
  • Other cemeteries in BLADENSBURG

Bowie Catholic Cemetery

  • Location: Bowie Catholic Cemetery, Bowie, MD (See Ascension Catholic Church & Cemetery and Sacred Heart/White Marsh Catholic Church & Cemetery. There are two Catholic churches with cemeteries in Bowie.)
  • Other cemeteries in BOWIE

Branchville Methodist Episcopal Cem

  • Location: Branchville Methodist Episcopal Church South Cemetery, Berwyn Heights, MD (Formerly: Haddaway Chapel Cemetery)
  • Other cemeteries in BERWIN HEIGHTS

Brooks-Myers United Methodist Cem

  • Location: Brooks-Myers United Methodist Church Cemetery, Brooks Church Rd., Naylor, MD
  • Other cemeteries in NAYLOR

Carroll Chapel Methodist Cemetery

  • Location: Carroll Chapel Methodist Cemetery, 1811 Mitchellville Rd., Mitchellville, MD
  • Other cemeteries in MITCHELLVILLE

Carver Memorial Park

  • Location: Carver Memorial Park, Laurel, MD (1955-1969)(See Maryland National Memorial Park, Laurel, MD)
  • Other cemeteries in LAUREL

Cedar Hill Cemetery

  • Location: Cedar Hill Cemetery, 4111 Pennsylvania Ave., Suitland, MD (Formerly: Cedar Hill Memorial Park.)
  • Other cemeteries in SUITLAND

Cedar Hill Memorial Park

  • Location: Cedar Hill Memorial Park, Suitland, MD (See Cedar Hill Cemetery. Formerly: Forest Lake Cemetery.)
  • Other cemeteries in SUITLAND

Cherry Hill Cemetery

  • Location: Cherry Hill Cemetery, Ingraham St., Beacon Heights, East Riverdale, MD (Also known as: Adams Cemetery)
  • Other cemeteries in RIVERDALE

Columbian Harmony Cemetery

  • Location: Columbian Harmony Cemetery, 9th St. & New York Ave., NE, Washington, DC (Graves moved in 1970's to Harmony Memorial Park, Sheriff Rd., Landover, MD)
  • Other cemeteries in LANDOVER

Cross-Slingluff Cemetery

  • Location: The Cross-Slingluff Cemetery is (or possibly, was) located on Enterprise Road across from the main entrance to the old Warington plantation, which is now the P.G. County Country Club. In 1977, the cemetery lay on a slight rise to the east of and slightly behind the large old house that sits among the newer homes built there. That house was on Cross and then a Slingluff property and was known as Locust Grove. The nearest cross street, which was put in at the time of the development of the lots surrounding this old Cross/Slingluff property (after 1985), may be called Locust Grove Drive or something similar. The graves include those of Trumman Cross Slingluff, Fielder Cross, and other members of this family. Violetta Waring, who is buried across Enterprise Road in the Warington Cemetary, died in this house.

    There was a different cemetery for the families that lived at Cream and/or Friendship at the intersection of what is now Enterprise Road, Central Avenue (Rt 214) and Watkins Park Drive.
    The remains were disinterred, supposedly, prior to construction of Kettering in 1968-69 and moved to Holy Trinity in Bowie.

    Submitted by Anita P. Camplese

  • Other cemeteries in LARGO, UPPER MARLBORO

Ebenezer Church Cemetery

  • Location: Ebenezer Church Cemetery, 4912 Whitfield Chapel Rd., Lanham, MD (See Ebenezer United Methodist Church Cemetery)
  • Other cemeteries in LANHAM

Ebenezer United Methodist Cemetery

  • Location: Ebenezer United Methodist Church Cemetery, 4912 Whitfield Chapel Rd., Lanham, MD
  • Other cemeteries in LANHAM

Epiphany Episcopal Church Cemetery

  • Location: Epiphany Episcopal Church Cemetery, 3123 Ritchie Rd., Forestville, MD
  • Other cemeteries in FORESTVILLE

Evergreen Cemetery

  • Web Page: evergree.htm
  • Location: Evergreen Cemetery, Bladensburg, MD (Also Known as: Greenwood Cemetery, Green Hill Cemetery, Methodist Cemetery and the Bladensburg Cemetery)
  • Other cemeteries in BLADENSBURG

Fair View Cemetery

  • Location: Fair View Cemetery, 4410 Church Rd., Mitchellville, MD
  • Other cemeteries in MITCHELLVILLE

Forest Lake Cemetery

  • Location: Forest Lake Cemetery, Suitland, MD (See Cedar Hill Cemetery)
  • Other cemeteries in SUITLAND

Forest Hills Memorial Gardens Cem

  • Location: Forest Hills Memorial Gardens Cemetery, 6312 Clinton Way, Clinton, MD
  • Other cemeteries in CLINTON

Fort Lincoln Cemetery

  • Location: Fort Lincoln Cemetery, 3401 Bladensburg Rd., Brentwood, MD
  • Other cemeteries in BRENTWOOD
Name Information Contributed by
Shegogue, James Elry 1889 - 1974
Section M.C. Lot 422 Site 1
Tom Jay
Shegogue, Susan Rebecca Henault 1881 - 1962
across from a statue of Lincoln
Tom Jay
Shegogue, Walter Edward 1887 - 1977
across from a statue of Lincoln
Tom Jay

George Washington Cemetery

  • Location: George Washington Cemetery & Mausoleum, 9500 Riggs Rd., Alelphi, MD
  • Other cemeteries in ADELPHI

Glenn Dale United Methodist Cem

  • Location: Glenn Dale United Methodist Church Cemetery, Srpingfield & Good Luck Rds., Glenn Dale, MD (Also known as: Perkins Chapel)
  • Other cemeteries in GLENN DALE

Green Hill Cemetery

  • Location: Green Hill Cemetery, Bladensburg, MD (Burials 1828-1901. See Evergreen Cemetery)
  • Other cemeteries in BLADENSBURG

Greenwood Cemetery

  • Location: Greenwood Cemetery, Laurel, MD (In 1944 merged with Ivy Hill Cemetery, Laurel, MD)
  • Other cemeteries in LAUREL

Greenwood Cemetery

  • Location: Greenwood Cemetery, on the road leading from Bladensburg to Landover Station on the Baltimore & Potomac Railroad, just outside of Bladensburg MD (1889) (See Evergreen Cemetery)
  • Other cemeteries in BLADENSBURG

Haddaway Chapel Cemetery

  • Location: Haddaway Chapel Cemetery, Berwyn Heights, MD (See Branchville Methodist Episcopal Church South Cemetery)
  • Other cemeteries in BERWIN HEIGHTS

Hall Family Cemetery

  • Location: The Family Cemetery was at the Hall estate ( Heart's Delight?) on what is now the site of Adventure World.

    Submitted by Anita P. Camplese
  • Other cemeteries in LARGO

Hamilton Family Cemetery

  • Location: The Cemetary was on Hamilton Place in Greenbelt. Some children started to vandalize the grave stones in the 1960's and they were moved away from the site (they are now in a glass display).

    The Clerk of The City of Greenbelt gave the following information: The land used for the development of Greenbelt was owned by a Hamilton family.

    Here is a listing of the graves:
Name Information Contributed by
HAMILTON, Andrew 1753-1823 Helen West
HAMILTON, Jane (wife) 1747-1824 Helen West
HAMILTON, Col. Samuel (son) 1783-1857 Helen West
HAMILTON, Elizabeth (1st wife) 1787-1834 Helen West
HAMILTON, Elizabeth (2nd wife) 1795-1847 Helen West
HAMILTON, Jane (daughter) Helen West

Harmony Cemetery

  • Location: Harmony Cemetery, 7101 Sheriff Rd., Landover, MD (Original location: Rhode Island Ave., Washington, DC. Also known as Harmonia Burial Grounds, located 2 miles from Washington, DC on Brentwood Rd. (1893) and as Columbian Harmony Cemetery. The cemetery was moved to Landover, MD in 1959. Now known as: Harmony Memorial Park Cemetery, Landover MD)
  • Other cemeteries in LANDOVER

Hilleary Family Cemetery

  • Location: Behind Villa Rosa Nursing Home at 3800 Lottsford Vista Road, Mitchellville

    Submitted by Don Hillery
  • Other cemeteries in MITCHELLVILLE
Name Information Contributed by
Elizabeth and Walter Hilleary flat slab stones are weathered but readable Don Hillery
Other graves believed to be in this area. No other headstones remain. Don Hillery

Holy Family Church

  • Location: There is at least one grave site under Holy Family Church on Woodmore Road in Mitchellville and possibly more. The former pastor, Rev.Robert Mulligan, SSJ, has shown the grave site and reported that the church was reputed to have been built on what was an Indian burial site and he thought these were remains encountered during construction. Many of the original parishioners were members of the Proctor, Swann, Queen and Savoy families, many of whom were Wesorts and did intermarry with the local Indians. The head of the Queen family helped construct the church in 1890.

    Submitted by Anita P. Camplese
  • Other cemeteries in MITCHELLVILLE

Holy Family Church & Cemetery

  • Location: Holy Family Church & Cemetery, Woodmore, MD (Current address 12010 Woodmore Rd., Mitchellville, MD)
  • Other cemeteries in MITCHELLVILLE

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Cemet

  • Location: See also "Old Cemetery"

    Submitted by Tom Jay
  • Other cemeteries in BOWIE
Name Information Contributed by
Cowan, Nora Elizabeth Shegogue 2 Apr 1895 - 16 Feb 1957 Tom Jay
Robey, Maude May Shegogue 21 Sep 1885 - 22 Feb 1910
"Beneath this stone
I've placed in trust
Not the immortal but the dust
Of one on earth to me most dear
Who learned in youth her God to fear."

Daughter of Eugene & Susan Shegogue
Her gravestone is next to that of her parents next to a nice bush
Tom Jay
Shegogue, Eugene Hamilton 17 Aug 1858 - 11 March 1928
"His work well done on earth. He rest in peace"
Tom Jay
Shegogue, Eugene William 21 Aug 1883 - 8 Jul 1889
Son of Eugene & Susan Shegogue
Tom Jay
Shegogue, Susan Rebecca Chaney 21 Feb 1862 - 7 Aug 1947 Tom Jay

Ivy Hill Cemetery

  • Location: Ivy Hill Cemetery, Sandy Spring Rd., Laurel, MD
  • Other cemeteries in LAUREL

Keys Cemetery

  • Location: Keys Cemetery, Lanham, MD (Location unknown)
  • Other cemeteries in LANHAM

Lanham Cemetery

  • Location: Lanham Cemetery, Lanham, MD (See Whitfield Chapel Cemetery)
  • Other cemeteries in LANHAM

Lanham United Methodist Cemetery

  • Location: Lanham United Methodist Church Cemetery, 5512 Whitfield Chapel Rd., Lanham, MD (Formerly: Whitfield M.E. Church Cemetery)
  • Other cemeteries in LANHAM

Lincoln Memorial Cemetery

  • Location: Lincoln Memorial Cemetery, 4001 Suitland Rd, Suitland, MD
  • Other cemeteries in SUITLAND

Locust Grove Family Cemetery

  • Location: Locust Grove Family Cemetery across the street from Warington at what was once known as Locust Grove.
    (Cross, Slingluff family members, possibly a Duvall also)

    Submitted by Anita P. Camplese
  • Other cemeteries in WARINGTON


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