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Toaping Castle Chapter
Daughters of the American Revolution
Hyattsville, Maryland


Junior Membership

Junior members are chapter members age 18 through 35 years of age (until their 36th birthday). Junior members enjoy full privileges and rights of membership and are eligible for any chapter, state or national office. She may serve as a page at national and state events. Several chapter members have served as pages at these events. A Junior who makes a vital contribution to DAR and is active in her home community is also eligible to enter the Outstanding Junior Member contest. Toaping Castle had its first state Outstanding Junior in 1999.

The National Junior Membership committee was established in 1937. Its goals are to gain new Junior members and build a well informed Junior Membership; to encourage active participation by these young women in all phases of DAR service; and to support the National Junior Membership Committee's official fund-raising project, the Helen Pouch Memorial Fund.

Authorized in 1938, this fund was named in memory of Helen Pouch, 1901-1919. Helen was the daughter of Mrs. William H. Pouch, the first National Chairman of the Junior Membership Committee in 1937 and later President General 1941-1944. The fund provides scholarships, medical aid, and general financial assistance to the two DAR Schools, Kate Duncan Smith in Alabama and Tamassee in South Carolina.

Source: DAR Handbook and National Bylaws

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